Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In 2022

Many people are looking for the best product to purchase, but they may not know how to find it. That’s where RCF Evox 8 comes in, a high-performance loudspeaker system for live sound applications.

It is the latest addition to the company’s range of professional loudspeakers. It features a new, innovative design that sets it apart from other products in its class.

You will get everything you need; all the features, durability, and more! The RCF Evox 8 has been designed to offer excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price.

It also offers a wide variety of input options, including XLR/jack combo connectors, which make it suitable for use with most PA systems on the market today.

However, you may be confused and overwhelmed because there aren’t many sources giving you sufficient information to make decisions. Knowing your concern, we have written this article to help you solve this problem.

Therefore, click on this article to read more about RCF Evox 8 to make wise buying decisions. Let’s jump into the post and see what we’ve got for you!

Firstly, we think that you should know some basic information about RCF Evox 8.

Who Produces RCF Evox 8?

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 23

RCF Evox 8 is a new product that has been developed by RCF. RCF is an audio company that has been producing audio equipment for more than 50 years.

The company is known for its high-quality sound systems. RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia. The company was the first to introduce the telescopic electric drive of loudspeakers in Europe, patented in 1973.

RCF manufactures loudspeakers and also carries amplifiers, mixers, transports, loudspeaker cables, CD players, and more.

Not only does the company produce equipment for professional audio production, but its products are also available to those who have a passion for music.

They are the most prominent speaker manufacturer in Europe. They offer over 100 different types of loudspeakers found in more than 70 countries worldwide. 

The company still operates out of its original building in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Features Of RCF Evox 8 At The First Glance

rcf evox 8
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-Two 10-inch woofers, two 1-inch true ribbon tweeters, and one 3.5-inch super tweeter with a 4’x10′ passive radiator.

-The amplifier section is rated at 198 watts RMS with 450 watts max.

-It features a frequency response of 22 Hz – 24 kHz +/- 3 dB for this RCF Evox eight home theater speaker unit.

-The sensitivity of these speakers is 86 dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meters.

-The main power supply has an output voltage of 120 V AC 60 Hz

-RS232 support

-7 inch TFT LCD unit that is resistive

-8-inch wheel for easy movement

-Wireless remote control

-Three-wheel options for fast and easy movement around the home

-Flexible battery system for mobility

-1000 watt speaker for loud and crisp sound

-Weatherproof design

Features Of RCF Evox 8

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 25

RCF Evox 8 has been configured with an eight-inch woofer with high power output and a 1-inch titanium dome compression driver with a 5-inch voice coil.

The woofer has been equipped with a 3.5-inch copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil that produces high power. The voice coil is also adjustable from its rubberized gasket suspension and has a linear excursion of up to 18mm.

The voice coil is attached to a Nomex/Kevlar lining with a paper cone and a rubber edge suspension. The high power output is due to the use of a ferrite magnet with neodymium levels.

It is also protected from damage by an active cooling system that has been integrated into the outer frame. The mixer has a maximum SPL of 130 dB, and the frequency response is from 55 Hz to 20 kHz.

Finally, it also comes with two onboard DSPs, which are dedicated for each driver.  The mixer also has two XLR3 line inputs, one 6.35mm mic input, an active EQ with HPF, and a 100 mm linear fader.

It is also fitted with a transformable horn that can direct sound in two directions for better listening.

The compression driver has been integrated with an aluminum die-cast front cover, and its dome has been made from titanium alloy for efficient heat dissipation. 

The high power, low distortion titanium alloy dome attached a forged aluminum micro-fiber faceplate with a rubber surround. It can be fitted with a steel mesh grille for protection from damages.

Now, since you have already known some basic information about RCF Evox 8, we will move to the most critical section for this article: Why you should buy this product and some disadvantages to this model.

Why Should You Buy RCF Evox 8?


rcf evox 8
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The RCF Evox 8 is a product that has been rated very highly amongst customers. There are many reasons why people have found this product to be so effective and popular. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this product is its flexibility.

This product has been designed to be used with a variety of different devices. This means that it is compatible with most equipment and can connect quickly and easily to other products.

Since it has a vast amount of flexibility, you can use it to do almost anything! You can sing along with your favorite songs during practice or even at the karaoke bar on Saturday night.

Use it in the shower to blast your favorite Spotify playlist or even for a bit of music and light background noise while doing the dishes!

Sleek Look

rcf evox 8
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The RCF Evox 8 speakers look sleek and modern with the black color. The speaker is made of rigid polypropylene to withstand harsh weather, such as rain, snow, and heavy dust.

The speaker also has a long-lasting built-in amplifier that can provide high volume levels. They are ideal for residential and commercial entertainment purposes.

The front grill of the speaker system is designed to take up minimal space and still delivers powerful sound and bass response.

The speakers are also large enough for big parties with huge attendance. Also, they are made of materials that will not rust or corrode. All in all, these RCF Evox 8 speakers look sleek and modern with their black color.

Design Protection

rcf evox 8
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The RCF Evox 8 speakers are designed to be placed in any room without sacrificing sound quality.

They are also designed to resist interference from the environment by protecting the speaker system with a 16mm thick fiberglass shell that is both moisture resistant and fire retardant.

The speakers are also built with an iconic design that maximizes acoustic efficiency while minimizing distortion so that you can enjoy your favorite music even at high volumes.

Their cabinets are made from a proprietary fiberglass reinforced resin that has been compressed to provide a dense and sturdy structure while protecting the speakers inside from damage.

The cabinet coating’s rigidity also helps protect the speaker drivers themselves from impacts caused by accidents or mishandling during transport.

Generally, the speaker’s lightweight, waterproof and shockproof design means that you can take it with you to parties or even on picnics without worrying about the weather.

It is strong enough to withstand rain and splashes of water, so there won’t be interruptions when you sing your heart out in the shower!


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 29

One of the main benefits of the RCF Evox 8 speakers is that they are versatile. They can be used for vocals, drums, guitars, and more. The RCF Evox 8 speakers have a frequency range of 45-50kHz and a sensitivity of 98dB.

These speakers have a high-frequency response which ensures that you can get a lot more volume out of them with less distortion.

Its 8-ohm impedance makes it a flexible choice for many different styles of music. Therefore, this makes them perfect for all types of applications.

The RCF Evox 8 speakers are great for live sound reinforcement because you can benefit from more volume output without worrying about damaging the speaker due to distortion.

You can also use these speakers in a public address environment without having to worry about blowing out the sound system or making the music too loud for people to hear comfortably.

It is also beneficial in DJ-type situations. This means that you won’t need to purchase additional equipment for each case because these speakers can work perfectly well in this setting.

Generally, these speakers can be used by anyone looking to use them as part of their home entertainment system up to those who need them for their DJ business.


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 30

The RCF EVOX-8 speakers are well known in the industry for their powerful sound reproduction. The company has been manufacturing high-quality speaker systems since 1954.

It started in Italy before it spread to other countries in the European market. It began by manufacturing loudspeakers for grand theaters and churches. The company was founded by the Radiotelevisione Italiana, which is part of Rai.

Today, it has developed into one of the most recognized companies in the audio industry because of its many high-end products.

The speakers can achieve sound reproduction to reach deep bass levels without distortion up to very high power levels.

It will achieve sound reproduction that is smooth and clear with well-defined sound imaging across the entire frequency range.

The RCF 8 loudspeakers have a smooth sound free from any coloration, and their quality construction ensures many years of reliable use.

Sound Quality

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 31

The RCF Evox 8 speakers’ sound quality is excellent. They’re made with a high-rigidity wood housing, and they have a molded foam grill to stabilize the midrange drivers.

These speakers are great for reading the lyrics on your music and playing instruments, as they give a very detailed sound.

RCF Evox 8 also has a built-in limiter to prevent clipping that would distort your sound. They can fill a room with sound without distortion or being misinterpreted by other sounds in the room.

The RCF speakers also provide an extensive frequency range, which allows for an accurate match to match any type of music.

The bass is not overbearing, but it still resonates audibly, and the treble is clear and sharp. I like that you can hear the individual layers in your music without losing the coherence of the entire mix.

Using these speakers for music or movies is like having the most immersive surround sound available with an unparalleled sense of immersion.

Whether you need these speakers for an entire party or watching a movie with friends and family, they will make your experience even better.

Also, the speakers can be used in a setup that would commonly be used for DJs. These speakers are known for their impressive sound quality and would do very well in this situation.

The benefit of using these speakers is that you can make sure that you get a clear and loud sound.

This is very important in a DJ situation where you want people to hear the music very clearly with no distortion. The RCF Evox 8 speakers have enough power output to be able to handle a lot of noise.

You can get them loud enough for everyone to hear what is going on, and they will still sound perfect.

Wide Sound Coverage

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 32

The Evox 8 subwoofer has a comprehensive sound coverage which is approximated to be around 90°H x 60°V.

This means that the subwoofer will provide a consistent sound quality across the entire venue, whether for live sound reinforcement, studio recording, or cinematographic applications.

A new high-power amplifier ensures the optimum performance of the new generation of RCF transducers.

The rugged 8″ woofer features a new, optimized magnetic system that provides more than twice the power compared to its predecessor.

It also offers up to 800 Watts RMS, perfect for larger live sound systems like main speakers or high-end PA applications.

This updated design results in lower harmonic distortion in the upper-frequency range and reinforces this subwoofer’s excellent transient response.

A newly designed low-frequency horn not only enhances its performance in live situations but also adds an impressive amount of depth and punch if used with other full-range loudspeakers.

Generally, the new generation of the Evox series can deliver spectacular performance on its own and complement any system configuration.

Easy To Set Up

rcf evox 8
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The RCF Evox 8 was easy to install and use. It will take you less than an hour to install the subwoofers, even though your receiver may not have pre-installed holes for them.

You will need to mount the subwoofers on the bottom of the rear wall, so you have to cut the aluminum plates to the width of the subwoofer before installing them. The

The speaker also comes with a set of labels that allow you to label your inputs for convenience. These labels made it easy to identify the input if a mistake was made.

Once everything is connected, you will fine-tune the sound so that the speakers are in perfect harmony with each other.

The system also includes a music enhancer, which helped when trying to adjust the sound of my system so that it sounded how you wanted it to.

No Need To Carry Speaker Stands

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 34

RCF Evox 8 does not require speaker stands. It is cumbersome, weighing 79 pounds, with woofers measuring an impressive 3-inch in diameter.

The cabinet is made from basswood, which minimizes resonance and provides a superior weight to strength ratio. This unit comes with an XLR input and is designed for indoor use only.


RCF Evox 8 has a decent build quality. The construction is primarily made of metal, which is where most of the weight comes from. It can hold up pretty well in warmer temperatures because it doesn’t get too hot.

The drivers are also made of metal and durable enough to repel collisions with objects like tables and chairs. If you’re looking for an amp that will last you for years of reliability, this might be the best choice.

Now, we will move to the next part, in which we will mention some disadvantages of this speaker line. 

It is not negative comments from customers; you can’t use the speakers in certain situations or based on your living conditions.

Disadvantages Of RCF Evox 8

You Can’t Use The Speakers In Recording Studio

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 35

The RCF Evox 8 speakers are great all around, but they aren’t always practical to use in every situation. 

While they are suitable for live sound reinforcement and DJ situations, the RCF Evox 8 speakers are not necessarily beneficial for every situation.

For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to use these speakers in a recording studio or for podcasts because they typically need more precise measures of sound and volume.

These speakers tend to be very loud and would likely ruin the quality of the recording if they were used during these situations. However, this doesn’t make these speakers any less valuable.

Limited Expansion Spaces

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 36

RCF Evox 8 limited expansion space is a disadvantage because it limits the sound entering and leaving. It also limits the number of speakers because there will not be any room for them in such a small area.

Furthermore, RCF Evox 8 limited expansion space makes it difficult to add on to the speaker system in the future when you want more than what is currently available.

There is the chance that dust or anything could sit on top of your speaker and damage the device.

High Price

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 37

RCF Evox 8 speaker systems are costly, and it can be challenging for many people to afford them. 

This may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the type of listener you are. Some people prefer to buy speakers that companies have discontinued because they cost less and have a more vintage look.

However, to most people, this means that not everyone will have access to these speakers, which might be a disadvantage because it limits who can experience this excellent sound system.

This could also mean that they won’t know what they’re missing out on if they don’t get the opportunity to hear these speakers in person or with their ears.

The cost may also make customers think twice about buying the product after hearing about its price tag. Still, there are plenty of other benefits associated with purchasing an RCF Evox 8 speaker system too.

Finally, we will give you some advice on how to choose a speaker, in general. It will still apply to this RCF Evox 8 product line.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Speakers

Choosing a speaker can be daunting. There are so many on the market, and it’s hard to tell from pictures or online product descriptions what you should buy.  Here are five things to consider when choosing a speaker.


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 38

The price of speakers is more of an indication of quality than the indication itself, though you should consider it if you’re looking for something cheap or expensive.

You can get relatively cheap speakers with good sound quality, but this will depend on how much money you want to spend.


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 39

Power is the speed at which a speaker can produce sound waves, measured in watts.

The more watts a speaker has, the better it will sound and the louder it will go.  There is no perfect number for how many watts you should buy – this depends on the size of the room you’re putting your speakers in.

Acoustic Space & Types of Music

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 40

Different kinds of music are better suited for different types of rooms and acoustic spaces.

You can get a speaker that will work well in most rooms, but if the room where you’ll be listening has an odd shape, you may want to buy a more suitable speaker for the room.


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 41

Subwoofers are speakers which produce low-frequency sounds or bass. These kinds of speakers are not standard on their own because the sound they make can be difficult to hear above other noise in most rooms.

If you’re going to listen to music with many basses, or you want to feel the vibrations coming from the floor, look for speakers that come with subwoofers.


rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 42

Several brands produce high-quality speakers at all price ranges, but not all manufacturers make good speakers. Look for reviews online about a manufacturer before you buy from them, or ask a professional.

FAQs about RCF Evox 8

– Is RCF Evox 8 a good speaker?

This speaker from RCF is street-tough, so you can bet it’ll hold up to the rigors of regular use for a whole lifetime.

You don’t have to be worried about this sturdy speaker, so enjoy your sound and buy confidently, knowing that this speaker will stay reliable no matter what.

– Will RCF Evox 8 work with my computer’s audio card?

rcf evox 8
Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Rcf Evox 8 In [year] 43

While RCF Evox 8 will work with an external DAC, if your computer has a dedicated sound card, RCF Evox 8 is compatible with both the analog and digital outputs on that card.

– How do you clean the grill of the RCF Evox8 Speaker?

To clean the grill of an RCF Evox 8 speaker, follows these steps:

-Disconnect the unit from its power supply.

-Take a soft, damp cloth and wipe down all areas—this includes the entire housing, grille, back panel, and speakers themselves–to remove any debris or soiling.

-Brush off any remaining dust with a dry cloth before reconnecting the woofer back to its power supply.

And then reconnect other speakers if necessary–a TV-ready system should be re-established by now with everything plugged in correctly where it belongs!

-Turn on everything for one minute to help air out any residue that could still linger in between speaker vents (i.e., under grilles).

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:


RCF Evox 8 is the most advanced RCF speaker line yet. It features an innovative design with a sleek, beautiful aesthetic that will look great in any home or office space.

This powerful 2-way system is also straightforward to use and can be mounted on walls for more versatility.

With its versatile frequency response range of 55Hz – 20kHz, you’ll get crisp sound at all volume levels without distortion—whether you want background music or full-on cinema audio!

The RCF Evox 8 isn’t just another speaker; it’s your way into fantastic sound quality every day–at work, playtime, or relaxation time!

We hope that this article helps you make wise buying decisions. If you are in love with it, do not hesitate to own the speaker right away. If not, just keep searching, and you will find the speaker you want.

Sadly, we have come to the end of the article. Thank you for staying with us through the end of it. Goodbye and see you in our next article.

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