Best Morphy Richards Food Processor Review Of 2022

In this Morphy Richards food processor review, we will introduce you to one of the best food processors on the market, the Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Blender Pro Set. Whether it’s your first or newest hand blender, the sheer adaptability of this set means it will be your go-to for practically any kitchen chore.

Introduction To The Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Blender 

SaleBestseller No. 1
Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender Heavy Duty Copper Motor Brushed 304 Stainless Steel With Whisk, Milk Frother Attachments
  • Sophisticated Design - The ergonomic grip offers a non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients.
  • Exceptional Quality - The full copper motor withstands continuous use and will last 3X longer than competitor's motors.
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Philips Soup and Smoothie Maker, Makes 2-4 servings, HR2204/70, 1.2 Liters, Black and Stainless Steel
  • Make fresh soup when you want. No waiting, no planning, and no additional appliances necessary. The Philips soup maker automatically heats and blends your favorite soups - in as little as 18 minutes
  • More than just soup. 6 preset programs - Pureed soup, chunky soup, cold soup, compote, smoothies, and thanks to optimized heating profile, milk based soup. Plus, use it as a countertop blender.
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Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit, Black, 9.5 in L x 7.5 in W x 17 in H
  • PROFESSIONAL POWER: 1000 watts of professional power can crush ice and breakdown any tough ingredient.
  • XL CAPACITY: The 72 oz professional blender pitcher is excellent for making frozen drinks and creamy smoothies for the entire family. 64 oz. max liquid capacity
Bestseller No. 4
Mueller Hand Blender, Smart Stick 800W, 12 Speed and Turbo Mode, 3-in-1, Heaviest Duty Copper Motor Immersion Blender, Titanium Steel Blades, Comfygrip Handle, Whisk, Beaker/Measuring Cup
  • Best On The Market – From our Titanium steel 4 blade rotation system, to our full copper 800 watt clump destroying motor, no other stick blender matches this model's ability to crush, pulverize, and smoothly blend, so any recipe or smoothie can be made with the easiest cleanup. The sleek ergonomic handle provides comfort but with great control and stability to prevent slippage.
  • Powerful And Fast - 12-speeds give you maximum choice and precision to prepare salsas, shakes, smoothies, baby food, and more! 800 Watts of power drives consistently smooth results and high performance. Use the TURBO boost for maximum speed and a more homogeneous mixture.
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Panini Press by Cuisinart, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Cuisinart’s 5-1 griddler is a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle
  • EASY TO USE: The griddler plates (11-inch x 9-inch) are removable, reversible and are dishwasher safe nonstick cooking plates, the plates also act as a drain for the grease for cooking more healthy. The integrated drip tray collects grease and is easy to store
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Immersion Blender Handheld, 5-in-1 Hand Blender, Aigostar Multi-Purpose Handheld Blender with Stainless Steel Blades, Milk Frother, Egg Whisk, Food Chopper and Beaker, UL Certificated
  • 🍓【5-in-1 Kitchen Tool Kits】Multi-functional immersion blender for versatile capabilities, including BPA Free 500ml food chopper, 600ml beaker, milk frother and egg whisk, provides the maximum utility and excellent cooking experience for blending meats, vegetables, fruits, ice and more.
  • 🥦【Upgraded Stepless Speed Control】Aigostar handheld blender with stepless speed control, more convenient and simpler than traditional knob speed control. Just one button to work, and the speed can be adjusted by hand pressure. The tighter the grip, the greater the strength. Truly realize One-handed operation, supplys you maximum choice to make baby food, puree, smoothies, soups, marinades, sauces, salsa, juices, and more!
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BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Foldable Handheld Clothing Wrinkles Remover for Garments, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Portable Mini Fabric Steam Iron for Home and Travel
  • 1000 watts with 30-second fast heat-up and powerful steam output de-wrinkles clothes in no time
  • Foldable and light weight with an included storage bag makes it an ideal travel companion
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Portable Mini Blender for Fresh Juice, Smoothies, Shakes with Magnetic Wireless Charging (Personal Travel Blender for On The Go Blending) (Pink)
  • FreshJuice gives you what your old blender couldn’t, an easy way to recharge with a quick smoothie from anywhere! It’s a bottle, blender, and energy booster all in one portable device!
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FrothBlast™ Milk Frother Handheld for Coffee {Foam Maker} Electric Whisk Drink Mixer for Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate (Black)
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If you’re weary of the ordinary stick blender’s easy performance, check out Total Control. It has smart technology for a response that progressively increases speed, resulting in blitzing food without the regular jerks or splatters. Select a few of the eight settings, squeeze the directional buttons, and then let the edges do their job, which will gradually slow down when you leave it.

A button of Turbo adds more power, and a slew of attachments make pureeing, chopping, whisking, smashing ice, blending, and mashing a breeze. Also, it has storage lids for containers. 

While most stick blenders come with one or two attachments, the Total Control Pro Set involves a lot, making it a good bargain and a good all-arounder. It’s simple to use and clean. Moreover, it’s lightweight but powerful, making it a great kitchen assistant. It’s also nice to see that consideration has gone into the attachments, with a concentration on features you’ll frequently use, such as cutting and mashing, rather than ones you’ll only use sometimes. 


  • Several attachments 
  • Variable speed 
  • Soft start 


  • Separate chopping bowl 
  • Not dishwasher friendly 
  • Just ideal for little tasks 
  • Beans not appropriate for grind

Key Features Of The Morphy Richards Food Processor

morphy richards food processor review

Smart design  

While Total Control doesn’t really completely rewrite the principles of stick smasher design, it really does feature a number of innovative changes. 

There’s a heel of handy support only at the rear of its motor part, for instance, as well as an ergonomically flexible plastic handle with a quick precision trigger button to control. It speeds up the process with mounting pressure plus is positioned beside the Turbo button; thus, with your thumb, you may switch between both the two. 

The speed is controlled by a spinning dial mostly on the unit’s top. Every attachment, along with a selector lever on the rear, pushes on then secures into place. It seems that there aren’t any more buttons to obstruct the action.

The Total Control’s smashing leg functions the Serrator Blade that supposedly keeps sharp up to 12 times better in length than regular blades, and two cutters and two small knives at about 90 degrees, as well as a detachable dual Serrator Blade on the covered cutting bowl. The potato crushing leg is similar to a ricer, having perforated plastic sides that mash the potato. This set is completed by a whisk.


morphy richards food processor review

Each item that attaches to the central unit has a handy notch, making it easy to snap each component in and start blending right away. We began with cooked potatoes and the blender leg. 

We connected each gearbox to the primary machine and added the leg before plunging it into a strained potato pan, adding butter and blending on rate 3. 

The potato chunks began to dissolve fast after moving the all-around leg pot for almost 30 seconds, leaving behind flawlessly creamy mashed that was silky and thick. The final swirl with a clean spoon confirmed that no lumps remained.

We then diced a bunch of decent onions in the cutting bowl. We split them in half and placed them in the bowl while the blade was still in position. The lid snaps on in a single action and is similarly simple to remove, requiring no twisting and holding into place. 

After installing the motor lid unit, we began cutting at rate seven. This took a while than expected, and bigger bits of onion flew out of the knives, necessitating a gentle touch to push them back into the edges to be diced. 

After several chopping efforts, the final product was finely chopped with tiny fragments and minced veggies of various sizes. Whereas the onions are lighter than this bowl’s max capability of 200g, smaller quantities might give more reliable results.

We mixed a white sauce basically made with the roux, then added more milk whilst on the burner using the Total Control on level seven of speed, the balloon whisk attachment and the second gearbox. The controllability or variable speed came in helpful here, as the capability of slowing down and speeding as the milk was added prevented spills. There were no lumps in the final sauce.

By using a beaker and mixing legs, we made a blueberries milkshake with milk, strawberries, and an ice cream. The directions suggested putting the amount into the mug in shaking to help the contents move. Nevertheless, since this leg is prone to drag on the beaker bottom, this was vital to maintain it marginally higher via the mixing. The milkshake was blended for about the suggested 20 to 30 seconds, as well as the finished drink being creamy, foamy, and of great, constant approval.

Cleaning safe

Even though its accessories are not dishwasher safe, all are simple for hand cleaning. We discovered that it was essential to clean several promptly, including the blending leg since they creviced in which food would get caught.

morphy richards food processor review

How To Choose The Best Food Processor


The very first step is to figure out how much food you would like to be capable of processing in one batch and where you want to keep your food processor. Whatever size you choose, store it somewhere convenient for easy access to receive a lot of usages! If you frequently need to prepare small amounts of ingredients, you should consider purchasing a compact food processor – even if you already have a full-size one. A micro model can handle smaller amounts more efficiently, and its smaller size makes it easier to transfer, store, and clean. They are ideal for small tasks such as cutting an onion, creating a cup of vinaigrette or pesto or cutting nuts.

When you are preparing for many people, creating many quantities of dough, or need a food processor that will do additional duties like shredding and cutting, a bigger model with such a more giant military bowl is a better choice. If you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to go up to a size in a bowl sufficient to accommodate for more cooking flexibility. 

Tasks In Cooking

It is critical to determine what kinds of cooking activities you would like your food processor to assist you. A food processor is the best instrument for quickly cutting and pureeing items that would also be more time-consuming to do by hand. Some models include spiralized vegetable options, grating, and variable-width blades that simulate mandolin slicing. Food processors are also great for mixing soft or wet components, such as tomato for quantities of spaghetti sauce, kneading bread dough, or producing fresh mayo and spice mixes. 


Food processor prices range from affordable mini-chops offered in supermarkets to deluxe machines. There is a considerable value in the middle, mainly if you often use your food processor. Considering how much you’re willing to spend will allow you to obtain the most bang for your money in terms of features and size. Understanding how much you are prepared to pay will let you have the most charge for your money in terms of features and size and will help you narrow down the designs that could be the most excellent fit for you. Some huge low-cost models operate poorly, are unsteady, and create lots of noise.

Blade Effectiveness 

The latest products must have sufficient sharp blades to cut vegetables and herbs equally without pickling them, shred cheese evenly, cut cleanly, and finely ground nuts, breadcrumbs, or other dry ingredients. That means the blades and grating disks must be sharp right out of the box and maintain their sharpness over time. They should also mix liquids and soft ingredients uniformly without creating “mixing gaps” between the blade and the bowl, avoiding the need to constantly stop and scrape the sides or leave a portion of the mixture unblended. 

Advanced Functions 

Aside from a single-speed cut, most food processors have a slew of other features. To carefully and safely chop to the correct granularity, pulsing buttons or velocity adjustments are helpful. Extra blades for shredding, grating, slicing, julienne, and spiralizing are frequently available. Some versions also allow you to change the width/thickness of the slicing and the shape/size of the grate or spiralized vegetable while it’s processing. Several models include nesting work bowls, allowing them to function as both a tiny chop and even a full-sized food processor in just one. Others even include juicing accessories that include work bowls that double as measuring cups and have easy-pour spouts.

Mechanism Of Feeding 

Typically high-quality food processors include a bowl cover with an input tube for introducing food to be diced, ground, chopped, pureed, sliced, or kneaded in the case of dough. Telescopic feed tubes allow users to conveniently add lengthy or extensive materials such as carrot or potato and maintain them erect against whirling blades for precise and accurate cuts. A system that allows liquids to be added via the lid whereas the machine is running is a significant plus. To obtain a specified finish, you’ll frequently need to trickle water, oil, or other fluids over liquid or solid mixtures when processing.

Stability And Safety 

morphy richards food processor review
Best Morphy Richards Food Processor Review Of [year] 19

Strong motors and robust bases tie high-quality processors to a counter, allowing them to combine heavy yeasted doughs and other thick meals without moving around. Some of the smaller types contain suction cups to assist them in staying put on the counter. Many food processors include safety locking devices in the lid that prevent the machine from starting with the blade exposed. Some models have gaskets or sealed work bowls to prevent wet materials from spilling out and spraying you or the counter while processing. 

Power Of The Motor 

The motor’s wattage determines the power of the food processor. When processing heavy meals such as double batches of flour or hard cheese, weaker machines tend to cramp up or halt. They will also wear out faster with regular use and create a lot more noise while processing. 

Easy To Use 

Users want a food processor featuring simple installation and bowl or lid-locking features, as well as quick cleanup. Dishwasher-safe components are required. A device for storing accessories is fantastic for keeping everything organized and readily available for usage, whereas a cord winder maintains surfaces tidy. Reading food processor online reviews is among the most acceptable ways to determine a model’s simplicity of use.

You can witness how simple the food progressor makes the cooking procedure for nutritious food meals for you and your family in this video:

Alternative Food Processors 

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor,

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Comes with 5 multi function discs and 3 blades out of the box
  • 5.5 inch super wide feed chute reduces the need to pre cut most fruits and vegetables

We suggest this massive, 16-cup processor as an alternative only if you prepare for an enormous crowd several times per week. The Sous Chef costs upwards of twice as much as the Cuisinart Custom 14, and it is much more robust and more extensive than most people require. 

The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro is highly robust, so it’s the equipment to have if you prepare for large gatherings or process food numerous times each week. Its 1,200-watt motor and brilliant idea minimize your time when using and washing. In reality, besides these accessories, the 16-cup Sous Chef was among the simplest versions to clean.

However, if you’re using a food processor only occasionally, Breville’s high price certainly outweighs the cost. And, because this processor is approximately 18 inches tall and weighs around 20 pounds, that is why you’ll need a significant counter to keep it on.

DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor Custom, Brushed Stainless
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: Cuisinart’s 720-watt motor for our 14-cup large-capacity food processor can handle almost anything. Make any kind of dip, puree soup or sauce including hummus, salsa, guacamole - the possibilities are endless
  • MUST HAVE FEATURES: The 14 cup food processor has an “on” and “off/pulse” buttons with a Lexan bowl, extra large feed tube with small and large pusher bowl sleeve assembly. Also a detachable disc stem for easy use and clean up. Cord length is 36-inches

This vintage model still performs admirably, which is one of the best options for most food lovers. It has a massive 14-cup capacity and can easily handle a wide range of kitchen activities, from flawlessly even and quick cutting or shredding to mixing double batches of your favorite batter. 

The Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor produces near qualified results thanks to its quiet but powerful 720-watt motor, oversized feed tube, quick pulse feature, sharp blades, plus ease of installation and design. It was also one of the very few types that did not spill liquids.

This food processor is simple for cleaning and storage, with simply two disks for shredding and cutting rather than many worldly attachments. We’re always vast advocates of being organized here at Real Simple–Cuisinart even has disk storage bins to keep things tidy. 

One disadvantage is there are no thickness modifications for cutting that some people find helpful. That’s also one of the most significant models, so be sure you have enough storage room for it. 

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper, BPA Free, Stainless Steel Blades, 12 Cup Bowl, 2-Speed 450 Watt Motor, Black (70725A)
  • Prep the freshest ingredients: A powerful 450 watt motor and 2 speeds plus pulse control save you time and money
  • Simple to assemble and use: Stack and snap design requires no difficult twisting or locking; A simple function guide is printed on the food processor for ease of use

It has a distinct simplicity that distinguishes it from other food processors and a massive 12 cup capacity bowl with slicing and shredding disks at an affordable price.

The “Stack and Snap” technology reduces the need for cumbersome turning, twisting, and closing mechanisms for the bowl and lid, making assembly quick and easy. It also has two speeds, a pulse feature, and a convenient pour nozzle on the bowl to prevent messy drips. Although we did need to scrape along the edges of the bowl somewhat frequently to ensure even pureeing, it operated reasonably well. 

The “Big Mouth” feed tube on this model allows the user to manage larger meals and speed up kitchen prep by decreasing pre-cutting. Another ingenious feature is the reversible and labeled disc installation, making the setup more accessible than other food processors and reducing unnecessary parts.

However, the lifetime of this food processor because it only has a 450-watt motor. However, if you are on a tight budget or do not intend to use it frequently, we believe it is an excellent alternative.

If you want to have more suggestions about food processors, you can check them out here.

Final Thought 

We also have some alternative options for you here, click and read right away!

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Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Blender Pro Set is an excellent saving of time and effort prep equipment for almost any kitchen, regardless of the size of your area or how often you anticipate using it. And then, once you start utilizing this food processor to speed up your kitchen prep, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! 

There is bound to be a device that meets your requirements with such reasonable dimensions and capabilities at affordable prices. As mentioned in our Morphy Richards Food Processor Review above, the hours you can save prepping ingredients, the power of effortlessly and affordably creating so many recipes yourself. And, you are just not having to buy expensive pre-grated, shredded, and sliced materials that will rapidly pay for your purchase.

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