10 Best Nintendo Switch Backpack In 2022 -Which One Do You Choose?

Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch backpack? Here, imperialpdx will give you a shortlist of the best backpack for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch is the most accommodating gaming console available. Its little dimension recommends you can basically get the whole Nintendo Switch console construction and go. This surmises you can see the worth in gaming from basically any place. 

Regardless, with the monstrous extent of Switch upgrades that are available to you construes, a customary giving case essentially will not be satisfactory to pass on your whole gaming munitions save. You will require a knapsack. 

There a few knapsacks open that are organized explicitly for the Nintendo Switch Design and the entirety of its extra things. Under we have hoarded the most lovely and strong knapsacks available that will pass on your Nintendo control center and the entirety of its extra things securely and safely.

Best Nintendo Switch Backpack Comparison 2022

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Nintendo Switch Backpack, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Backpack Reviews 2022

AKNES Nintendo Switch Travel Bag

Cute Animal Crossing Travel Bag, Compatible for Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED /Steam Deck Console,Dock,Joy-Con Accessories, Nylon Portable Shoulder Chest Crossbody Side Sling Backpack for Men & Boys
  • 【Leaf Crossing Case for Nintendo Switch】Carrying Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch, for Animal Crossing New Horizons New Leaf, Portable Protective Hard Shell Travel Kit Storage Bag Holder for Switch Console Games. Made of eco-friendly material to ensure that no harmful, friendly suitable for children and teenagers. Classic leaf crossing image, it’s the warm memory of switch game fans.
  • 【Reliable Protection】 With multiple internal and external pockets to keep everything neatly stored. pocket is designed to keeps your Switch and accessories from shocking, collision and scratches, prevents unnecessary movements.

AKNES is our first best Nintendo Switch Backpack. This backpack comes with creature intersection point new Skylines New Leaf, Adaptable Defensive Hard Shell Travel Unit Aggregating Sack Holder for Switch Control center Games. 

It is constructed of eco-obliging material to guarantee that no hazardous, cordial reasonable for young people and adolescents. Model leaf crossing picture, it’s the warm memory of Nintendo game aficionados. 

With different inside and outside pockets to keep everything accommodatingly put away. The pocket is wanted to get your Nintendo Switch and embellishments far from stunning, impact and scratches, forestalls trifling new developments. 

Sensible Space of Sack truly has profitable zipper pockets at the front, which can hold things. The Shoulder Pack is constructed of ordinary amicable material which is non-toxic, lightweight, intense, and accommodating for heat dispersal. 

The back air porousness network arrangement awards wind stream and works with heat dissipation. The tie is customizable, fitting for grown-ups and youths. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is a grand present for loved ones, kids occasion. Take your gaming assemblage and detect the street leads. 

It’s endeavored to hoard the entirety of the embellishments you need to take your experience any place: Your different extra things will fit perfectly and securely inside it. 

There is an exceptional zipper; it like the creature crossing point new leaf. It is fundamental for opening and shutting. 

The tie of this switch pack is movable, permitting you to pick your most charming length. You can restrict a little unsettling, and it’s anything but a zipper, don’t stress over the war zone. 


  • Animal crossing new leaf design
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multiple compartments
  • High-quality materials


  • None

Nicgid Kyd112503 Nintendo Switch Backpack

The amendment is the fundamental thought about the NICGID stigma. We are revolved around furnishing our clients with unmatched grades and financially skillful things, which plans to cause the clients truly to feel the appeal of the genuine article. 

We comprehend your necessity; that is the clarification we’ll give irrefutably the most beneficial things that will allow more prominent thriving, control, adequacy, and fulfillment. 

This open, utilitarian and outrageous sling knapsack is being made by unimaginable water-safe material. A multi fundamental compartment with many size pockets can oblige your different supplies and making supplies. 

The shoulder tie can be changed to either side utilizing the D rings orchestrated at the lower part of one or the other corner, and it feels incredible whether worn on the front, behind or across your body. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack could wind up being useful for journeys to occasion assemblies, to take to the rec center, the puddle, or when voyaging or climbing. 

The Zippered Compartments with one secret adversary of robbery pocket got to get the entirety of your things. You can fit a little water bottle, additional shirt, hardly any snack, your communications and scratches, and the best compartment can unmistakably hold Nintendo Switch.

Unprecedented new development and lightweight, no more throbbing neck, ergonomically masterminded, the tie is cushioned, the breathable cross fragment doesn’t make you sweat and dismissal you’re notwithstanding, wearing this pack. 

The tie is adaptable enough and can be changed to either side utilizing the Drings organized at the lower part of one or the other corner. It feels incredible whether worn on the front, back, or crossbody. 

The outside pocket on the left side is made of Elasticized Cross region, creates to get particular size water holders and conservative umbrella. 

Secret Enemy of Burglary Pocket screens your assets with the baffling adversary of theft pockets grants you the security to store your wallet. 


  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Small pocket

Pink Cherry Blossoms Nintendo Switch Backpack

Pink Cherry Blossoms Game Accessories Bag Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch/Lite Shoulder Backpack for Switch Console, for Nintendo Switch Lite Storage Bag
  • 🌸Beauty flower Design,our Pink bag design special and unique,
  • 🌸Designed exclusively for Nintendo Switch and nintendo switch lite,the exquisite craftsmanship and perfect match can be an ideal gift for family and friends.

This game pack configuration is novel and special. We uncommonly planned this shoulder sack for Nintendo Switch. 

It can ensure your change console is set up to keep the change from incidentally falling off. You can convey and change your contests whenever anyplace. 

The removable movable arm lash can make your whole Nintendo Switch framework more compact and travel amicable. Plentiful extras, including thumb hold covers. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack comes with wonderful craftsmanship and amazing match can be an optimal present for loved ones. 


  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • None

AIOMEST ANNMETER Nintendo Switch Backpack

Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch, N-Switch Accessory Durable Shoulder Bag, Cross body Backpack with Breathable Mesh, Carrying Case for Game Sets
  • 【EXCELLENT ACCESSORY BAG】-Designed with internal pocket, this shoulder back pack is an excellent bag, storing items and keeping everything organized, meanwhile, preventing the stuffs in bag from crushing. N-switch game accessory bag fits for N-switch/lite mainframe, no rummage any more to find something.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT CARRY BAG】-Made of light weight material,this game bag will not be a heavy burden.With back breathable mesh design,it’s good for air circulation and heat dissipation,reducing discomfort caused by back sweat and keeping you dry all times.

It is organized with an inner pocket; this shoulder rucksack is a surprising pack, dealing with things and keeping everything made, in the meantime, keeping the kinds of stuff in sack away from beating. 

This game trim sack fits for Nintendo Switch, no pursuit whatever else to discover something. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is fashioned of lightweight material. This game pack won’t be a solid burden. 

With back breathable matrix design, it’s important for air course and warmth dissipation, reducing trouble accomplished by back sweat and keeping you dehydrate on all occasions. 

Not at all like other shoulder packs, basically considering appearance, this sling sack offers thought to resemble and comfort.

The shoulder tie of the crossbody rucksack can be changed as you like, alleviating the tire of your shoulders. Cushioned back guarantees your solace for a long time passing on. 

This invaluable backpack for Nintendo Switch can be given either in front or back to get your own assets against bangs, scratches, and scratches. 

It is produced using an eco-obliging element, non-toxic, lightweight, solid, and wonderful to wear. They give a year’s quality attestation to each client, trustworthy explicit help.


  • Lightweight
  • Humanize-designed
  • Simple to use and carry around


  • None

SUNJOYCO Portable Shoulder Bag

SUNJOYCO Portable Travel Carrying Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Durable Protective Shoulder Bag Large Capacity Switch Accessories Backpack for Outdoor
  • GREAT PROTECTION FOR YOUR SWITCH: Thanks to the soft interior, your switch and other accessories will get great protection from bumps, scrapes, and scratches
  • KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED: Equipped with the large capacity bag to keep your Switch console, controllers, cables, Joy-con grip game cards, keys, cell phone, purse, and other accessories well organized, say goodbye to the messy world! You will be much easier to find what you want and never complain about not enough space.

This backpack is a remarkable insistence for your Nintendo Switch. Because of the delicate inside, your Switch and different embellishments will get unprecedented assurance from bangs, scratches, and scratches. 

It is furnished with beyond what many would consider a possible pack to keep your Switch console and regulators join. Joy-con holds game cards, keys, mobile phone, handbag, and different adornments compelling, bid farewell to the turbulent world! 

You will be considerably more clear to discover what you need and never complain about the not satisfactory room. Breathable diversion plan back, delicate and lightweight for you to wear, you won’t feel bubbling even in the summertime.

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is truly charming and can withstand everyday mileage. You can wear it as per various points of view, for example, cross-passed on toward the front or back, worn on one shoulder, and so on. You can change the shoulder lash to deliver it suit you. 

This pass-on sack reasonable for all ages, paying little notification to stature! You can pass on your Switch any place you need because of our crossbody arrangement knapsack; never understand tired take your Switch.

It’s not difficult to take out the substance of the pack notwithstanding, while at the same time strolling, marvelous for outside passing on! 


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable strap


  • A bit small

YANZIRUI Portable Switch Backpack

Portable Travel Carrying Case for Leaf Crossing for Nintendo Switch, Shoulder Storage Bag Backpack for Nintendo Switch Lite Console Ca
  • ✅It's good design for Nintendo Switch / lite /Switch Oled Console Backpack Bag.
  • ✅Easy to carry,when you traveling and walking,this bag can better help me storage your switch or switch lite console .

The game plan is superior to the force knapsack IMO, the quality is fine and merits the cost, and the sack can fit a baffling extent of stuff. 

The standard and best Nintendo Switch can fit inside the tom specialty bag, which can fit inside the standard compartment of this best Nintendo Switch backpack. 

With this best backpack, you would then have the choice to fit a regulator, energizing joint, and the tinier adaptable rucksack.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to carry around
  • Convenient


  • None

ZYJ-AWASA Nintendo Switch Backpack

ZYJ-AWASA 5 in 1 Game Console Backpack Crossbody Bag with Carrying Case Bag/Screen Protector/Switch Joy con Case and Thumbsticks for Nintendo Swich Travel Kit
  • Third Party Accessory! 5 in 1 Travel Carrying bag kit! Color of Joycon case and Thumbsticks may vary from the picture.
  • Crossbody Bag:Single shoulder strap allows for comfort without added bulk | Padded strap features mesh cinch pocket for easy access to most needed accessories.Soft padded nylon interior protects system from bumps, scrapes, and scratches | Snug fit design prevents unneccesary movements

Distant Extra! 5 of every 1 Travel Passing on sack unit! The shade of the Joycon case and Thumbsticks may move from the image. Single shoulder lash thinks about solace without added mass.

Cushioned tie highlights network snap pocket for fundamental enlistment to most required accessories—soft cushioned nylon inside shields structure from bangs, scratches, and scratches.

Agreeable fit game plan obstructs unnecessary enhancements Exceptionally expected to make your entire Switch framework significantly more adaptable and travel pleasant. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is a typical fit for placing the Nintendo Switch Happines Joy-Con regulators. The twin mindful skins are for leftward and right side con and some holds for sticks.


  • Travel bag
  • Joy-Con case
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact


  • Not durable enough

LYCEBELL Portable Shoulder Bag

Switch Travel Bag - Portable Shoulder Bag for Nintendo Switch [New Leaf Crossing Design] Storage Switch Console, Dock, Charging Cable, Joy con Grip, Holds up to 10 Game Cards Slots
  • ☘️ Portable Carry Case for Nintendo Switch -- The lovely turquoise color series are bright and stylish, with cute leaf pattern design. It's a perfect gift for Switch owners.
  • ☘️ Soft Fleece Lining -- The velvet interior won’t scratch the Switch screen when close the case. Waterproof & fall proof nylon material always protects your Switch. Great for traveling and makes a great gift.

The faultless turquoise disguising game-plan is wonderful and sharp, with an enchanting leaf setup plan. It’s an exemplary present for Switch landlords.

The velvet inside will not scratch the Switch screen when close the case. Waterproof and fall certification nylon material dependably ensure your Switch. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is exceptional for voyaging and makes an inconceivable gift. The smooth faint belt has two attaches for essential distinction in the belt length. 

The included lifting lash assists you with killing the Change from the backpack and utilize it. You can take this lightweight and waterproof courier pack constructed of fiber to progress, manage, cycle or even go out on whirling holidays. 

Invaluable to any place. Distinctive inside and additional pockets can oblige your different beautifications. The board opening in the center can hold up to 12 contests. 


  • Portable
  • Soft
  • Adjustable strap
  • Large storage


  • None

Victoriatourist Switch Travel Bag

Victoriatourist Switch Travel Bag, for Nintendo Switch Console, Dock, Joy-Con Grip & Switch Accessories, Protective Storage Sling Backpack Shoulder Bag for Nintendo Switch and iPad
  • Protective Padded Compartment in the main pocket is designed to keep Nintendo Switch system. Soft padded nylon interior protects switch and other accessories from bumps, scrapes, and scratches | Snug fit design prevents unnecessary movements.
  • Convenient USB Charging Port with built-in charging cable, put your power bank in the pocket so you can play Nintendo games anywhere and anytime.

Defensive Cushioned Compartment in the rule pocket is wanted to keep Nintendo Switch cushioned inside shields Switch and unmistakable improvement from bangs, scratches, and scratches. It is an agreeable fit game plan that impedes trivial developments. 

Steady USB Censuring Port for comprehended charging join, put your force bank in the pocket so you can play Nintendo games anyplace and whenever. 

Thin yet Open Passing on Sack is equipped with different inside and outside pockets to keep everything beneficially stowed. Sensible Space of shoulder Pack truly has some accommodating zipper pockets at the front, which can hold things so forth and have fundamental access. 

Enthusiastic Crossbody Sack with a cool, vintage look, it’s anything but’s an ensured eye-catcher. 

This best Nintendo Switch backpack is archetypical for a party, business, and hiking, giving you an interesting look, outlandish quality, and the total of the solution accumulating that you are going to with the Switch during the day. 

Wonderful Highlights like Water-safe elements can shield your basic machine gear-piece wheels from the delicate downpour. The lefties and righties with reversible shoulder lash meet your various necessities. 


  • Stylish design
  • Slim
  • Spacious
  • For light travel


  • Cons 1

Wear-out easily

EEEKit Backpack Crossbody Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch Console Joy-Cons and Accessories, Charge Your Phone Via Side USB Charging Interface
  • This carrying bag provide easy access to the Nintendo Switch, but can still hold your Ipads and other stuffs your need for traveling
  • Reasonable space design, make full use of the pocket space, keep all the accessories organized. All accessories are easy to put in and take out

This giving pack gives clear consent to the Nintendo Switch; at any rate, it can hold the different kinds of stuff your need for traveling. 

Sensible space game plan, utilize the pocket space, keep the entirety of the upgrades worked with. All trimming is not contrary to place in and take out.

This best Nintendo Switch backpack has a charging interface as a thought, all things considered, accomplice your versatile force manage a record with your general cell, productive to charge, no stress over the communications running out of the collection. 

A versatile shoulder tie gives more solace, eases up the tire of your shoulder. Subtleties pick quality, composed of water-confirmation and wear-safe corporeality, keeps your Switch and different extra things freed from all harm.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • Not durable enough

Things You Should Know To Get The Best Nintendo Switch Backpack


Since all gainful Nintendo Switch giving plights are proposed to safely stow your control local area, comparatively a few hoaxes and regulators, there aren’t different magnificent highlights that help certain models stand separated from the social occasion. 

Affirmation, a charming hold, and an obliging collecting locale ought to be the most helpful things to search for. 

While picking the most suitable Switch case, your rule assessments ought to be insurance and development factors. Specifically, your case should shield your Change from drops, scratches, and spills. 

Most backpacks keep it slim and little, holding the Switch and adornment or two. More noteworthy cases can pass on everything from the docking station to capable regulators. What’s most beneficial for all of you relies on your advancement tendencies. 

As a control place that can be performed on television and in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch eats up a novel space. In fact, you could decide to leave it in the harbor reliably and basically play with one of the different noteworthy regulators.

In any case, risks are you additionally like jumping out of the harbor the accommodation and conservativeness of shrewdness device. That is the clarification tracking down the most becoming problem ought to be one of your essential concerns after you purchase one. 

nintendo switch backpack

You should take care to shield your Nintendo Change console from hurt; after all of the fundamental screen, protection will not cover every sort of occurrence, considering everything. 

Similarly, on the off chance that you own the handheld-just Switch Light, it’s obviously on a very basic level more essential to get a superb passing on the case. 

We’ve collected our picks for the most reliable backpack you can purchase now, and a fundamental number of them are a game plan, truly. 

Other than considerations for a backpack, we’ve, in addition, joined the best Switch understands that make playing any handheld mode seriously satisfying, rucksacks and dispatch packs for careful travel choices, and shells to snap on while playing. 

We’ve withdrawn the backpacks, so we promise you to get a backpack that obliges your model. Resulting in picking the most immeasurable backpack for you, look at our most immeasurable Nintendo Switch extra things manual for discovering more solid things for your Switch. 

The console has gotten something enthusiastic over the range of late months, considering restricted stock and expanded interest while more individuals are remaining at the homestead. 

Exactly when you have your backpack, carriage, baggage, screen defend, or other paltriness organized, endeavor to look at the most immeasurable Switch games. 

nintendo switch backpack

In case you’re searching for extra to do while stuck inside, we think you should try to inspect our arrangements of the most immeasurable games. 

There is no inadequacy of cases for the backpack, with humble packs appearing and a wealth of different choices, including shop-made cases on regions. 

In addition, there are various kinds of cases too; you can examine among advancement cases, defensive snap-on cases, charging cases, and that is just the beginning. 

In the event that you need something to pull your control, rotate around in passing on bag or trip bag is the place where you need to look. There are a ton of reviving backpacks – none performed the quick overview in this article – that bear pictures of game types or brands. 

That is fine; in any case, whatever you pick, promise it can meet the base necessities of being passing on the backpack; it ought to be cushioned all-around great to shield your undertaking from routine effects. 

It ought to also have an approach to manage to shield the protection from scratches (regularly with a flip-down cover or sleeve) and have the decision to hold in any case many game cartridges as you need to hurl around. 

Likewise, consider what you need to pass on. Maybe all you need is basically the local control area, yet in case you’re making an outing headquarters to observe the guards, you may require a case adequately gigantic to hold the slip and an interface. 

nintendo switch backpack

A few cases experience up the competition with an arranged collection. It’s most plausible not worth considering a reprimanding pattern for not really around force – that tact your Switch through hardly modest of two complete charges. 

Additional fixations in the event that the collection administrations rapidly, and can besides different charge gadgets in your stock. 

The audit that these rare backpacks you’ll have to truck around really. What, effectively, might you need to be seen wearing or passing on? 

Some backpacks look genuinely funny or weak, which is fine on the occasion that you’re a teenager, and less so on the occasion that you’re an adult who takes a Change to work for a late daylight dispute. 


In case you’re expecting to take the Nintendo Switch along on your most desirable course of action away, maybe the essential thought is whether the passing on the backpack will ensure your costly computer game controls the local region from hurt. 

Plan for the most staggeringly horrible by seeing passing on backpacks that note a shockproof plan, strong stockpiles, and development of compartments that are unequivocally proposed to painstakingly maintain your control center, regulators, and adornments. 

Easy To Carry

nintendo switch backpack

Why bother purchasing a passing-on case for the Nintendo Switch in case it’s a destruction to pull around? 

Make monitoring things for your next flight essentially simpler by picking a passing-on backpack with an outrageous flexible treated handle, versatile and satisfying shoulder lash, or – by a wide margin unrivaled – both. 


In any case, a little Nintendo Switch passing on backpack ought to handily hold your control, a couple of Satisfaction Con regulators, a few entertainment labels. 

While that might be acceptable for short outings, a more prominent giving case licenses players to bring along additional regulators, a constrained air framework connector, and incredibly more games. 


nintendo switch backpack

There are various Nintendo Switch backpacks open, and it will overall endeavor to pick which ones merit purchasing. How reliably you utilize your control center and how much affirmation you need will assist with picking your purchasing decision. 

With the sensitive security, you need a case that guarantees your local control area. A solid case made using amaze verification destructive enlistment cowhide will gain your power place, buttons, and recreation boards. 

Inside your backpack ought to be touchy to take the necessary steps not to scratch the local control area, game, and embellishments; search for network pockets and velvet linings. 


nintendo switch backpack

The design of the backpack relies on the client. A Nintendo Switch backpack solely for advancement will hold fewer games and extra things. 

A more noteworthy backpack is requesting by guardians who need to cover their child’s whole control place framework. 

You should pick your necessities prior to picking the form of the backpack you need; in any case, don’t feel pressure — there’s an upscale backpack for you to consider out there! 


The backpacks for Nintendo Switch are conservative and lightweight, with the ability to stock gear and different competitions. 

More modest backpacks are mind-blowing for keeping your control place in a sack or backpack. 

In the event that you like gaming evenings with companions or need an abstract putting away design for your Switch and the all out of your contests, a more prominent case might be required.


Our Best Choice-AKNES Nintendo Switch Travel Bag

AKNES is our best Nintendo Switch Backpack. It is constructed of eco-obliging material to guarantee that no hazardous, cordial reasonable for young people and adolescents. Model leaf crossing picture, it’s the warm memory of Nintendo game aficionados. 

The back air porousness network arrangement awards wind stream and works with heat dissipation. The tie of this switch pack is movable, permitting you to pick your most charming length. 

There are various Nintendo Switch backpacks in the market for you to choose from. However, in order to get the most suitable Nintendo Switch backpack for your needs, you should consider security, features, Capacity, and other important highlights. We are sure that you can pick the best Nintendo Switch backpack after reading our article in 2021.

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