Shimano B01s Alternative Review: Best Products For You

Shimano B01s alternative has always been my most favorite ever since I have a high addiction to riding a bike every morning to work out. Therefore, I really care about bike maintenance and its body part. Especially these days, there are a lot more bikes on the trails, and we need a lot more repair parts to keep them operating. A brake pad is compulsory as you are riding your bike with 2 thin rotors. 

But I start to think that, what if they stop manufacturing them, or what if there are better brake pads that I don’t know. That’s why I begin my research with other brands and I want to share with you the results.

But before that, let us tell you how to choose a great brake pad and why Shimano B01s is an awesome brake pad for your lovely bike. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Brake Pad


All brake pads are considered as the most consumable part” which means they will wear out from time to time and need to be changed regularly. If not, brake pads will not function correctly, putting your safety at risk, and cause damage to your bike, therefore it is important to be aware of your brake pads and check them on a daily basis.

There are two types of disc brakes: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical disc brakes use cables (much like rim brakes) while hydraulic disc brakes use hydraulic fluid in a fully sealed channel. When you brake, the fluid in the caliper is forced to move, pressing the pads on the disc.

If you are looking for a brake pad lower than $1,000, a mechanical brake is ideal. You are able to own a bike with dependable, all-weather braking. Aside from the cost, some riders prefer cable-activated disc brakes since they are easier to maintain at home and work with most mechanical brake levers.


The shape is the most crucial factor to consider. Different shaped pads and methods of holding them in place to prevent them from falling out are used in each disc caliper. Most manufacturers will identify which brakes they are compatible with, but if you’re not sure, a visual inspection of the pads will ensure you’re getting the right ones.

If you do not know how to replace the brake pad and how to know which one is compatible with, I think this Youtube video will help you out. I know that buying the wrong one is not a satisfying experience, so remember to check it carefully.


This is possibly the most perplexing part for riders who are considering replacing brake pads. The chosen compound can affect the pad’s braking performance or longevity, so choosing the right one for your needs is very crucial.

Although the nomenclature of the compounds used by each manufacturer may differ slightly, there are essentially three distinct compounds that are used. Can be named: 

  1. Sintered, metal
  2. Organic, resin
  3. Semi-metallic

Each of the compounds has its own pros and cons. Sintered is chosen by many people due to its longevity and high-temperature resistance. Therefore, it is perfect for downhill riding. However, if you are allergic to the noise of the brake discs, I do not think it is for you.

But in my opinion, organic is my most favorite due to its quietness and less power needed to ride downhill. But its lifespan is not very long so you have to change it more often.

Semi-metallic has a long life span as it is not easily worn out. The higher the speed, the more power is. However, it could be a bit expensive if you are looking for a low-budget brake pad.


In my opinion, you should consider your riding style as well as how frequently you work out. For example, if you only riding a few times a month, it is much easier to find a brake pad. 

But if you have an intense workout schedule, I suggest you find a long lasting and good one to use as the brake pad could easily be worn out due to intense usage. So here are some performances you should think of when buying a brake pad. 

  • Weather performance: the brake pad should be worked well under any weather conditions, especially in wet and muddy conditions.
  • Summer and Winter: the heat can affect the friction, therefore, an ideal brake pad must deal well with it
  • Noise: if you usually feel annoyed with unwanted noise, this is a must to give thought to.

Why Is The Shimano B01s?

SHIMANO 2 Pairs Disc Brake Pads & Spring B01S-B03S (Resin)
  • 2 Pairs Shimano Disc Brake Pads and Spring B01S (Resin) - Resin brake pad without radiator fin for Shimano disc brake.
  • Compatible with: BR-C501, BR-M575, BR-M525, BR-M495, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M475, BR-M465, BR-M447, BR-M446, BR-M445, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M415, BR-M4050, BR-M3050, BR-M395, BR-M375, BR-M355, BR-T675, BR-T615, BR-TX805

Brake pads appear to be one of the most basic components on your bike, but at the same time, one of the most important parts.  It is used to decelerate the rim of the wheel when you need to stop or bike downhill. 

Shimano has always been a good option to trust when you need to change your brake pad.  First established in 1921, up till now, it is a reliable brand for customers around the world with durable and amazing products. 

Shimano B01s is a good choice:

  • First, if you don’t intend to invest too much of your money on a brake pad.
  • Second,  it has a lot of purchases on Amazon with high ratings and good reviews. 
  • Third, it’s designed to work well under wet conditions. 


  • If you do not use it carefully, it will be worn out easily.
  • Its lifespan is shorter than other brake pads.
  • It is not packed carefully during the delivery. 

Shimano B01s Detailed Reviews


When purchasing anything, quality is without a doubt one of the most crucial elements to think of. It is extremely critical when purchasing Brake Pads, as you might expect. Let’s have a look at some factors to consider while determining the quality of Shimano B01S Resin Disc Brake Pads.

The materials Shimano B01S are constructed of will give you a decent indication of the general quality. Resin pads produce less noise and provide greater modulation compared to metal pads. It is flexible, even if the road is wet after pouring rain, you are safe when riding a bike with Shimano B01S Disc Brake. 


Every item has a different range of price, you might easily get lost in front of it. Therefore, I suggest you set a range of prices you are willing to pay before buying anything. It can help you choose an ideal product faster.

Shimano has been a favorite product to many customers due to its low price compared to other brand names. According to one research, Shimano B01s is in 20% cheapest brake pad on Amazon. With its quality and price, Shimano B01s is a great deal for you. If you want to know, Shimano B01s is among the lowest price in comparison to other items. 


According to many customers, it is easy to install and work well on road. It is performed consistently and over sintered varieties, the bite and feel of a resin pad are really great.

However, its durability is not very well as it could be easily worn out. It needs to be replaced after about 1000 miles. This could be even shorter if you are on a rough trail. Therefore, as I have said before, you should think about how frently you do exercise to choose the most suitable one for yourself.


The size and design are crucial; anything that differs even slightly will not work. Remember to remove your old pads first to evaluate the correct replacement part before purchase. 

Shimano B01s is compatible with many types, namely: BR-C501, etc,…Therefore, somehow, you might be less worried about buying the wrong size. 


There’s certainly a lot to be said about looking into brand names and the different brands that sell Brake Pads. Shimano, for example, is well-known in the biker community, so you know you’re getting great quality when you buy from them. If you’re uncertain about an item, make a list of brands you are willing to buy. 


Without any knowledge, finding the best Shimano B01s alternative can be difficult. There are so many designs and features to choose from and it is hard for you to decide what your favorite designs are because you’ll enjoy them all. To determine which is the finest, I have made a lot of research and now I want to share it with you. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Shimano b01s alternatives below if you’re seeking a good-quality Shimano b01s alternative at a reasonable price.

Miles Racing Brake Pads for SHIMANO Disc Brakes 

Miles Racing - Disc Brake Pads - Semi Metallic - SHIMANO Deore, Acera, Altus, Alivio, LX, BR-M315, BR-M355, BR-M365, BR-M375, BR-M395, BR-M415, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M445, BR-M446, BR-M447 (MI-MET-23)
  • HIGH BRAKING POWER & ALL-WEATHER USE: Semi-metallic brake pads are the preferred choice of mountain bike riders due to their higher braking performance than sintered pads. Ideal for medium hills, amateur riders, fast rides, shorter downhill segments, and hard brakes that require high braking power without getting too heated up. Semi-metallic brake pads are best suited for urban rides, dirt, XC, marathons, E-bikes, trail and light enduro, where bikers are not holding their brakes for too long.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE & SERVICE LIFE: Semi metallic pads have more metal content and hence better heat tolerance compared to organic brake pads. However, they tend to wear more at high temperatures compared to sintered pads. Metallic construction with Kevlar additive makes these pads longer lasting than organic pads. Special iron and copper compound formulation gives better resistance to heat than organic pads. You will enjoy quieter rides and less rotor wear compared to sintered counterparts.

Semi-metallic brakes provide better braking performance. Therefore, many mountain bikers are fond of using this rather than sintered pads. This is best for modest slopes, inexperienced riders, rapid rides, short downhill stretches, and strong brakes that need a lot of braking power and non-overheating.

Highly durable brake pads are made by fusing metallic particles together at extremely high temperatures and pressures, which reduces wear and provides long life even in the most demanding riding situations. It works well under any conditions, even wet or snowy terrain. Organic pads are ideal for flat land riding, cross country riding, and commuting,etc,..

Even though the price is slightly higher, this Shimano B01s alternative is worth a try. It is compatible with even more types of bikes than B01s. This is my most highly recommended for you.

MEXITAL Brake Pads 2 Pairs Disc Best For Shimano Saint BR-M810 Zee BR-M640 M820 MXT11-2

MEXITAL 2 Pairs Disc Brake Pads fit for Shimano Saint BR-M810 M820 Zee BR-M640 MXT11-2
  • Smooth and Powerful Braking, shorter run-in period ; stable friction coefficient;
  • Long lasting performance, ideal for mild off-road;

You are in love with Shimano, however, B01s’s longevity doesn’t seem to please you. Then this Shimano B01s alternative is an ideal item for you. It still has the advantages of the Shimano B01s, however, its performance is better.

Braking is both even and strong, with a short run period and a consistent friction coefficient. Durable performance that’s perfect for light off-roading. Improved heat dissipation in order to prevent the brake disc from oxidation.

However, MEXITAL has a big plus in that it is not compatible with many brake discs. It only fits well with Shimano BR-M810 and many others.

Bike brake pads organic sintered & racing

Hardheaded Ram 2 Bike Brake Pads Downhill Race for Shimano M05 BO1S Deore Br-M575-M525-M515-T615-T675-M505-M495-M486-M485-M475-M465-M447-M446-M445-M416-M415-M395-M375-M315-M355-C601-C501
  • Will perfectly fit Shimano M05, Deore M575 M525 M515 T615 LX T675 M505 M495 M486 M485 M475 M465 M447 M446 M445 M416 M415 M395 M375 C601 C501 Tektro Dash Sport Tektro Orion SL Gemini Auriga Aquila Aries TRP Hylex, HY, RD, Spyre SLC, Spyke,Parabox 2012
  • Our Racing / Downhill have the right balance of kevlar and ceramic fiber, making them the best option for low heat during long rides. The compound effectively absorbs the vibration which causes the breaking noise.

 Made to withstand all weather conditions, including rain, mud, and dry soil. Replace any mechanical or hydraulic brakes on the back, front, or both. I recommend using sintered/metallic brake pads for e-bikes since they are engineered to withstand high temperatures and have a long life expectancy.

What astonishing me about this brake pad is that it fits well with a variety of sizes, for example, 20, 26, 27.5, 29 inch wheels, as well as 140, 160, 180, and 203 mm rotors. Moreover, unlike other manufacturers, hard-headed Ram brake pads are made to exacting standards, resulting in superior riding performance. 


In general, the quality, price, reviews, and features of the Shimano B01S alternative have impressed us. In my opinion, it will match your budget and meets your expectations in terms of features and specifications. That’s why I am highly recommended it to you. If you want to purchase this product, I suggest you should buy it immediately in order to have an amazing experience. But before that, I want to say that if your hometown is lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you are not able to go out. Then the elliptical bike is a great alternation and also you can have it at a very reasonable price.

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