RCF HDL 10A Reviews – Perfect Speaker For You To Consider

You’re looking for a speaker, but you don’t know which one to buy. There are so many different speakers on the market that it can be hard to find the right one. RCF HDL 10A is a great choice for you to consider.

RCF HDL 10A is perfect for you because of its high-quality sound and sleek design. It’s also easy to use and has an input jack for your MP3 player or phone. This speaker is perfect for any occasion, whether you want to listen to music at home or take it with you on vacation!

Here are our detailed reviews of RCF HDL 10A. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying RCF HDL 10A

Here are some factors to consider before buying RCF HDL 10A:


Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the amplifier is a major factor to consider as it determines its suitability for certain speaker setups. The higher the weight capacity, the more suitable it is for a larger speaker load. This unit has a 70-volt/4ohm stereo output.

Inputs & Outputs

Amplifiers come with different input and output options to suit specific needs. The inputs and outputs determine what features are available to connect to the amplifier.

It’s important to consider whether you will be connecting speakers to this amplifier, as well as other devices. This unit has high-level inputs for convenience.


How much power the amplifier will provide is important in determining how powerful your system can be and speaker sound quality. If an amplifier has a high wattage then it should be able to handle more speakers and produce a louder sound. A higher power amp can help increase available volume without any distortion or fuzzy sounds coming from speakers.

The power output is expressed in watts, RMS, or peak power capacity. The higher the wattage, the more power it can handle without damage. It’s important to know what your maximum power capacity is. The speaker should never surpass the recommended power capacity for this unit.

Speaker Compatibility

Speaker compatibility is another factor to consider when buying an RCF HDL. This amp can handle 4 ohms and 70V speakers. It is advisable to check the speaker compatibility for this unit before buying.

Channel Configuration

The channel configuration refers to the number of available channels in the amplifier. Amplifiers with more channels allow you to configure them into more complex speaker setups.



An amplifier’s design should suit its intended purpose, as well as other use cases. It’s important to consider where you will be positioning the amplifier for optimal performance. This unit is designed with aluminum heatsink housing.

Ease of Use

An amplifier should be easy to use so it can be configured and connected without any issues. The ease of connecting various devices and configuring the amplifier is important to consider. The RCF speaker should be easy to use, the fewer steps it takes to connect devices and configure amplifier settings the better.

It should be easy to set up an amplifier without having any issues with assembly or installation. The ease of connecting various speakers to the amp is important. There should be no issues with wiring or configuring an amplifier for your needs.

Peak Power Handling

This is another critical speaker setup consideration because the higher the power handling, the more powerful and louder the sound from those speakers can be. This unit has a peak power of 600 watts.

Frequency Range

This is an important consideration as it is a good indicator of how well your amplifier will be able to handle a variety of sound frequencies. You want a frequency range that fits your needs. This unit has a switchable 50Hz to 250Hz crossover frequency.


Sound Quality

Another factor to consider before buying an RCF HDL speaker is sound quality. The sound quality of a speaker is measured in “sound pressure level” or SPL. Not all speakers have the same sound pressure levels. The higher the SPL, the louder and crisper it is going to be.

This parameter is very important in determining the preferred size of a speaker system needed for a certain venue/stage/event, especially in bigger spaces. If you are going to judge the size of a speaker from the cabinet only, it will not be accurate since speakers with identical cabinets can have different SPLs.

To determine whether a speaker is right for your desired venue/stage/event, compare their SPL per watt and cost. Since most speakers’ major functions are just to amplify sounds, their construction look similar with a tweeter, midrange driver, and woofer.

Again, the materials used in constructing a speaker cabinet affect its sound quality. For example, a block of balsa wood has a lower density than the oak which means that it can produce higher frequencies of sounds.

Plywood is also commonly used as the material of the cabinet since they are strong yet lightweight. The choice of the driver also makes a difference in sound quality. Quality drivers are made from lightweight materials such as titanium and aluminum which produce high frequencies with ease.

The most basic rule to ensure good sound quality is to choose speakers that have more output than your need, especially if you are using passive speakers (they do not have to be plugged into a power amplifier). However, it is advised that you buy speakers with higher SPL for better sound quality.

RCF HDL 10A Review

RCF Line Aray 1400 W, Black (HDL10A)
  • 133 dB max SPL
  • 65 Hz 20 kHz frequency response

RCF HDL 10A is one of the best subwoofers for home theater use at this moment. It is an active subwoofer that comes as a part of 5.1 or 7.1 kits and also as a single unit, so you can make your own home theater system. It has multiple inputs, which makes it a universal device for any decoder or amplifier you have in your setup at home.

It also features a built-in DSP so you would not need an external signal processor or amplifier. You can buy it in two finishes, black matte, and silver metallic. It also features additional connections on the back panel for front speakers out to separate your speakers from the subwoofer system connection scheme.

RCF HDL 10A is easy to install with only basic skills needed. RCF subwoofer has also several useful features that you would like to have in your subwoofers if you are an advanced user, so you can fine-tune your sub for best performance.

RCF HDL 10A is one of the most affordable active subwoofers on the market which comes with professional sound quality. It produces clean tight bass with no overhang. You can hear even 32 Hz tones without gaps or holes, which makes it a great subwoofer for music listening as well.

It’s also good to have that sub available in cinema-quality so you would not miss any of the bass parts of your favorite movies.

Who Is RCF HDL 10A For?

RCF HDL 10A is for everyone that loves music and wants to hear the best sound quality possible. This includes musicians, audio engineers, hobbyists, home cinema fans, and anyone interested in a high-fidelity listening experience. It is the best speaker for that person that wants to have the perfect sound in their living room or bedroom.

Pros Of RCF HDL 10A speaker

RCF HDL 10A probably still sounds great at loud volumes and will be able to reach a wide audience. It is a high-quality speaker and should be recognizable by its sound signature.

The RCF HDL 10A speakers also provide for that person that has an interest in home cinema. This speaker will be able to provide surround sound options for all of your entertainment needs.

The loudspeaker is compact and does not take up too much space within the room, which will make fitting it into your living room or bedroom pretty simple.

The RCF HDL 10A has a lot of high-fidelity options, so it is perfect for you audiophiles.

Cons Of RCF HDL 10A

The only major con of the RCF HDL 10A speaker is its price point. The cost of purchasing a new speaker is going to be a large expense for most people, but the payoff will be worth it if you are looking for a high-quality sound.

Features & Benefits



RCF HDL 10A has an excellent design. The cabinet is made of solid wood, an ideal material for this particular product because it’s capable to produce great sound. The surface is treated with a special black satin varnish.

A two-layer speaker membrane, made of kraft paper and cotton, combined with the vented pole piece, makes for powerful bass reproduction. Like all RCF products, it has been designed to achieve acoustic precision which is rare in the industry.

RCF HDL 10A has been designed to be used when you need a powerful device that is also easy to transport.


The size of the RCF HDL 10A means that it could easily replace traditional monitors for studio use. It’s even possible to put it in a standard 19′ rack. But because of its weight and dimensions, it’s more logical to place them on stands on the stage. In this case, you can combine them with a subwoofer for more power on the bass frequencies.

Sound Quality

All of these features give an exceptional sound quality that will leave no one indifferent. An accurate and detailed reproduction is achieved thanks to a 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter which guarantees high frequencies and a punchy mid.

RCF HDL 10A comes with excellent sound quality. RCF HDL 10A has a balanced, clean, and crisp sound. It is very transparent, with detailed bass that is perfect for most types of music. The low frequencies are present without being overwhelming.

The high frequencies are precise but never harsh. The mid frequencies are very natural and don’t seem to miss anything. When we add all of these benefits, we get one of the best studio speakers in its category.

Frequency Range

The frequency range of RCF HDL 10A is suitable for all kinds of music. The low frequencies go down to 45 Hz (-10dB) and the high ones up till 22 kHz ( – 3dB). Even if there are no data about the crossover frequency, it can be considered that it is situated between 1 kHz and 7 kHz.

RCF HDL 10A has a very well-balanced frequency response and it is capable of withstanding very high sound pressure levels (SPL), making it ideal for live performances as well as studio use.


Connections & Controls

RCF HDL 10A has a good connectivity system, with every connection you might need to connect your mixer or your audio interface. You can find line inputs on the backside.

The front panel has controls for volume, phase inversion, and two equalizer pre-sets that are custom made for close miking or for live performances.

Dynamic Range

RCF HDL 10A has a very high dynamic range. The audio signal is reproduced without any saturation or distortion.

Stereo Monitoring System

The stereo image is stable, clear, and precise. The sound spreads homogeneously through the whole room, thanks to the omnidirectional behavior of the system. This allows every musician to clearly hear what they are playing or singing, with no difference between them.

RCF HDL 10A guarantees perfect stereo monitoring for all musicians in the band even if they are not positioned in the middle of the sound field.


RCF HDL 10A is very durable and it’s made of high-quality materials that protect the components from sudden temperature changes or accidental impacts. The system has a solid wood cabinet, which is coated with black satin varnish for protection against humidity and scratches.

The speaker membrane is made of kraft paper and cotton. These materials give a powerful and full-bodied bass reproduction. The cabinet has been carefully designed to dampen vibrations from the low frequencies.


Easy To Transport

Despite its size, the weight of the system will allow you to transport it easily. This is an important advantage for musicians who are constantly on tour. It can be used as a traditional monitor for studio sessions, but also as a PA speaker with a subwoofer if required.

Easy To Use

RCF HDL 10A is very versatile. It can be used as a traditional studio monitor, but also as a PA speaker with a subwoofer if the need arises. It has all the required features and connections that musicians and sound engineers expect from such products: volume control, equalizers, and XLR / Jack inputs to connect it to the mixer or the audio interface.

High-Class Studio Monitor

RCF HDL 10A is one of the best studio speakers on the market, with very clear sound and powerful low frequencies which will amaze any listener. It has all you need to produce high-quality music. Audiophiles who are looking for a more professional monitoring system can rely on this product.


Included with your purchase, you will find a set of M8 rigging points that allow you to hang the cabinets from a standard truss or speaker stand during live performances as well as a handy transport bag.


RCF HDL6-A 1400W

RCF HDL6-A 1400W is the same subwoofer amp, the only difference is the speaker design. It is a high-power, 2-channel amplifier with built-in DSP and Bluetooth connectivity.  

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music directly from your phone/tablet by playing back audio files stored on your device via the Rcf Musicbox app. The RCF HDL6-A controls allow you to easily adjust your preferences with a variety of listening modes.

The built-in DSP features an advanced FIR crossover, which allows you to achieve the correct sound balance in your vehicle. RCF has included a full range of input connections on this amplifier. You can use both RCA and balanced XLR inputs for connecting your source units, like a professional DJ mixer or an external processor.

RCF has included a fully functional, built-in DSP allowing for easy adjustment of each amplifier’s settings on the fly.  Presets include Flat, Club, Punch, and Boosted. It also has controls for stereo / mono-bridged as well as a crossover frequency control.

RCF Monitor Speaker EVOXJ8

RCF Monitor Speaker and Subwoofer Part, Black (EVOXJ8)
  • The design of the FIR filter for this specific purpose should start from an accurate measurement of the loudspeaker phase.
  • The ultra-compact full-range 2” RCF drivers are capable of handling high SPL and power with a stunning sound performance

RCF Monitor Speaker EVOXJ8 is a single-column speaker, a really good product, in all aspects of the term. We mean it’s a very interesting design, which reminds me of Heco speakers, but with a much more professional sound.

This is because there are no visible screws on the front panel. It looks like an egg-shaped body and unlike other monitor speakers that are in the same price range, it has an elegant design. On the front panel, there is a model name and the logo of the company, which uses aluminum panels for this product.

There are no volume or tone controls on them, function switches are located on the rear part of the cabinet to achieve even greater simplicity. There is only one input which is a gold-plated jack for analog inputs.

RCF Monitor Speaker EVOXJ8 comes with different types of filters and it can be said that this feature has been perfected. There are 5 filter types: the first four have a cutoff frequency of 50, 80, 150, and 220 Hz while the fifth one has no cutoff frequency at all.

The only drawback of the product is the power, which is a bit lower than other speakers in this price range that have a maximum power of 100 watts. In contrast to this, RCF Monitor Speaker EVOXJ8 has up to 50 watts, but after all, it’s not a big deficit because the sound quality of the speaker is really very good.

RCF Active SUB-705AS-MK2

RCF Active SUB-705AS-MK2 is a 12-inch dedicated active bass loudspeaker for home studio recording and live sound applications. The SUB-705AS-MK2 is based on the successful SUB-707AS MKII, offering two side-by-side 12″ bass drivers in a very compact enclosure.

The system offers higher SPL, increased dynamic range, and low-end frequency response due to its front-ported design. Its small footprint allows it to easily fit into tight spaces which makes it a perfect companion for mobile DJs, small venues, and rehearsal rooms.

The SUB-705AS MKII is equipped with a 1″ compression driver driven by a 2000W Class D power amplifier to deliver an ultra-wide frequency response from 45Hz to 20kHz.

Its line/mic input section includes a 3-band equalizer with a user-selectable High-Pass filter that enables the use of the system with a full range of instruments and vocals.

The enclosure is made from 18mm birch plywood which provides high rigidity while keeping low weight. The front grill is constructed from 10mm steel rods for added protection, being able to withhold extensive usage on stage.

It is housed in a compact, light-weight enclosure measuring 38 cm deep x 50,8 cm wide x 48,3cm high (15″ x 20″ x 19″, 21 lbs). SUB-705AS-MK2 is equipped with 4 integrated M10 rigging points on the top and 2 rotating M6 on its bottom. The SUB-705ASMK2 is available in black or white color.


What does the RCF HDL 10A speaker do?

This is a speaker, and it doesn’t require any additional speakers or special equipment to get good sound. It’s not specifically mentioned on the box but I found no problems playing your TV through it.

How do I use the RCF HDL 10A?

The RCF HDL 10A is a heart rate monitor that can be used to monitor the user’s exercise levels. The monitor clips onto the user’s wrist and records their heart rate giving them an accurate representation of how hard they are exercising.

The monitor also has a mode for running where it will track laps automatically with an appropriate interval of time between each lap. It features an alarm that sounds when the user passes their target heart rate zone.

How much power can it handle?

The RCF HDL 10A can be used to monitor heart rate for any exercise but is best suited for light to moderate workouts. The maximum power the monitor can handle is 400 watts (4 x 100 watts).


RCF HDL 10A speaker is a good choice for people who want to buy quality speakers at an affordable price. It can be used in any environment and will deliver clear sounds with no distortion.

This product has been tested and found not to interfere with other electronics so it won’t cause you any problems while you’re using this device. We hope you will understand more about RCF HDL 10A after reading our reviews in 2021!

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