Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In 2022

Building roofs can be expensive, time-consuming, and laborious. Triangle trussing is a system for building roofs that use triangular or trapezoidal-shaped metal plates to support the roof’s weight. 

It has been around since 1852 and was initially used in railroad construction, but it became common during World War II for military structures where a quick assembly is needed.

The design allows engineers to use fewer materials than other trusses, saving money, time, and labor.

The triangle truss also has advantages over other types of roof framing because there are no holes drilled into the metal sheets while manufacturing; this means they can be reused again and again without wasting material.

This ensures that triangle trussing will always be an economical choice when you need a sturdy roof fast!

When you’re in the market for a new roof, triangle trussing is the system for you. It’s economical and durable, making it easy to build your dream home while saving money and time.

There’s no reason to overpay for a roof when triangle trussing is available! Anyone can install this system on their own, saving money and time.

Before asking a contractor to build your roof, research triangle trussing systems to see if they are the most economical option, and believe us, the answer is yes! Let’s consider installing one yourself, even with no experience at all!

Therefore, we write this article to give you sufficient information about triangle truss with reviews and buying guide. Here are our top 5 products:

Best for affordability: Mini Triangular Truss Straight Segment

Best for sturdy, reliable materials: GT TR9611936 Mini Triangle Truss T

Best for space-saving feature: 2-Way 90-Degree Up/Down Corner Triangle Truss

Best for versatility: GT TRC390 Triangle Circle Truss

Best for top-of-the-line design: GT TR4096VD Triangle Truss Corner

Let’s jump into the reviews and see what we’ve got for you!

Bestseller No. 1
Triangle Truss Segment Extension by GRIFFIN | 5Ft Extra Trussing Section for DJ Booth Lighting System Stand | Mount Light Cans & Sound Effects for Pro Audio Equipment Gear | Parties, Live Gigs & Stage
  • KEEP YOUR STAGE GEAR SAFE: Made of medium-duty steel with sturdy steel piping that will safely mount your heavy light cans or stage accessories. This is an extremely durable and long-lasting trussing system, perfect for all your stage lighting needs.
  • GIVE YOUR LIGHTING RIG THE PLACE IT DESERVES: The triangle pipe design allows you to use C clamps mounts (not included) to mount your can lights anywhere on the truss and on any of the 3 pipes.
Bestseller No. 2
3' Wide Triangular Trussing Mobile DJ Lighting Bolt Truss System Triangles
  • Includes one 3' black metal triangle truss section with connecting hardware, bolts to hang your lights and a carrying case
  • Black metal
Bestseller No. 3
12"X12" Black Aluminum Base Plate/Top For 10"x10" Cedarslink Triangle trussing
  • 12"x12" black aluminum base plate for 10"x10" Cedarslink triangle trussing
  • Includes 3 bolt connections with tool
Bestseller No. 4
6.56' 2 Meter Triangle Truss Section/Attachment Creates Arch System Trussing
  • 2 meter (6.56 ft.) triangle truss section with 10" width and 1.5" diameter tubing
  • Perfect for using as an attachment to all Cedarslink triangle truss sections
Bestseller No. 5
5 Sided Triangle Truss Angle Black Metal DJ Lighting PA Trussing Bolted System
  • 5 way triangle truss angle connection
  • Angle your triangle truss sections in 5 different directions
SaleBestseller No. 6
GRIFFIN T Bar Adapters for Lighting Truss Stands (2)| Triangle or Square Trussing Bracket Mounts for Light Cans & DJ Booth Kit | Pro-Audio Effects Stage Hardware Holder | Music Equipment Gear Platform
  • RAISE YOUR TRUSSES & LIGHTS ABOVE YOUR AUDIENCE: With these T-adapters and your stands, you can get your lighting truss up high with confidence, knowing that these adjustable heavy duty t-adapters for light trusses won’t fail.
  • LIFT YOUR HEAVIEST DJ SYSTEM EQUIPMENT WITH SAFETY: Accommodate any DJ booth or DJ system with this stage light truss DJ package. Boasting heavy-duty, steel tubing that will safely support loads up to 200 pounds each. Their sturdy construction provides unmatched stability and durability, making them a safe and long-lasting choice for any serious professional.
Bestseller No. 7
3 Way Triangle Truss T Adapter Black Metal DJ Lighting PA Trussing Bolted System
  • 3 way T-bar triangle truss
  • 10" Length. Sleek black design
Bestseller No. 8
20' ft Wide Crank Triangular Trussing Mobile DJ Lighting Truss System Triangle
  • CedarsLink ~20 ft Complete Portable Multi-Size Lighting Truss System
  • Features crank up system allowing 6.56FT, 13.12FT, or 19.68FT wide configurations
Bestseller No. 9
15' Wide Crank Triangular Trussing Mobile DJ Lighting Truss System Triangle 10" Diameter Trussing Instead of 6" Like Other Brands
  • CedarsLink Complete Portable Multi-Size Lighting Truss System
  • Features crank up system allowing 5FT, 10FT, or 15FT wide configurations
Bestseller No. 10
Cedarslink 3-Way Triangle For Square Black Bolt Trussing 8"x8" Truss 70-Degree
  • Truss triangle corner block for Cedarslink black bolt square trussing with 8" diameter
  • allows trusses to face different angles
Bestseller No. 11
Cedarslink 3-Way Triangle For Square Black Bolt Trussing 8"x8" Truss Corner
  • Truss triangle corner block for Cedarslink black bolt square trussing with 8" diameter
  • allows trusses to face different angles
Bestseller No. 12
1.64' (0.5M) Wide Triangular Trussing Mobile DJ Lighting Bolt Truss System Truss
  • Includes one 1.64' black metal triangle truss section
  • Black metal
Bestseller No. 13
Trade Show Booth, Trusses DJ Stage 12' X 12' X 10' Metal Truss Triangle Trusses
  • Complete Jumbo Trade Show Booth Features: 1.5" diameter black metal tubing.
  • 10" diameter trussing. Easy bolt connection system. Extra strength, industrial grade metal.
Bestseller No. 14
CHAUVET DJ LED Lighting (CH-31)
  • Easy setup
  • Safety pins, T-bars
Bestseller No. 15
3x 5ft Lighting Triangle Bolted Truss 15' span Stand Universal DJ Metal 5' NEW
  • MEDIUM DUTY TRIANGLE TRUSS LIGHTING 15' span Adjustable span from 5' to 10' and 15 feet wide!
  • set of (3x) 57" Triangle Bolted Truss. This medium duty triangle truss sections create nearly 15ft span.
Bestseller No. 16
Two (2) Triangle Or Square Tripod Crank Stand Truss Bar Top Connecting Brackets
  • Square or triangle truss lighting stand adapter.
  • 40mm. support bar/truss
Bestseller No. 17
3 Pieces 12 Inch Upholstery Needle Long Straight Hand Needle Stainless Steel Hand Sewing Needle Sewing Upholstery Needle for Webbing, Sewing Edges and Stitching Through Padding, Arts Crafts Projects
  • Not too long nor too short: you will receive 3 pieces of upholstery needle, each needle measures approx. 12 inches, not too long nor too short for you, will meet your multiple sewing needs, the quantity can satisfy your different use, meet your sharing and replacement requirements
  • With big eyes design: passing the thread through the needle is a difficult thing for most people, while our stainless steel hand sewing needle is designed in big needle eye, so you have no trouble in the passing thread, which can save your time and made you have a good time when sewing, they are suitable for adults and seniors well
Bestseller No. 18
9 PCS Long Sewing Needles - 3 Sizes Stitching Needles, 4.9inch to 6.9inch Big Eye Hand Sewing Needles for Stitching and Crafting Projects
  • Quantity: 3 x 4.9 inch big eye stitches, 3 x 5.9 inch big eye stitches, 3 x 6.9 inch big eye stitches.Large eye needles of different sizes are available for you to choose to complete your project.
  • Easy to use: The design of the needle hole of the big eye hand sewing needle is reasonable, you can easily thread the thread, the tip is small, and it is easier to pass through the fabric.
Bestseller No. 19
Triangle Chef's Tweezers, Premium Stainless Steel 14-inch Culinary Tweezers, Micro-serrated Tongs for Prepping, Grilling and Plating, Dishwasher Safe
  • VERSATILE KITCHEN TOOL: Can be used for a variety of tasks; perfect for plating, decorating and handling delicate ingredients; ideal for grilling and all manners of food preparation
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: Premium Stainless Steel tools are durable, rust-resistant and hold up well over time
Bestseller No. 20
HONSHEN Turkey Lacers for Trussing Turkey,6 inches Stainless Steel metal skewers,Set of 12
  • Trussing needles made of sturdy stainless steel
  • For trussing turkey and poultry

Triangle Trussing Reviews 2022

Mini Triangular Truss Straight Segment

The TR96104 is a two-meter mini triangle truss that links to bases, corner joints, and other mini triangle truss sections.

This type of universal connector makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of tasks, and it’s also lightweight and simple to set up and break down. It’s accessible in steel or aluminum, and it’s inexpensive.

Both anodized and powder-coated coatings are available. There are three sizes available for this segment: 6.5M/21FT, 4M/12FT, and 2M/6.5 FT.

It joins the TR9602 (foundation), TR9607 (corner connection), and additional small triangular truss sections. It has a 30 inches total height and is available in white, silver, or black.

Generally, it’s a reasonable price for such a versatile product. You can connect to the standard triangulated truss for maximum stability.


-Lightweight and easy to set up

-Universal connector for a wide range of tasks



-No color is available

GT TR9611936 Mini Triangle Truss T

GT TR9611936 Mini Triangle Truss T Junction Lighting Truss
  • Global Truss TR-96119-36 (3 Way Horizontal T Junction)

This triangle truss has been designed for use in the trade to meet up the needs of today’s society. It is made of quality aluminum and offers its users a sturdy, reliable material with lightweight composites.

What’s more important is that workers can quickly assemble it even without any prior experience.

The design of this product is perfect for all kinds of uses. For example, it can be used to create an entrance canopy, decoration, or furniture.

Moreover, it is strong enough to support the weight of people standing on it to be used in many places.

You can use it in trade shows, at exhibitions, exhibitions and so on. It is perfect for raising banners and signs during any kind of event.

If you have a rental company specializing in equipment for events, you should get this product for your inventory.

Finally, it is easy to assemble and even easier to disassemble. You can transport it handily in a few minutes so that you won’t be spending too much time on the transportation process either, especially in workshop or workstation at home.

It is perfect for all kinds of strenuous tasks because, with its reduced weight, it will not tire workers very quickly.

If you are wondering whether you should buy this product or not, the answer is yes because it does what you want.

Generally, it is very economical to use too, which you will appreciate if you are on the lookout for an inexpensive product that is reliable and easy to use.


-Lightweight and sturdy, which makes it easy to assemble and transport.

-Does not require any prior experience for assembling.

-The perfect product for all kinds of uses such as an entrance canopy, decoration, or furniture.


-The truss is a little too short

2-Way 90-Degree Up/Down Corner Triangle Truss

This is the one for you if you’re seeking a superb alternative that won’t take up too much room.

This is a fantastic product that is robust, dependable, appealing, and lightweight. It seems to be well-made and will last for quite some time.

Although it does not arrive with guidelines, we discovered instruction manuals on the manufacturer’s website. It’s simple to assemble and disassemble. Its one-of-a-kind design enables it to be piled highly high.

You may use it to hold large goods with ease, thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction. The apex components will provide stability and strength that your treasured tools require.

It features tiny rubber feet on each side to prevent damage or to move around on any surface. The only thing we wish it had was a carry bag to make transporting it more straightforward, but I could buy one elsewhere.

I’m using it as a showcase piece at a wedding reception, and we are hoping the new couple will make good use of it in their post-wedding excursions. It is reasonably priced, which is a benefit.


– It is lightweight and easy to set up.

-It does not require tools.

-Its design allows for stacking at great heights with ease.

-The material it is made of is very durable.


-It doesn’t come with a carry case.

GT TRC390 Triangle Circle Truss

The GT TRC390 Triangle Circle Truss is our personal favorite out of all the trusses we’ve dealt with. It’s a truss in the triangle shape with a 10-degree angle to the left and a 9.84-foot-long semi-circle 90-degree arc.

The GT TRC390 Triangle Circle Truss is constructed of 3/4 inches outside diameter tubing with a 3/4 inches interior diameter. This truss weighs 92 pounds and is simple to install with two brackets at the top and bottom for four pieces.

This product’s versatility allows you to construct practically any building you can think of. Its rebuilding capacity comes in handy when we need to make last-minute alterations, or something goes wrong during the construction process.

Even after taking it apart and reassembling it for several days, the quality is excellent. The materials are of excellent quality, and we would suggest them to anyone searching for frame hardware.


-Pretty good in terms of weight and stability

-This product’s versatility allows you to construct practically any building you can think of.

-Easy to install

-Rugged and durable for long-term use with low maintenance costs.


-Requires more storage space due to the size of the product.

GT TR4096VD Triangle Truss Corner

GT TR4096VD Triangle Truss Corner/Junction Lighting Truss
  • Global Truss TR-4096V-D (3 Way Vertical T Junction)

The GT TR4096VD triangle truss corner is a top-of-the-line design built with connection hardware by qualified welders.

The tube is 11 7/16 inches, which is 290 millimeters wide and 3/4 inches in diameter on the outside (20mm). This type has a 0.08-inch wall thickness.

Also, it has a truss width of 3 feet and a vertical height of 1.64 feet. It also features a diagonal truss span of 86 centimeters from one apex to the next.

It’s a simple-to-construct-and-install type that only needs one clip, but it also comes with complete instruction manuals listed on the outside of each box.

This type is built of low carbon steel, which makes it extraordinarily robust for its size, allowing it to hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds (272 kilograms) in the time allotted. The unit weight of this type is exceptionally high, at 18 pounds.

This type’s cover is constructed of fire-resistant cloth. It is pre-coated with a waterproofing substance to ensure your safety when using it in public places like arcades, exhibitions, expos, or parties.

If you’re working on the angles of your framework, the triangle shape of this item can help you stay organized.

There are no nuts or screws on it, which makes it easy to fasten your trusses. This solution may be right for you if you need something simple to use and secure your trusses.


-It is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used for many different applications.

-The triangular shape offers more surface space than other shapes or forms, so it is ideal for large projects.


– It becomes much heavier as the size increases due to the weight of steel from all three angles being combined.

GT TR9611935 Mini Triangle Truss T

GT TR9611935 Mini Triangle Truss T Junction Lighting Truss
  • X - 19.68in

This product is what we’re looking for. The frame is both robust and simple to construct. Because it is lightweight and has a carrying handle, it is also effortless to transport. The frame’s size and portability appeal to us.

It has a good carrying handle and isn’t too heavy, so moving it around isn’t a problem. It took us approximately fifteen minutes to construct, but that was solely due to my lack of skill.

We enjoy how strong it is, but make sure the bolts are all straight when installing them; otherwise, they may break off in the middle of a show.

The only issue was that one of the bolts was missing, but this wasn’t a big deal because we had some extras in my garage. Overall, we think this product is excellent and would recommend it to others.



-It has a good carrying handle

-The Frame is both robust and simple to construct.

-The frame’s size and portability appeal to us.


-Not all bolts are straight, so they may break off if assembled incorrectly

Triangle 12-Ft Truss 45D

Triangle 12-Ft Truss F33 2W 45D Crn 3.28Ft (1.0M - New
  • TR-4086-UD 2-WAY 45 DEGREE CORNER Unit Weight: 8.17kg/18lb

This is an excellent truss. I can’t believe this truss is just 18 pounds in weight! It’s also incredibly light, which is great because I don’t have a show where I can hire professional movers to help me move everything.

It takes four people, including myself, to carry that into the next room. This truss would be ideal for novices and those who don’t want anything too intricate or hefty.

Although triangle trusses are relatively simple in construction, the price is fantastic! This particular line of their products is available in various lengths, all of which are similar specifications.

The design is the only aspect I would change. It’s just plain old triangle-shaped metal, which is OK, although it can get a little dull after a while.

It would make me feel better about spending my hard-earned money on this truss if they could change the design to something more intriguing or attractive.

When buying this or any other product from Triangle, I propose one thing: measure the space you have to work with before purchasing.

Generally, it’s also for anyone who wants something basic but doesn’t want to spend much money on it.


-It’s a lightweight product that is only 18 pounds

-Price is excellent!

-Width of the truss is perfect for novices and those who can’t afford anything overly expensive.

-Thickness looks like it will be sturdy for years to come.


-The design is plain old triangle-shaped metal

GT TR9611625 Mini Triangle Truss

GT TR9611625 Mini Triangle Truss 90 Deg Corner Lighting Truss
  • TR-96116-25 2-WAY 90 DEGREE CORNER APEX IN
  • X - 12in

We bought this product because we needed something to replace the existing brackets keeping my gazebo up. For that purpose, the GT TR9611625 Mini Triangle Truss is ideal.

They are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting while remaining low in weight. So far, we had had no issues with them, even when it rained, which can cause metal brackets to rust.

The finish is of high quality and has not peeled away. This product is ideal for anyone looking for strong, long-lasting, high-quality brackets for their house or business.

It comes in a pair, so you won’t have to spend any more money on additional brackets to hold up your gazebo or other temporary constructions for upcoming events, parties, or gatherings.

They are pretty affordable, and if properly cared for, they will last a long time. We would recommend these because our family and us can rely on them when we have huge parties outside during the summer months.

And we need to rapidly erect and disassemble our gazebo since we have a large family and need to accommodate all of our visitors on occasion.




-A set of two which will save you money over purchasing more brackets

-High quality and long-lasting   

-Does not peel away with rain, unlike metal brackets

-Strong and durable even when it rains


-Require you to drill holes in your porch, deck, patio flooring, or other surfaces to secure it

GT TR96102 Mini Triangle Truss Extension

A truss is a triangle-shaped structural system made up of solid and stiff beams and bars. The GT TR96102 Mini Triangle Truss Extension has a rectangular frame used by contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike.

It’s a low-cost, lightweight option for commercial or residential structures with roofs up to 210 square feet.

A galvanized steel foundation and diamond-shaped apertures on the top of the truss characterize the system.

The triangular construction is designed to be simple to assemble and supplemented with bench and beam connectors (not included).

The product has an end hole that enables pipes and wires to be inserted without compromising the truss structure while providing enough space for walkway access.

The truss extension is also available in various sizes, ranging from 12 feet × 12 feet to 10 feet x 20 feet, with an 8-ton load capacity.


-Linear beams distribute the load across a wide span for more excellent stability

-It’s low-cost

-Simple to assemble

-May be used for residential or commercial purposes


-Limited size options

GRIFFIN Triangle Light Truss System

GRIFFIN - Crank Up Triangle Light Truss System | DJ Booth Trussing Stand Kit for Light Cans & Speakers | Pro Audio Lighting Stage Platform Hardware Package | Portable Music Equipment Mount Gear Holder
  • KEEP YOUR STAGE GEAR SAFE. A DJ STAND WITH STAGE TRUSS: A DJ equipment package with stage lighting stands which is made of medium-duty steel with a sturdy, steel cable gear system that will easily lift your heavy light cans or PA speakers. Designed with rubber rest pads on the feet to provide sufficient support and stability. This is an extremely durable and long-lasting trussing system, perfect for all your stage lighting needs.
  • GIVE YOUR DJ STAGE LIGHTING RIG THE PLACE IT DESERVES: Accommodate any dj booth or dj system with this stage light truss dj package. Hoist your light cans up in the air with this crank up triangle truss stand! With two smooth crank mechanisms (one on each side) and three triangle truss spans, this lighting truss system can reach a total span of 177 inches wide, allowing you to hang up to 200 pounds of equipment. The ideal DJ lighting stand for your DJ light bar and stage equipment!

The GRIFFIN Triangle Light Truss System is a long-lasting and exceptionally sturdy trussing system ideal for all of your stage lighting systems. With this stage light truss DJ set, you can handle any DJ booth or DJ equipment!

This light truss system can achieve a maximum span of 177 inches in width, with two flat crank movements (one on each side) and triple triangle truss spans, enabling you to hang up to 200 pounds of gear.

For your DJ light bar and stage accessories, this is the ultimate DJ lighting stand! With this stage light truss DJ combo, you can give your DJ booth or system the attention it deserves.

With this crank-up triangle truss stand, you can raise your light cans into the air! Depending on your needs, two interrelated locking poles enable you to alter the height from 60 inches to 114 inches.

This trussing stand is unrivaled in terms of versatility and ease of use. Twelve steel C-clamps, each designed to carry 44 pounds weight, are also included in the kit, allowing you to easily install your lighting and other gear.

To start packing your DJ truss lighting stand with extendable legs for your next event, simply fold it up! This crank-up truss stand is the most acceptable alternative for portable DJs, stage artists, or bands.


– Long-lasting and robust stand

– Perfect for all your stage lighting needs

– Transportable with retractable legs


-Easy to use


-It cannot perform the same function as a traditional tripod

Now, after you have read some reviews about triangle trussing, you may consider buying it. However, you may think that you still don’t have sufficient information about this topic.

Therefore, below here, we will give you some valuable information about triangle trussing so that you can make wise buying decisions.

Firstly, we will move to the definition of triangle trussing

What Is Triangle Trussing?

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 46

Trussing is a technique to help stabilize the load on a structure. It can be applied in many different ways, but one of the most common methods is “triangle trussing.”

Trussing, or triangular supports in construction to form triangles, can be traced back to ancient Rome. The Romans most famously used it for their theaters and is still used today for various engineering projects. 

Some people refer to trusses as “triangulated frame,” which means that they are made up of three different beams that run along at right angles.

The shape is called a triangle because it has three sides with interior angles between each side, measuring 180 degrees.

In this truss type, thin pieces of wood are used to create triangles that span from the top beam down to near ground level.

This creates additional support that helps distribute weight across multiple beams and potentially reduces stress on particular areas.

The shape and size of a triangle truss will vary depending upon what needs it will serve.

For example, if you wanted to add stability in a particular area or make sure an object was evenly distributed across several beams, you might want something with wider angles.

If, instead, you want to ensure that an object isn’t going to fall the moment someone bumps into it, you might want a tighter angle to reduce weight on the structure.

This process is often used when building objects such as bookcases, furniture, or even houses. It can be beneficial for ensuring that something doesn’t collapse or break easily. 

This will transfer any weight placed onto the object to the ground rather than the object itself. However, this can also be dangerous since it can damage or even kill someone if they get trapped under a heavy object.

People should not attempt to use triangle trussing unless they are fully aware of how it works and adequately do it.

Triangle Trussing Benefits

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 47

Triangle trussing is a technique that architects and engineers have used for centuries. The triangular shape lends stability, as well as the ability to withstand high winds. 

That’s why you may see trusses in buildings with insufficient structural support from columns or walls, like in warehouses and factories where strong winds could cause problems with traditional structures like pillars or walls.

Another benefit of using trusses over pillars and walls is that they are usually less expensive materials-wise.

In addition, this design allows builders to create an open space without any internal supports. This lets light filter through the top of the building, illuminating it from within.

A truss also may be used as part of a beam to strengthen the load-bearing capacity. The main reason for using trusses is to create strong structures with minimal weight but still enough strength to hold heavy loads.

Finally, triangle trussing yields a roof with a shallow center of gravity—a key consideration in areas prone to earthquakes or hurricanes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Triangle Trussing

Many people think it will be hard to make the right decision if they don’t know what to do. This is not true at all! There are many factors you can consider when choosing triangle trussing.

Consider Your Budget

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 48

Like anything else in life, price is always a factor when choosing triangle trussing for your project. How much money are you willing or able to spend on purchase?

If cost is a significant factor, then always compare the prices of different companies and see which one has the best deal.

There are many different types of ideas that you can choose from based on what you want your project to look like and how much money you have available for the purchase.

Some factors that will affect the cost of these materials include size, shape, thickness, and length.

It’s essential to take all these things into account so that you get the type of material that fits your budget and your needs!

Type Of Event

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 49

The most popular type of event is short-term events.  These are typically weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations that last only a few hours. The roof structure for these types of events can be either metal or wood trusses.

Metal trusses are more expensive than wood trusses, but they also support heavier weight loads.

Wood trusses may need to be inspected every year before use if there is any damage to the joints or members due to rot or insects.

A wooden roof needs periodic maintenance such as painting and repairs because it will eventually deteriorate due to weathering from the sun, rain, heat, cold temperatures.

And wind exposure will cause cracking and splitting in the wood members leading to more damage.

For events with tighter budgets but more complex set-ups, there are some considerations you can make before deciding on a shape.

Considerations include labor expenditures when erecting or disassembling triangular trusses versus rectangular ones, temporary storage requirements for more extended events on rectangular trusses versus shorter ones on triangular trusses. 

And additional labor for assembly on a rectangular truss. All of these elements can be worked into your budget to help you make the best decision.

Event Duration

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 50

Event planners have a choice when it comes to choosing what type of truss they want. The most common types are triangular truss and rectangular trusses.

A triangular truss is for events that last less than 3 hours. Moreover, the triangular truss is usually preferred if the trussing system will stay in place overnight or during set up a time after the party.

Rectangular trussing has excellent stability thanks to its triangular shape and is considered more secure than triangular trussing, making it more appropriate for events with longer duration.


triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 51

The first thing you should do is decide whether or not you would like the support system exposed or concealed from view at your event. Exposure can impact the appearance of your event.

While triangular truss can hold heavy-duty equipment, it isn’t as sturdy as rectangular trusses. Therefore, it should not be used for events with heavy equipment.

A triangular truss is also not meant to hold up stage curtains or drapes that will be removed after the event. It would be challenging to do so securely.

Rectangular trusses are usually not exposed at events and can be painted in any color to match your theme or brand colors.

They also come in different widths depending on how much weight they need to hold up since they are stronger than their triangular counterparts. 

Rectangular trusses can hold up cumbersome and extensive equipment or many lights bolted into place.

If you do not mind exposure, or it will not affect your party’s overall look or appeal, then either triangulated or rectangular trussing is okay.

However, rectangular trusses are more appropriate if you would like the system to be hidden from view and the safety of guests is a significant concern.

Weight Limits

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 52

When selecting your triangle truss, it is crucial to consider the weight limit.

The application will determine the weight limit and range from 20 pounds per linear foot for temporary structures to 800 pounds per linear foot for permanent installations.

The triangle truss can be built to support a light structure in the case of temporary installations. If you are making a delicate structure, your triangle trusses should stick with lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel.

For permanent installations where heavy loads will be applied to the frame over time, it is vital to building the structure from materials that will withstand the weight and tolerate corrosion.

For these types of installations, we generally recommend using alloy steel or stainless steel.

The Ceiling Height

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 53

If you are in charge of designing or choosing a triangle truss for your building, the ceiling height is one of the most important considerations.

A single-height room will have one type of triangle truss, while a multi-story building may require different types depending on the floor height.

For example, if it’s an office with an 8-foot ceiling above each desk, then there should be no need to use anything but a standard “T” truss system because it will provide plenty of headroom at all levels.

But if you’re installing stairs and want to go up two floors before coming back down again, then you’ll need something sturdier that can expand. A standard “T” truss won’t handle that kind of span; we have to use a more extensive truss.

The distance between the floor and ceiling is significant because it will determine the type of triangle truss you need, so keep that in mind before making your choice.

Type Of Support System

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 54

Triangle truss is based on the support system, and they can be classified into three major types: tension, compression, and mixed.

Tension is when the triangle members are in a state of tension and compressive when they are compressed. Mixed is when there is both tension and compression in the truss.

To determine what support system your truss is in, apply the shear test, which requires you to use equal and opposite forces on each side of the element. If there are no horizontal forces involved, the truss will fail in compression.

A truss with tension or mixed as its support system will successfully pass this test, while a truss with compression as its support system will fail.


triangle trussing
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One should consider the type of support system when paying for trusses. Each type has different price rates, and it is essential to be aware of your budget concerns.

A triangle truss with either tension or mixed support system is more expensive than a compression one since it requires more materials to build.

Size And Shape

triangle trussing
Top 10 Triangle Trussing Will Make You Save On Money In [year] 56

One should also take note of the truss’s support system before designing one since this would determine the size and shape of the triangle members and the type of fasteners used to assemble them.

If an engineer chooses a tension or mixed support system, he will have to make sure that enough material supports them and choose a different fastener type like the threaded rod.

Load Capacity

triangle trussing
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Other factors that one should consider when choosing his trusses’ support system are its load and how many people will use it. Compression is enough if you are just using your truss in a home, such as for your roof.

However, if you plan to use the truss in a commercial building or your home requires weight-bearing beams, it would be wise to consider getting triangle trusses with tension or mixed support systems.


It is also worth noting that the support system can affect its aesthetics, vital for building a home.

A tension or mixed support system would make accessing the trusses’ core easier, allowing for more interesting shapes than a compression system.

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

FAQs about Triangle Trussing

– Is it challenging to assemble a triangle truss?

Triangle trusses are not difficult to assemble if you have the right tools, know how to work with the materials, and take your time.

The National Truss Triangle company has put together a detailed video of their process for assembling trussed rafters.

Watch this video with someone new at trussed rafter assembly to better understand what needs to happen to make the process easy.

If one person assembles these with another experienced person guiding them, they can accomplish it with plenty of light and room in an hour or less.

– How much does triangle truss cost per piece?

The cost of triangle trusses ranges from $2 to $5 per piece, depending on the length of the parts.

Generally, lower prices are based on shorter pieces that are less than 25 feet in length. The higher prices are for more extended details that have a lot of spans.

– What is the size range of a triangle truss?

triangle trussing
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The side length or width can vary widely (from 4 feet to 58 feet). There will be some minor adjustments for all standard sizes for any small fixture spacing issues when putting up these frames onsite.

Essentially what’s important is the distance between each post that goes into the ground (i.e., the height of post centers).

– How do I cut down triangle trussing?

You can’t cut them – some metal plates cover some parts of the truss, but they are for aesthetics more than anything else. The only way to achieve this would be to break them up onsite with a sled hammer.

– What is the difference between a triangle and a half truss?

triangle trussing
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The difference between a triangle and a half truss is that the top goes straight down, and there is no lower ledge.

The half truss has three ledger boards and one apex (peak). Triangle trusses use one height (peak) board, whereas a half truss uses 2.

Finally, triangle trusses look like an upside-down letter “M,” whereas half trussed buildings use two adjacent M’s to tie together.


Triangle trussing is a popular engineering technique that makes for great roofs. It’s also used in the construction of bridges, stadiums, and many other large structures. Triangle trusses can be constructed from wood or steel to meet your needs.

This design has been around since antiquity but was rediscovered by engineers during World War II. It could withstand heavy loads without buckling like traditional trusses do when they are overloaded.

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