Go Experimental with Stylish Hat Accessories and Enhance Your Facial Contours

Want to look stunning with the right headgear? This guide is all about making a long face look short, or a round face look slim. Although there is nothing wrong if you want to highlight the roundness of your face or the length of your facial structure, the way you style yourself with accessories says a lot about your persona. Hence, selecting the right elements is crucial for enhancing the beauty and shape of the face. You can experiment with these tips and tricks to elevate both your style and fashion sense.

What should the round-face individuals do? 

stylish hat accessories and enhance your facial contours

Individuals with lovely round faces and broad foreheads with full cheeks and rounded chins have to wear angular hats. It will perfectly balance the roundness of your face and make you look distinct. You can opt for asymmetrical shapes coming with a slanted brim and high crown that complement the roundness of your face. You may accentuate the look by slanting the hat on one side to create attractive angles. If you want to elongate your facial features, you may wear high-crown top hats that give an impression of elevation and height. For adding asymmetry, you can go for the straight brims. Choose headwear with broad crowns suiting your facial structure. The best options would be newsboy caps, fedoras, pinched crown hats, baseball caps, and trilby hats. It would help if you avoided the broad and rounded crown hats as it will only increase the plumpness of your face.

What about styling oval faces? 

stylish hat accessories and enhance your facial contours

If you have an egg-shaped face, you have multiple choices in terms of hats. Since the forehead is longer than the jawline, you have to be cautious when selecting your hat. Oval-shaped faces look longer and not broad, and they come with a straight line and vast temple. The narrow jaw with a round chin is ideal for undertaking experiments. If you want your hat to sit correctly on your head, you have to go for the fedora wide-brimmed hat. Hat styles that will suit your face include cloches, cowboy hats, fedora hats, and newsboy caps. However, you must keep aside the boater hats and the fisherman caps to avoid going wrong. They will unnecessarily enhance the narrowness of your face.

Guide for choosing hats as per face shape 

stylish hat accessories and enhance your facial contours

Much like oval faces, oblong-faced individuals have a versatile face shape. A round chin and high forehead will look good with different hairstyles. These people have more length and less width in their faces. If you have a refined look with a round shape, counterbalance it with different hairstyles. You can go for the low to short crown hats with flared brims for roundness and width. Sun hats are the best alternatives because they have a wide brim and small crown that is the perfect style to compliment the roundness and length of your face. You may also choose floppy-brimmed hats that will give a distinct appearance to your eyebrows and conceal your forehead. You might create an illusion of a short face by wearing cloth hats and bucket hats. Besides, newsboy caps are also suitable for these face shapes because they have wide-rounded brims with low crowns.

Square face? Look for these options

A strong jawline and angular shape make a square face. Wide cheekbones and forehead are other features of a square face. Since these individuals come with an angular faces, they have to soften the facial angles by choosing round and curved hats. They will provide contrast to the jawline and add softness. Floppy hats will be the best choice because they have curvy wide brims for counterbalancing the angular features. Bowler hats also have curvy lines to suit these square faces. You may choose brims and crowns with a smooth appeal so that it cuts across the angles of your square face. The length and the breadth of the face are almost equal.

If you feel that your face shape matches the above-given types, then use these suggestions according to your preference. In a nutshell, angular faces must go for rounded styles, whereas shorter faces must opt for long crowns. You have to choose a type that softens the angles and plays beautifully with the facial features. Overall, you have to use your ideas as to which style suits your face and makes you look different. Apart from the shape, the color of the hat also plays a determining role. If you have a light skin tone, you have to go with dark-shade hats. On the other hand, dark skin tones have to go with neutral shades.

You can even create contrast so that you may grab eyeballs at a fashion event. Always keep your accessories to the minimum to highlight your headwear. Play with these tips and tricks so that you come up with a unique style worthy of everybody’s attention. A suitable headgear can pull attention the right way, fetching compliments.

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