Top 13 Quietest Over Range Microwave Of 2023 Review And Buying Guide

If you have limited counter space or prefer a built-in unit that blends in with the rest of your kitchen set, the quietest over range microwave is a great choice.

Any type of microwave oven can defrost, reheat and cook food quickly. However, like every other home appliance, you have to admit that the annoying noise it makes will disrupt your tranquility.

You’ll love a microwave in the quiet range that can heat your meals in silence if you want noise-free appliances and want to keep your kitchen counters open and clean. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you choose your quietest over-range microwave Microwave for your kitchen.

Best Quietest Over Range Microwave Comparison 2023

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Bestseller No. 1
FRIGIDAIRE FGBM19WNVF 30" Gallery Series Stainless Steel Over The Range Microwave with 1.9 cu. ft. Capacity 300 CFM 1000 Watts and Sensor Cooking
  • Effortless Clean InteriorEasily wipe away and clean spills from your microwave with the Effortless Clean Interior surface.
  • Sensor CookingAutomatically detects moisture and adjusts power levels and cooking time to cook a variety of items.
Bestseller No. 3
Galanz GLOMJB19S2SWZ-10 Over The Range Microwave, Sensor Cook, True Steam Kit, White LED Display, 1000W/120Volts, Stainless Steel, 1.9 Cu Ft
  • 1000w & 11 variable power levels: the galanz 1000w over-the-range microwave with stainless steel design can impress in any home kitchen. 11 variable power levels allow you to adjust the cooking power from 0% to 100%.
  • large 1.9 cu.ft capacity: the large 1.9 cu.ft capacity for all your favorite microwave foods, from vegetables and casseroles to baked pasta dishes and frozen meals.
Bestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 5
Frigidaire FFMV1845VS 1.8 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, Fits-More Capacity, One-Touch Cooking Options, Cooktop LED Lighting, Zero-Clearance Door, in Stainless Steel
  • Fits More Capacity: Extra-Large microwave provides 1.8 cu. ft. of cooking space to accommodate larger cookware - even a 13" x 9" baking dish.
  • One-Touch Cooking Options: Our microwaves feature easy-to-use one-touch buttons so you can cook baked potatoes, popcorn or even add 30 seconds with the touch of a button.
SaleBestseller No. 6
GE JVM3160RFSS 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Stainless Steel Bundle with 2 YR CPS Enhanced Protection Pack
  • GE USA AUTHORIZED - Includes 2 Year Extended Protection Plan in ADDITION to the Included FULL Manufacturer Protection
  • Charcoal filter replacement for microwaves with behind the door grille | 1.6 cu. ft. capacity | Convenience cooking | controls | Dimensions: 16 1/8 H x 29 7/8 W x 15 9/16 D
Bestseller No. 7
FORTÉ F3016MV2SS 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity 2 Series Over the Range Microwave Oven with 1000 Cooking Watts, Ducted Venting, 300 CFM, 10 Power Levels, in Stainless Steel
  • Width: 29.87 inch x Height: 16.43 inch x Depth: 15.06 inch
  • CFM: 300 - Cooking Watts: 1000 - Number of Power Levels: 10
SaleBestseller No. 8
Bestseller No. 9
GE JVM7195SKSS 1.9 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven Stainless Steel Bundle with Premium 2 YR CPS Enhanced Protection Pack
  • GE USA AUTHORIZED - Includes 2 Year Extended Protection Plan in ADDITION to the Included FULL Manufacturer Protection
  • 1.9 cu. ft. capacity | Melt feature: Worry-free melting of butter, caramel, chocolate and marshmallows | Easy clean interior with steam clean | Dimensions: 16 5/16 H x 29 7/8 W x 15 9/16 D
Bestseller No. 10

Top 13 Quietest Over Range Microwave Reviews 2023

LG LMHM2237ST 2.2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

The microwave on the LG LMHM2237ST range is the most premium model on our list, but you’ll get a lot of value for your money. First and foremost, it’s capacity. The microwave on this quietest range is the best we’ve found, with a generous 2.2 cubic feet of space inside.

The LG LMHM2237ST has 1000 watts of power, which is quite common, and an equal force can be found in the less expensive Samsung ME16K3000AS, but what differentiates microwaves on this range from others is the fan speed.

The LG LMHM2237ST has a fan speed of 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM), while many of the other devices we’ve reviewed have only 300 CFM.

The fan also comes in four different power levels and is designed to handle any type of smoke or odor. It has an ExtendaVent 2.0, which is ventilated enough to remove cooking vapors and odors from the hob below it. This ventilation system is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive.

The sensor works with ten different levels of force, but the real advantage of the LG LMHM2237ST is the usefulness of the Sensor Cook.

Sensor Cook technology works by detecting the amount of moisture falling out of your meal.

When the right level of stickiness is detected, this microwave will ensure that your food doesn’t overcook or dry out. Furthermore, if your food needs more time before it is prepared, LG will adjust accordingly.

Microwaves on the LG LMHM2237ST range come with either a treated steel finish or a dark hardened steel finish, which costs more. The controls on this LG microwave are located on the bottom of the microwave, not on the side. This makes reading and operating the rules a bit easier, but the meter is small and can be fun to look at.

The microwave on the LG LMHM2237ST range is one of the best we’ve reviewed as it also has the most features, and the Sensor Cook mode works. This microwave is also very stylish and comes with a powerful fan.


  • Fan speed 400 CFM
  • Natural ventilation
  • 10 level force sensor


  • Small oven clock

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel
  • 850-watt, over-the-range convection microwave browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts
  • 2-color, 7-digit, interactive display; Smart and Easy sensor settings

2. At 1.1 cubic feet, the microwave on this range is smaller than many of the others we’ve reviewed, but it’s standard on the outside so that the smaller inside won’t waste your money. Save any space in your kitchen.

It also has a lower overall force than most, at just 850 watts, which means some foods can cook longer in this microwave.

It’s also an older model, but that means you’ll get better performance for less, as many retailers have significantly reduced the cost of this device.

Convection cooking mode is available with the Sharp R-1874T, allowing you to bake cookies or cakes while cooking chicken or vegetables. The hot airflow around the food cooks evenly and golden brown quickly.

Most importantly, you won’t have to turn on a traditional stove or raise the temperature throughout your entire home, especially for smaller items. This model has more custom convection settings than any other microwave we’ve reviewed.

Microwave speculation is eliminated thanks to sensor cooking.

Microwave cooking becomes less speculative thanks to sensor cooking. The microwave sensor can detect the amount of moisture in your food and determine how long it takes to cook to reach the desired temperature. Your additional devices are heated without getting wet as the sensor dries out.

The burner is equipped with an exhaust fan that can be set to operate at different speeds to disperse various cooking aromas. Despite that, the fan is the smallest entertainment device on our system, with a daily capacity of just 240 cubic feet. The included kitchen light comes in two levels to illuminate your tasks, with the low setting acting as a night light.

There is a kitchen clock underneath that works without using the microwave. When you need to cook quickly at maximum force, the Minute Plus feature comes in handy. Just press the Minute Plus button again to extend the time. You can set the microwave oven to turn on at a specific time using the auto-start function.

The display of the Sharp R-1874k is straightforward to navigate, and the smooth surface controls are easy to maintain. The appliance comes at both high and low prices, with the high price allowing for two heating levels, expanding your cooking options.


  • Light with two levels
  • Convection cooking
  • Sensors are available


  • Less inner limit
  • Less cooking power

Haier HMV1472BHS 24″ Over-the-Range Microwave

The Haier HMV1472BHS has proven to be the ultimate microwave oven. With 1000 watts of power, this is the quietest above range microwave available. At the same time, a 300 CFM blower and a coal channel that can be guided or recycled provide viable ventilation. There are ten different cooking levels to choose from.

Sensor cooking technology takes the guesswork out of preparing dinner by automatically adjusting the microwave time and power level based on the food being cooked. The glass touch controls are easy to use and clean, and the LED lights illuminate your hob for easy preparation.

It is used in both ducted and ductless configurations and is extremely easy to clean.


  • 1000 watts of power
  • Light up the cooking surface with bright LED light
  • Easy to maintain a clean appearance


  • A bit pricey

GE JVM6175SKSS Over-the-Range Microwave

GE JVM6175SKSS Over-The-Range Microwave, 1.7, Stainless Steel
  • Weight & Time Defrost - Simply enter the weight of the food and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level or set your desired time for defrosting
  • Melt Feature - Worry-free melting of butter caramel chocolate and marshmallows

The touch controls on the GE JVM6175SKSS are in stainless steel for easy operation. You can check the status of the stove at any time by looking through the electronic display, including the clock. You can prepare large quantities of family favorites with the adjustable kitchen rack.

For best results, defrost time and force level are adjusted based on the results. The GE JVM6175SKSS combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional efficiency to help you live more productively. This device collection is perfect for its timeless look.


  • Material Stainless steel
  • Cooking with sensors
  • The maximum capacity is 1.7 cups ft
  • Automatic and timed defrosting
  • On/off switch on the wall turntable
  • Ventilation frame with two speeds and 300 CFM


  • A bit too expensive

Black+Decker 1.6-Cu.Ft Over-the-Range Microwave

Black+Decker 1.6-Cu.Ft Over-the-Range Microwave - Stainless Steel (EM044KIN-P), 15 x 29.9 x 16.4 inches
  • Efficient & effective - 1000 watts of cooking power and a 10 different power levels for boiling, reheating, and defrosting
  • 1-6 min quick start

You can cook easily and securely in the Black+Decker 1.6-Cu. Ft Over-the-Range Microwave. This quiet and robust appliance is powered by 1,000 watts of cooking fuel. This appliance comes in a stylish white color and has ten different power settings to satisfy all of your cooking needs, including reheating, frothing, and defrosting. 

The 30-second quick-cook mode ensures that your meal is ready in no time when you need it. The bright LED show is easy to read, and the kitchen clock and clock make meal planning a breeze. It also features a one-of-a-kind LED display that will look great in any kitchen on the planet.

Its air quality control system removes smoke, steam, and odors from your kitchen, and it works wonders. 

The glass turntable rotates for optimum cooking and is easy to clean. This reachable microwave is a smart and functional option for the look and feel of the site.


  • Cooking power 1000 watts
  • Perfect LED light
  • Good exhaust system
  • Glass turntable


  • Need a thicker model

Sharp SMO1854DS Over the Range Microwave Oven

 The cavity of most microwave ovens has a wide range, large enough to hold a lot of food. Sharp R1874T is similar, with a compartment capacity of about 1.1 cubic meters, enough to have a large amount of food.

Since the Sharp R1874T is so tiny, it can be easily mounted above the stove. You can also use the accessory kit to change the size of the scope if it is too large.

Sharp R1874T microwave turntable has a diameter of 13 inches. This turntable evenly heats food.

The turntable of the microwave oven rotates slowly and steadily. The rotation of the turntable allows the food to be heated evenly on both sides.

The microwave has two racks so you can cook more food in one go. These low and high racks allow users to load more food in one run. As a result, it saves both time and resources.

This oven’s exhaust system is another excellent feature. Smoke, fire, and food odors are all emitted by this appliance. It is equipped with a powerful fan that rotates at high speed. The exhaust system’s fan is virtually silent, making it the quietest microwave in the range.


  • Very quiet ventilation fan
  • Built-in smart sensor
  • Heat evenly with a turntable


  • Shipping and packaging problems

Frigidaire Microwave,1.80 cu. ft. Capacity

Microwave,1.80 cu. ft. Capacity,White
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturer: Frigidaire

It’s hard to find a product that combines incandescent light and microwave power as well as this Frigidaire. According to Frigidaire, these technologies work together to provide the precise amount of time to cook food faster than traditional cookware.

One thousand watts of power in the GE microwave, with ten power levels, is enough to heat and cook food quickly.

The microwave light is powered from the inside and stays on while your dishes cook, allowing you to plan your dinners and prepare simple meals with LED lighting providing a dazzling, impossible scene confused about your stove.

The mounting hardware used to secure the microwave inside the top cover is of poor quality. When the microwave was moved, the microwave was missing, and it appeared to be the source of the internal rattling.


  • Installation easily
  • LED Lighting
  • Power 1000 watts


  • Shipping problem
  • Unreliable hardware

GE JVM3160DFBB 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

The microwave on the GE JVM3160DFBB range makes cooking quick and easy, with highlights designed for maximum comfort.

The controls are easy to use, and you can choose between using pre-programmed cooking and defrosting settings or operating them manually. It will reduce unnecessary noise and make the operation as relaxing as possible.

This white GE JVM3160DFBB range microwave oven features a turntable and two-speed vent system that removes smoke, steam, and odors from the cooktop below.


  • Easy to use
  • 1,000 watts of power 
  • Two-speed venting system


  • Strange smell 

GE JVM3160DFWW 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE JVM3160DFWW 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven
  • Auto and Time Defrost are programmed automatically or manually for optimal results
  • Electronic and convenience cooking controls make this microwave quick and easy to operate

This GE JVM3160DFWW 1.6 Cu Over-the-Range Microwave is suitable for any kitchen space thanks to its compact design and fashionable color. The product’s controls are quick and easy to use, making them ideal even for those who have never used a microwave oven.

For best performance, Auto and Defrost time are programmed automatically or manually. This microwave oven is quick and straightforward to use thanks to its comfortable and electronic cooking controls.

With an optional nightlight configuration, the kitchen light provides light across the range.

This one is about the same size as GE’s previous versions, but it has a few more features and is much better.


  • Free 10-year warranty
  • Simple to use


  • No bells and whistles
  • Cheap plastic handle

Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power

Panasonic NN-SN67K Microwave Oven, 1.2 cu.ft, Stainless Steel/Silver
  • Microwave cooking made easy space-saving, 1. 2 Cu. Ft. 1200W stainless steel countertop oven with 11 power levels, smart controls and LED, 3 level popcorn button, 13. 4 inches turntable, easy clean interior, auto and manual controls
  • Inverter technology generates a seamless stream of microwave cooking power for evenly heated foods edges to center. Cavity Dimensions (H x W x D)- 9 15/16 x 13 15/16 x 14 3/8 inches

With 1200 watts of input power, the Panasonic Compact Microwave is powerful and can cook food quickly. Moreover, because the microwave is durable, its defrosting feature is very effective.

In the microwave compartment, there is a 13.4-inch turntable that spins very smoothly. As a result of the turntable, the microwave provides the ability to cook food evenly.

There is intelligent cooking in the oven sensor that helps you predict how to cook quality food. The sensor measures the amount of moisture in the food and changes the heat and cooking time based on that moisture.

Unlike microwaves that use pulse technology, the compact Panasonic microwave uses advanced inverter technology to ensure even food heating. With continuous power input from the inverter, all 11 power levels are fully efficient, guaranteeing food quality.

The microwave oven’s instruction manual provides detailed instructions on how to set it up. All installation information is included in a separate section.


  • 1200 watts of input power
  • The most modern inverter technology
  • Cooking with sensors
  • Can defrost at high speed


  • Microwave light is of low intensity.

GE JVM3160DFCC 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

With a white exterior and lights inside, the microwave has a basic design. This layout will fit almost any kitchen design. It was built out of stainless steel. 

The GE microwave’s 1000 watts of power efficiently heats or cooks food. There are ten degrees of control to choose from. This amount of energy will warm the food in 1 to 6 minutes. 

Smoke, odors, and steam are removed from the kitchen using the 300 CFM vent system on GE microwaves. 

If you want a quiet rig, the GE JVM3160DFCC is the way to go. This microwave would eliminate unwanted noise and make service as comfortable as possible. 

JVM3160DFCC is a trademark of JVM3160DFCC, which is a registered trademark.

The GE microwave’s 1.6-block scale makes it possible to cook a wide range of foods. 

It’s easy to use the GE microwave oven. It also does not necessitate any further maintenance due to its long lifespan. 

An automatic control panel and wide control buttons are included with the microwave. If you press the button, the microwave will begin the process you specified.


  • Simple operation
  • Durable
  • Quiet operation mode
  • 1000 watts of power


  • The LCD screen can be easily dimmed

Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS) Microwave Oven with Origin Inverter Technology

Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS) Microwave Oven with Origin Inverter Technology, LCD Display and Smart Sensor, 1.6 Cu.ft, Stainless Steel
  • Stylish Stainless Steel (color of door frame is stainless steel, enclosure is black) with timeless design, external dimension (wxdxh): 21.8 x 19.2 x 13 inches, internal dimension (wxdxh): 15.5 x 17 x 10.2 inches
  • Origin Inverter Technology provides even heating and defrosting, enables faster cooking and more satisfying user experience

The microwave’s power supply is 1250 watts, which ensures a great cooking experience. 

The moisture and moisture content of the food is detected using this sensor. To ensure that the food is cooked to perfection, the time and temperature settings are automatically changed. 

The Oshiba ML-EM45PIT (SS) has ten cooking levels, each with a different degree of cooking intensity, and can be used in various situations. In the kitchen, this level of cooking allows you to be more flexible and versatile. Low-heat-consumption operations like softening/melting can be used at these levels, as can high-heat-consumption modes like defrosting.

A bright LED light is installed in the microwave cavity to aid in monitoring the food inside. Microwaves can help in the preservation of moisture, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to our health.


  • Stainless steel outer shell
  • Easy cleaning and highly durable
  • Sensors and pre-programmed


  • The touchpad can be a bit sluggish at times.

GE JVM3160RFSS 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE JVM3160RFSS 30" Over-the-Range Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel
  • 1. 6 cu. ft. capacity. 1000 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure)
  • Dimensions: 29.87" W x 15.25" D x 16.5" H | Net Weight: 63.0 lb

Microwaves on the GE JVM3160RFSS range offer more cooking options faster than most microwave ovens. Six numbered keys let you start a one- to six-minute loop with just one button. Some competitors only have three quick-cook keys, so more variety is welcome. 

The reheat power setting will keep food warm until you’re ready to eat, even if the cycle is over for a long time. That’s not quite as good as having a dedicated keep-and-warm button. This one has fewer presets than the others, but it has the three most commonly used. 

Other computers have almost twice as many presets. It’s a slight difference, but not calculating time and temperature for certain everyday things is a big plus. Sensor cooking, which changes the time and temperature based on the steam coming out of your food, is another time-saver, but it’s not available with this microwave.

With two fan speeds and two light levels, the GE JVM3160RFSS gives you more power over your stovetop light and fan speed than others.

All on the GE JVM3160RFSS are covered by a standard one-year warranty.

The GE JVM3160RFSS is one of the few over-the-range microwaves we’ve tested that has some color or finish. We chose the stainless steel finish for this review because it looks modern, but four other finishes for you to choose from to match your kitchen.

The clock and non-stick interior are two other notable design features. The non-stick coating is a great touch, and the digital clock on this microwave is small but valuable.


  • Many cooking options
  • More color options
  • Some small presets available


  • Sensor cooking is not available
  • The digital clock needs to improve

Buying Guide: How To Choose Your Quietest Over Range Microwave?

A microwave is a kitchen appliance with many different functions. It’s up to you to decide what features are most important to you in one device. Microwaves these days come in various sizes and shapes, so you have to choose based on these criteria if you want to get yourself the best one.


This is important because high-quality materials ensure that the equipment is long and reliable. Stainless steel is used in some of the best microwave ovens.

These stainless microwaves have stood the test of time and can also be passed on to future generations for their durability.

stainless steel bosch over the range microwaves hmv3053u 77 1000

Ventilation system

The OTR microwave has a ventilation function, which is positive. They can control the smell of smoke, steam, and other substances.

CFM – Cubic Feet Per Meter – is a unit of measurement for ventilation. The higher the CFM, the better the ventilation and, of course, the airflow. Microwaves with CFM 300 or higher are suitable.

Sensor system

Most conventional microwave ovens let you choose how long you want to cook or reheat something. This often requires a lot of guesswork, which is not always the case.

Microwaves with sensors eliminate the need for guesswork. All you have to do is press a button to get accurate time and temperature measurements.

cosmo 298 19 cubic feet cu ft 1000 watt watt convertible over the range microwave with sensor cooking

Design style

While you might not think this is a significant consideration, no one wants an unsightly microwave in their kitchen.

People judge products based on how they look, and the good news is that manufacturers are well aware of this. They have made some microwaves that look impressive and work admirably.

So, when buying a microwave, choose one that enhances the aesthetics and suits your kitchen.

Kitchen space

It is essential to think about where you will place the microwave. Microwaves that are built to be placed on a counter or in a cabinet are called OTR microwaves.

If your kitchen doesn’t have this option, it could be full of the other types of drawers and cabinets above, so buying it is not a good idea.

Some of these microwave ovens are very large, and you can get in a difficult situation if you buy a microwave that doesn’t fit in the available space. To avoid disappointment, please take exact measurements before purchasing.

fingerprint resistant matte white cafe over the range microwaves cvm517p4mw2 31 600


The wattage of the microwave or the maximum dish size is how much it can hold. It depends on the size of your family and the amount of food you plan to cook in the microwave.

They are usually between 1.1 and 2 cubic meters in size. The size of the microwave inside should be commensurate with the area of ​​your family.

Energy consumption level

This is an essential factor to consider when buying a microwave oven as it determines the appliance’s durability.

Think about what you want to do with your microwave. If you’re going to grill or cook casseroles, you’ll need a computer that can do it quickly.

If all you need is a machine to heat food and do other things like defrosting and heating water, a too powerful microwave will use more energy.

preview CVM517P2MS1 5

Choose between Convection and Conventional ovens.

Microwave frequencies are passed through the food mill to cook or reheat food in traditional microwave technology. In essence, it’s a microwave that takes time to heat up.

On the other hand, the convection process combines both basic microwave technology and radiant heating.

This delivers heat from top to bottom and even to both sides of the microwave. Food is cooked evenly and easily with this technology.

The benefit of this technology is that it allows you to use the microwave for a wide range of tasks, including light cooking and even baking.

This technology is used for the best OTR microwave ovens, but some are not. The best microwave for all-purpose is the one that uses convection heat.

Additional considerations


If you want a very simple to use calculator, this is a must-have function. It will have preset buttons for each type of food. The beauty of this is that the system is fully automated, eliminating any potential hazards such as overcooked or undercooked food.

Children lock

This feature will be handy if you have small children in the house. Because children are naturally curious, they may turn on the microwave when not in use or even open the microwave and take out hot food.

Therefore, a microwave with a child lock is a great idea.


Q&A About The Quietest Over Range Microwave

Why should I have a quiet over-the-range microwave?

For those with a small kitchen, placing the microwave oven over-range is the best option. Installing your microwave on the content will save you a lot of space. However, keep in mind that microwaves that are out of range have ventilation problems.

What is the reason for my microwave noise?

The presence of noise is still an over-range microwave fan or magnet that may make a humming noise. An appeal is a microwave component that uses an input voltage to generate heat. Loud noises can be caused due to disturbances in the magnetron.

Some microwave ovens are silent, but not all of them are silent. Some microwave ovens make a lot of noise, while others make very little. Our article on microwaves on the quietest operating range will help you find both attractive and quiet microwave safe.

quietest over the range microwave ovens

How far away should my microwave be from the hob?

When cooking, the OTR microwave comes with a hood to remove steam or filter out smoke. It is entirely natural to place the microwave above the stove.

It is also essential that it is installed at the safest height and distance from our stove. After all, you don’t want it to be too big to reach and store your food.

The exterior of the OTR microwave oven can withstand high cooking temperatures.

As a result, these styles will require only a tiny amount of space between the hob and the microwave.

Above%20the%20Fold%20Image%20GE%20vs%20LG%20Over%20the%20Range%20Microwave%20 %20GE%20JVM7195SKSS%20Lifestyle%20Image.png?width=600&name=Above%20the%20Fold%20Image%20GE%20vs%20LG%20Over%20the%20Range%20Microwave%20 %20GE%20JVM7195SKSS%20Lifestyle%20Image

Furthermore, many models have a choice of external or recirculating ventilation. To determine the recommended clearance required, first check the ventilation functions of the oven.

For a standard hob height of 36 inches, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends 18 inches between the microwave and the hob.

Other manufacturers require 13 to 16 inches of spacing. While this is their perfect situation, your large pots just can’t fit on the stove.

When cleaning the quiet over-the-range microwave, several people skip the microwave filter cleaning, but it is essential. Please see the following link for the most efficient microwave filter cleaning tip:   

Final Thought

In today’s market, it is challenging to find microwave ovens in the quietest operating range. And any salesperson can tell you this microwave is silent when you go shopping for it. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of microwave ovens across the quietest. Operating range. If you are still wondering, let’s take a look at the top five over range microwave ovens:

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