Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti: Which Is The Best To Buy In 2021?

This Is Our Comparison Of Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti

Everyone loves a good tumbler, whether you are traveling, taking classes in the university, working in an office, or just staying at home and enjoying your tea break. Beast and Yeti have always been the most popular choices among thousands of different tumblers in the market. The question is, Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, which is the better to buy? What is the exact difference between a Beast and a Yeti?

Our experts have tested and researched over 300,000 reviews for each product line to create the most updated comparison of Beast Tumbler vs Yeti. The evaluation was built based on price range, product build and sizes, quality, and the most special feature of a tumbler – Lid design. While both Beast and Yeti are excellent choices, the best brand will depend mainly on your personal needs. 

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

At A Glance

What Are Beast And Yeti?

Comparing Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, both come from trusted brands and have long been popular as the top choice for anyone who wants to buy a tumbler. They are drinkware with stainless steel designs and an impressive ability to keep the desired temperature of any liquids inside them for long hours. In other words, you can easily carry your favorite drink anywhere with a Beast or a Yeti, your iced tea will still be filled with ices and your hot brewing coffee will still be hot at the end of the day.

Best Beast Tumbler To Buy In 2021

If you’re looking for a Beast tumbler, I would definitely suggest you buy a Beast 30oz Tumbler as 30oz is the most common size to pick. You can store enough water for the whole day and the tumbler is not heavy at all. There are several pros and cons for you to consider:


  • Exclusive Bonus Bundle with competitive price: 2 unbreakable straws + 1 straw brush + 1 30oz tumbler + 1 upgraded pop-up lid
  • Stainless steel design
  • #1 insulation and temper retention: remain the desired temperature up to 6 hours
  • A variety of colors


  • Ices melt quite quickly
  • No sweat resistance

Best Yeti Tumbler To Buy In 2021

YETI Rambler 30 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid, Black
  • These Ramblers come standard with our YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or favorite drink on lock
  • Our Ramblers are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and have a No Sweat Design to make sure your hands stay dry

For the best Yeti tumbler to buy in 2021, the favorite pick is still a 30oz tumbler! You may wonder what the differences are between Beast Tumbler vs Yeti: what are the perks that a Yeti tumbler can offer and a Beast can’t? 

The Yeti Rambler family is tough as hell, a basic tumbler can guarantee to keep the ices from melting for up to 24 hours and your hot tea will still be smokingly hot after a long day.  With stainless steel design, Sweat Proof Design, and double-wall vacuum insulation, Yeti tumblers are ideal for hikers, travelers, and white-collar workers spending extra shifts in the office. Another plus point is that they are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


  • Keep ices from melting for up to 24 hours → high quality
  • No sweat design
  • Stainless steel design
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Quite expensive (comparing to other tumblers)
  • Small water leakages (happen a few times)

If you want to find out the perfect tumbler for your own preference, I believe we should look closer into detailed features (as I mentioned at the beginning). There is a lot more to notice. For example, which one is more affordable? Which one is more durable? Which one has the suitable size that you need and what is the most ideal tumbler size you should buy for specific uses? 

So let’s get started with the detailed comparison between Beast Tumbler vs Yeti!

Comparison: Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti, Which One Is Better To Buy?

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

Price Range

The price between a Beast Tumbler vs Yeti ranges from $20 to $60, which depends on the size you decide to buy. Beast Tumbler is often a cheaper option comparing products of the same size. The gap is usually around $10 because Beast often offers promotions on Amazon. For example, the most common size of a tumbler to buy is 30oz. A Beast 30oz tumbler costs approximately $30 but it is usually on sale at $23. Meanwhile, you need to pay about $35 for the Yeti tumbler of the same size and there are few discounts. 

Moreover, if you do not care much about the color of your drinkware, you can get an authentic Beast tumbler at a cheaper price without waiting for promotion as its price varies among different color options. (The original price of a Beast 30oz tumbler can be about $23 to $30 depending on the appearance of the tumbler.) Another plus point is that Beast Tumbler often comes in a package including two reusable 18/8 steel straws: A Wide straw ideal for smoothies, bubble milk tea, and milkshakes; a Curved Straw for all your other drinking needs. Free straw brush is also included!. It means that with the cheaper price, you can get not only a Beast Tumbler but also exclusive bonuses. What a bargain!

So, coming to the conclusion, it is obvious that Beast is the winner if we compare the price between a Beast Tumbler vs Yeti.

Product Build And Sizes

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

I couldn’t find a winner in this category as both Beast and Yeti tumbler have the same variety of sizes which is up to 32 ounces. The most common picks to notice are 20oz, 30oz, and 40oz as these sizes are suitable for daily uses. I would personally recommend a 30oz drinkware between different Beast Tumbler vs Yeti as it can fit in standard sized cup holders

Comparing product build quality between a Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, we can see the similarity in their designs and product build. While many steel tumblers in the market may be made with a cheaper 201 steel cover; Beast and Yeti have cut no corners! Both of these tumblers are strictly made only from the highest quality premium 18/8 Stainless Steel which is kitchen-grade, so they are puncture and rust-resistant. 

Moreover, they are both vacuum insulated in order to keep the cold water cold and the hot water hot for up to 10 hours. You can still enjoy your last sip in the most ideal condition at the end of a long day. An extra perk is that both Beast Tumbler and Yeti are BPA-free, sweat-free, and dishwasher safe. The sturdy coating on the colored tumblers won’t crack, peel or fade. As a result, they are really convenient, durable, and do little harm to your health. 

To summarize, considering Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, they both have No Sweat designs and are well built to resist breaking, cracking, scratching. You can find many sizes and colors you want in both product lines. So we have a tie result in the comparison of product build and sizes! Beast Tumbler and Yeti are equally excellent to buy. 

Quality (How They Maintain The Desired Temperature ) 

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

Both tumblers are excellent in maintaining the desired temperature. However, Yeti tumbler does have a good reason to be more expensive: it certainly performs much better, it can maintain the original temperature of any liquids and preserve freezing ices for up to 10 hours. Ice melts a lot faster in a Beast and your hot reviving tea soon becomes lukewarm, too. 

On the contrary, the Yeti tumbler can store your iced coffee for 10 hours without melting all the ices. If you pour your hot morning brew into a Yeti, you can still enjoy it at the most ideal temperature at the end of the day. Yeti can perform that well and guarantee to deliver the best quality in the market thanks to their special double-wall vacuum insulation. 

I believe the ability to preserve the perfect temperature of liquids is the most important feature to consider while buying any tumblers. As you can see, between Beast tumbler vs Yeti, Yeti is obviously the winner in the quality category with the capability to maintain the original temperature for 10 hours continuously. 

Convenience In Lid Design

I want to compare the lid design between a Beast Tumbler vs Yeti as this is the only specific difference in their product build, which affects their convenience heavily. 

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

All Yeti tumblers have MagSlider Lids: easier to remove and more convenient to wash the whole tumbler. Though this design can cause water leakage sometimes, you can only see a small drizzle of water so I don’t think it is a big problem. The Beast Tumblers have snap-shut lids which are really harder to remove and show few extra benefits. If you are a person who values convenience, I believe you would prefer MagSlider Lids from Yeti. 

So, comparing the convenience in their lid designs between Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, Yeti is definitely the winner. 

Quick Summary

Evaluating a Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, they share common product build, color ranges, and sizes. Beast is the winner in the price category as it is cheaper and often on sale. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option but still focus on quality, you may prefer a Beast.

However, Yeti is the winner when we compare two tumblers’ quality and convenience of lid designs as Yeti is more convenient to wash and maintain the desired temperature for much longer hours (up to 10 hours continuously).

Tips: DIY Glitter Tumblers!

You will love your unique one and only tumbler! And this youtube video can show you how to decorate your tumbler with glitters in under 15 minutes! You can pick whatever colors you want and you may search for the perfect color combination on Pinterest. Check it out now!

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti: The Overall Winner

Yeti Is The Overall Winner!!!

Comparing a Beast tumbler vs Yeti in four main features that everyone should consider while buying any Tumbler, you can see Yeti outweighs Beast in two aspects: quality and convenience in lid design, they have a tie in product design. Moreover, quality is the most essential thing to notice, it is what makes the prices of all tumblers different. So I believe we all agree that Yeti is the absolute winner!

Beast Tumbler – Best For Children And People With Small Kids

However, I would certainly recommend a Beast tumbler for children and people with small kids as it is leak-proof and can prevent spills. As I mentioned above, the Yeti tumbler has a slab that slides shut, it is more convenient to remove and wash but can be less effective if you are looking for complete spill-resistant tumblers.

Generally, children are extremely energetic, they can spend all day running around the house, usually throw their bags instead of gently putting them down. So a Beast tumbler can be a more ideal choice to buy for your kids, I can guarantee you that the water will not be spilled at all even if you turn the tumbler upside down (of course when you close it!). 

Beast does a really good job at retaining all water inside the tumbler. If you have problems with small water spills, you can choose Beast over Yeti. 

Yeti Tumbler – Best For Travelers And White-collar Workers

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti

Between Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, Yeti has far better quality, it can preserve the desired temperature for 10 – 12 hours, and Yeti also produce special tumblers for travelers (especially hikers) which triples the ability to maintain the liquid’s original condition. After a long hike or hours of wandering, you can still enjoy the iced tea or hot brew you make in the morning. We all know that travelers rarely have the chance to refill the water in the tumbler. 

Moreover, white-collar workers often spend almost 8 hours sitting at their desks to finalize their tasks, they are usually too lazy to brew another cup of hot tea during the day. With a Yeti Tumbler, you can effortlessly enjoy your working hours in the office with either hot or iced coffee. I can assure you that the ice will not be melted in a Yeti. 

If you are a person who emphasizes convenience in anything you buy, you will also prefer Yeti. Judging Beast Tumbler vs Yeti, Yeti is much easier to detach and wash as it is absolutely dishwasher safety. Once again, the spilling problem is quite limited, you can only see small drops of water leaking out so don’t worry at all. Over 200,000 Amazon buyers claimed that they have no difficulties in preventing spills while using a Yeti tumbler. 

Where To Buy The Best Tumbler? 

Beast Tumbler vs Yeti – the decision to buy the perfect tumbler finally depends on your personal needs and preferences. Both of them are from trusted brands, they are more durable and perform much better than any other tumblers in the market. Yeti is the best overall but Beast can be slightly more budget-friendly. 

Be careful as there are many fake tumblers of these two brands in the market! I suggest you buy Yeti/Beast Tumbler on Amazon as both brands have online official stores on this e-commerce platform. You may find out the Beast Tumbler and Yeti or another useful product to buy on Amazon! 

There is a 15% discount on every Beast Tumbler on Amazon and the best seller of Yeti is almost out of stock! So let’s add your favorite tumbler to the cart right now!

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