Best Kinect Alternative For You To Explore Your 3D World

According to a story on FastCo Design, Microsoft has decided to terminate the production of the Kinect Depth Sensor. It seems like the business has now decided to hit the Refresh button with yet another best Kinect alternative that did not take off with the public. Kinect in particular has shown to be not only a motion-activated (dancing) game player’s gadget but a highly popular option for those who are interested in 3D scanning.

The Kinect launch marked the start of several intriguing technology solutions for 3D scannings, such as the Skanect program (bought by Occipital, the Structure Sensor maker), which brought 3D scanning functionality to the developer community.

We had very little interest in testing the original Kinect 360 since we conducted a Mini-Review of the Kinect V2 for Xbox One/Windows, and the findings weren’t really encouraging. So we believe it was a smart choice and it may assist Microsoft to advance their 3D mobile capture application development.

After it’s no longer in production, and there will be a limited supply of 3D scans available in the future, what are the affordable options for 3D scanning using a depth sensor?

Take a look at the following:

Best Kinect Alternative Comparison 2023

Valve Index Full VR Kit (2020 Model) (Includes Headset, Base Stations, & Controllers)
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For VR Kit
Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For Premium Depth Sensor
ZED 2 Stereo 3D Camera Sensor for Depth Perception, Motion Tracking and Spatial AI
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative Quality
Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i, Silver (82635D435IDK5P)
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For Affordable Product

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Kinect Alternative, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Bar [Xbox One](Renewed)
  • Requires power adapter for Xbox One S and X models (sold separately)
  • Put down the controller and play Xbox One games using just your body, voice, and gestures. Command your TV and even make Skype calls in HD.
Bestseller No. 2
Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures! (Renewed)
  • Easily hook up with friends with Video Kinect, no headset required.
  • Sign into your profile by just stepping in front of the sensor
Bestseller No. 3
Xbox One Kinect Sensor
  • Command your Xbox and TV with your voice (examples include "Xbox On", "Xbox Watch TV", "Xbox Go to Instant Video", and more)
  • Broadcast gameplay live with picture in picture using the Twitch Xbox 1 app; Make Skype calls in HD on your TV using the Kinect
Bestseller No. 4
Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor
  • Does not come with the power cable needed for the original Xbox 360
SaleBestseller No. 5
Ponkor Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S Xbox One X and Windows PC
  • xperience the convenience and versatility of the Xbox One Kinect Sensor on your Xbox One S / X or Windows PC. Whether you want to navigate your new console without lifting a finger or develop interactive apps on your PC, the Kinect Adapter makes it happen.
  • Input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz. Output:12V-3.0A. Connect the correct USB 3.0 port to a Windows PC via USB 3.0, it'll tell you which port is the correct one, when you go to the Kinect Settings menu.
Bestseller No. 6
Azure Kinect DK Developer Kit
  • CHINA VERSION. (NO WARRANTY). WILL SHIP OUT MARCH 2022. System requirements: Operating System Windows 10 PC 7th Generation Intel CoreTM i3 Processor (Dual Core 2.4 GHz with HD620 GPU or faster)
  • Sensors: Depth camera: 1MP Time-of-flight RGB camera: 12MP CMOS sensor rolling shutter IMU: 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope Microphone: 7-microphone circular array
SaleBestseller No. 7
Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection (Renewed)
  • This renewed game may come repackaged in a generic case. It has been cleaned, tested, and shows minimal wear.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Kinect Sports
  • Kick to Score
  • Return with power
Bestseller No. 9
Azure Kinect DK Developer Kit (US Version - US Warranty)
  • WILL SHIP OUT MARCH 2022. NLN-00001 US VERSION - US warranty. Model # 1880. System requirements: Operating System Windows 10 PC 7th Generation Intel CoreTM i3 Processor (Dual Core 2.4 GHz with HD620 GPU or faster)
  • Sensors: Depth camera: 1MP Time-of-flight RGB camera: 12MP CMOS sensor rolling shutter IMU: 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope Microphone: 7-microphone circular array
Bestseller No. 10
Kinect TV Mount Clip for Xbox One, Konsait Adjustable TV Clip Holder for Xbox One Kinect 2.0
  • Optimized solution for clip mounting the Xbox One Kinect Sensor
  • Optimal for flat panel HDTV's

Top 15 Best Kinect Alternative Reviews 2023

Valve Index Full VR Kit 

While other headsets are very costly, the Valve Index is considered to be among the most expensive headsets, and because of the technology it offers, some may claim it is among the finest VR headsets you can purchase. But with the new season (“Game of Thrones”) in mind, can you still call the program a great TV series? That is not the correct response.

A fantastically pricey $$$ gets you the most ergonomic controller design, a great screen, and outstanding audio quality. On the other hand, such advantages mean nothing if Valve is unable to provide the bare necessities. The Index is stuck with the order tracking system that comes with base stations, which is inferior to the tracking technology integrated into the Oculus Rift S. When it comes to gaming, it provides little more than the hardware itself.

While the Valve Index is undoubtedly one of the most amazing VR headsets now available, it needs much more development from Valve to justify the expensive pricing when there are competing options that are much less expensive.


  • This is the best we’ve used on a widespread headset with a FOV of 130 degrees.”
  • Very user-friendly, comfortable headset
  • Compared to earlier Vive versions, it is far less obtrusive to use cables.
  • This controller is awesome
  • Excellent audio
  • Reviewers Would not have liked
  • This app is priced exclusively for professionals


  • A slower, less comfortable wired connection

Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515

Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515
  • Package Dimensions: 5.9 cms (L) x 11.4 cms (W) x 5.9 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Surveilance Systems

The Intel® solid-state LiDAR profundity technology was developed for indoor use and is pleased to be introduced. The Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 is a new LiDAR that represents a significant, and it is ideal for demanding applications that need high-resolution and high-accuracy depth data.

The L515 is a new solid LiDAR depth camera, which utilizes a unique MEMS mirror scanning technique to help lower laser power consumption. This camera, with a power consumption of 3.5W for depth streaming, is the most efficient power elevated LiDAR camera in the world.

Volumetric measurements of objects are an exclusive feature of This camera. Count all pallets or use the L515 handheld to count them rapidly at your warehouse, and utilize the count to keep track of every shipment that departs.

This camera provides a higher degree of precision and accuracy throughout the full operating range of the intelligent autonomous robotic system. It allows for a higher degree of efficiency when it comes to bin selecting or grabbing, as well as complicated objects, like trees, which may be blocking the user’s view.

edge fidelity is a major problem with 3D scanning since it causes objects can bleed into the backdrop each other or. FHD RGB camera and IMU, coupled with the edge fidelity of the RealSense LiDAR camera L515, provide strong portable scanning solutions. As a result, the L515 offers the most flexible combination of capabilities that make it suitable for bringing your scanning to the next level.

The DWS solution will enable significant shifts in volumetric measurement across the logistics sector, all thanks to Intel’s proprietary volume SDK and this camera.

We provide an open-source SDK 2.0 available with several wrappers available for a number of coding programming languages. Most of our other are often use the same SDK, making it simple to move from one camera to the next. Once you’ve developed a new feature, you may deploy it on any future or existing Intel RealSense depth sensor.


  • Optimized for robotics
  • 3D Scanning


  • Packets move at the speed of light

ZED 2 Stereo 3D Camera

ZED 2 Stereo 3D Camera Sensor for Depth Perception, Motion Tracking and Spatial AI
  • Neural Depth Sensing: ZED 2 is the first stereo camera that uses neural networks to reproduce human vision, bringing stereo perception to a new level
  • Spatial Object Detection: Detect objects with spatial context. Combine AI with 3D localization to create next-generation spatial awareness

While the usage of infrared light is avoided for ZED, its stereoscopic picture is produced using two visible light sensors, after which it is rendered as a video feed of depth data. In good weather, it operates to a depth of approximately meters and can record images with a resolution of up to 2208×1242 with a maximum frame rate of 15 frames per second, or VGA at 120 frames per second. The SDK supplied just has the capability to record the depth stream, but doesn’t provide any higher-level interpretation. To be able to track items, hands, faces, or bodies, the developer will need to integrate the tracking.


  • For applications that have a high frame rate, are in the outdoors, or need a long-range depth stream, the Zed Stereo is excellent.
  • Next-Generation IMU


  • There is no complaint about it

HTC 3 Pack Vive Tracker

HTC 3 Pack Vive Tracker for VR Headset - with Rebuff Reality TrackBelt + 2 TrackStraps Full Body Tracking VR Bundle, Black
  • 3 Pack HTC VIVE Tracker - USB Type-A to Micro-B Cable (3.3') - Power Adapter - USB Dongle - Dongle Cradle - HTC 1 Year Limited Warranty - Rebuff Reality TrackBelt + 2 TrackStraps Full Body Tracking VR Bundle (Black)
  • Compatibility: VIVE VR headset

Virtual reality has provided us with a whole new set of experiences we couldn’t have imagined when they were first introduced. The use of modern technology has allowed us to create an interactive 3D virtual world in real-time. Since the inception of virtual reality, full-body VR tracking always has been a primary focus. We realize that the potential to match actual movement with an avatar to create a memorable interactive experience is just something that may set new standards for the industry.

Think about what it would be like if you could be precisely the same way in virtual reality games, and how amazing it would be. Additionally, filled VR technology is novel, and when completely established, we think it will greatly alter the public’s view on virtual reality.


  • The performance of the comparable controllers is comparable to the original controllers.
  • Track everything
  • Most games that already keep track of statistics are fantastic


  • Still, size is rather bothersome

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i, Silver (82635D435IDK5P)
  • the intel realsense d435i includes:
  • a bmi055 inertial measurement unit.

RealSense Depth Camera D435i was announced this week by Intel. This is the kind of camera you employ to implement advanced motion and position detection on devices of various types. This newest version of the camera from Intel offers a whole different element to the data given to the end-user with the inclusion of the IMU.

The hardware is quite identical to that of prior models – you aren’t going to buy this camera to seem to have purchased anything fresh. Instead, the new technology arrives in an understated way. Don’t let that deception mislead you, though; this latest version of both the camera really delivers 6DoF into the real world. Additionally, with this latest version, the gadget retains its 3D perspective and will recall its location in space.

According to Sagi Ben Moshe, general manager of the Intel RealSense Group, “Intel RealSense technology is being utilized to create products that make people’s lives more enjoyable via items and machines that can sense the environment in 3D.” The inclusion of the IMU (inertial measurement unit) makes the RealSense D435i capable of additional applications that include monitoring movement and depth.

In Intel’s view, this latest camera helps meet the following particular needs:


  • Orientation for fitness and robotics
  • Games and automation applications of motion sensors and gesture recognition
  • augmented reality and augmented worlds face devices with rotational tracking


  • None

Orbbec Astra Pro

When it comes to flexibility, the Orbbec Astra is perhaps the closest to Kinect on the market. It comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Chocolate. The Astra is for lengthy (0.6 – 8.0m / optimum 0.6 – 5.0m) scanning (much like Kinect) with VGA color quality, whereas the Astra Pro can detect objects that are a considerably greater distance (10.0 – 22.0m / optimal 10.0 – 15.0m) and has HD quality video with 1280×720 resolution. Like the RealSense SR300, the Astra S is an alternative for short-range use (0.4 to 2 meters) with VGA color.

Orbec Sensors support the open-source OpenNI 2 software and SDKs are available for Linux and Android.


  • Astra Pro is being used in all sorts of locations such as the workplace, school, museum, clinic, retail area, research lab, industrial environment, and more, thanks to the help of creative coders, makers, and inventive companies.
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use the tracker


  • None

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435
  • Maximum video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Maximum frame rate: 30 FPS

The RealSense D415 is the entrance model, which costs $149. It has a slightly lower feature set than the RealSense D435, which is also in the entry-level category but more costly. The major issue with the RealSense D415’s depth sensor is that it has a very restricted horizontal field of vision of 69 degrees, and a depth of 10 meters, which is very limiting. However, if you will just be sitting directly in front of it, it is OK if you use it for Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer streams.

It’s a new look into the future of depth-tracking technology, but that’s all there is to it.

However impressive it all sounds, there’s no point in getting one of these cameras in the future. The first thought that comes to mind with professional streamers is that they are just like you, the one reading this article. If you have the correct software, a few of these cameras might do the same thing as a green screen, rendering your surroundings invisible.

Instead, the cameras would utilize their depth sensors, IR blasters, and digital wizardry to eliminate backdrop separation. As opposed to working with a green sheet or a folding greenscreen, you will instead be struggling with a large green sheet and a stand behind you.

In addition, the Intel website detailing the cameras’ capabilities clearly indicates that they might be used for gesture tracking that is very fun and creative. But in all the years that we’ve had offices like this, have we ever seen any of these activities occur? That is not in the least.


  • Great assistance by Intel providing driver updates, FW updates, re-calibration SW, etc.
  • Mac, Linux, and Windows


  • Overall, the noise level is low

Orbbec Persee

The Orbbec Persee is an unusual entry since it utilizes an ARM-based SOC along with a depth camera. Complete system, low power, and a compact form factor are all supported by this feature. The sensor is exactly the same as the Astra Pro and is programmed using the Astra SDK (or OpenNI2). OpenNI2 does not have optimized internal components, which means using the Astra SDK (or OpenNI2) is recommended. 

This SOC (system on a chip) is equipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Ubuntu 14.04. Although SDK support for C++ and Java is available through JNI bindings as of this writing, this still applies as of the time of this writing. This means that the number of real-world applications that have been converted to Android or ARM Linux is low, and there is very little documentation. 

Therefore, if you run into trouble, you will be expected to look in the forums. It was a feature we were excited about, and one of the best parts of the whole experience was that we were able to broadcast depth image and point cloud data across the network utilizing ROS and gigabit ethernet. Our projects’ main pain point is alleviated by the ability to simply transmit depth data over the network, which allows for the use of a USB extension.

Distributed sensing solutions that need direct access through C++ and minimize your hardware expenses benefit from the Orbbec Persee.

The Astra Pro 3D camera is built-in, so this simple, cheap gadget can be plugged into your TV/monitor or operated independently of a display, enabling you to interact with it completely via the camera.


  • It is much stronger than a standard computer, since it is able to see, hear, and comprehend.
  • As well as a strong integrated ARM CPU.
  • It is much more practical than gadgets that just have one purpose.


  • None.

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller is a device only for tracking hand joints and is much smaller and more specialized than a full-motion controller. When the initial use case was to put it in front of a screen, that is where it is mostly used. The higher your hands and fingers are above it, the easier it is to utilize gestural control software. Although this does function, there is now a novel use for it in which you connect it to the front of a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift, in order to allow the tracking of hands in VR. With this connection, you are able to interact with virtual items in the VR environment. The SDK offers high frame rate locations of the hands’ joints, integrated with frameworks ranging from Unity to Unreal. IR, RGB, and point cloud data are not provided.

If you want to track only two hands with excellent speed and precision, the Leap Motion Controller is a fantastic option.


  • It’s really simple to implement.
  • Its detection zone extends up to one-hundredth of a millimeter, with no perceptible delay.
  • A copy of Airspace is included in the Leap Motion app store.


  • Pricey

Occipital Structure Sensor 

Occipital Structure Sensor with Bracket for Ipad
  • The first 3D sensor for mobile devices
  • Enables 3D scanning, indoor mapping and mixed reality gaming

Near the beginning of the intro, 3D Systems had previously sold a “iSense” product called the “Structure Sensor” which, in all likelihood, was just the renamed “Sense”. The iSense was developed by Occipital, which also developed the Structure Sensor. They are almost similar, although there are variations. The device was discontinued in 2016, however leftover stock is still available at a significant discount (80%) on 3D Systems’ website.

After I received so many iSense inquiries, I ordered one from eBay for $58 so I could check to see if the scan quality & app support differed between the iSense and other devices. See my Structure Sensor vs. iSense article for more information. Also because the iSense has a specific app from 3D Systems, which I evaluated for completeness, I feel I should include it as well.


  • Fixing the Lens Cap


  • Running low on supplies

Oculus Sensor 

Oculus Sensor (Includes 16Ft. Repeater Cable)
  • When used as a third sensor, requires an additional USB 2.0 or higher port
  • Oculus Sensor tracks constellations of IR LED's to translate your movements in VR

Oculus Sensor monitors IR LED constellations to translate your motions in VR. Its basic 1/4-20 mount works for most tripods. Rift is required. As a third sensor, it needs a USB 2.0 or above port. Please note that only 3 sensor combinations enable 360° and Room Scale tracking. Experimenting with 2 sensors may not function as anticipated.


  • Oculus Sensor monitors IR LED constellations to translate VR motions
  • Its 1/4-20 threaded mount works for most tripods.
  • 3 sensor setups only allow 360 degrees & room size tracking.
  • This is an Oculus Rift headset accessory.


  • None

OBSBOT Me AI-Powered

OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount, Auto-Tracking Phone Mount with Wide-Angle Sensing Camera, Content Creation Kit for Vlogging, Streaming and Video Calls
  • AUTO TRACKING: OBSBOT Me uses an advanced neural network to achieve AI tracking, it always stably and smoothly tracks the person in the center of the video frame. Go muse yourself whenever inspiration strikes.
  • USE ANY APP YOU LIKE: Thanks to the built-in wide-angle camera and the AI image processsor, OBSBOT Me can finish all the tracking algorithms by itself and doesn't require any extra App or Bluetooth connection. Just use any App you want. (No connection required between OBSBOT Me and the phone)

OBSBOT Me identifies the individual in the video frame using a sophisticated neural network. Whenever inspiration hits, muse.

USE ANY APP: OBSBOT Me’s wide-angle camera and AI image processor allow it to complete all tracking algorithms without an app or Bluetooth connectivity. Just use App you like. (No OBSBOT Me-to-phone connection needed)

With OBSBOT I’s the universal joint and rotating holder, you can always shoot from the optimum angle.

Ultimate palm flexibility The 68*56*139mm size fits well in your pocket. With a 1/4″ interface, it may be mounted to a tripod and adjusted in angle & height to capture the appropriate results.

Because the OBSBOT Me gimbal’s brushless motor starts faster, you won’t be out of the image.


  • Auto Tracking
  • Extensible Brushless Motor


  • Using time concern 

Tootoey Auto Tracking Phone Holder

Auto Tracking Phone Holder, Auto Face Object Tracking 360° Rotation AI Smart Selfie Stick Tripod for Vlogging Webcast Tiktok, NO APP Required, Rechargeable for Phone
  • 360 Degree Rotation: Auto tracking phone holder adopts 360° horizontal rotation design, wherever you go, this face tracking phone holder follows to capture every expression and move, so you'll never walk off screen and always be the center.
  • Auto Face Object Tracking: This auto face object tracking phone holder adopts dual core AI computing power, no app required, to automatically recognize your face and upports multi-person scenes. The presence of multiple people does not affect the tracking effect of locked faces, free your hands.

Face recognition phone follows you around to record every emotion and move, so you’re never off-screen and always the focus.

This phone holder uses dual-core AI processing capability to identify your face and supports multi-person scenarios. Multiple individuals do not impact the monitoring effect on locked faces, so let go.

A smart selfie stick can charge a phone whilst shooting. The auto-tracking camera’s 4000mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours when completely charged.

The smart monitoring phone holder has a 1/4″ screw hole on the bottom for mounting to a tripod and adjusting the angle and height. Can be used as a phone stand, horizontal or vertical.


  • Flexible 
  • Auto Face Object Tracking 
  • USB Rechargeable


  • None

Pivo Pod Red

Pivo Pod Red - Auto Tracking Smartphone Pod - Handsfree Face Body Motion Tracking Camera Stand - Content Creation App for Videos and Photos
  • AUTO TRACKING: Powered by Pivo's smart AI technology, Pivo Pod Red follows you wherever you go to capture every expression and move. Connect your smartphone to your Pivo Pod and track any object and movement. The 3 different tracking speeds let you record every action without missing any moment.
  • AI POWERED TRACKING : Make your smartphone smarter. Pivo Pod Red tracks any target with Face, Body and Action Tracking. With Pivo Pod Red, always stay in frame and never walk off screen or ruin another almost-perfect take again. Works in both portrait and landscape mode.

Pivo Pod Red accompanies you around to record every emotion and action. Set up your Pivo Pod to monitor objects and movements. The three tracking speeds allow you to capture every action.

Smarten up your phone. Pivo Pod Red monitors Face, Body, and Action. Stay in frame with Pivo Pod Red and never spoil almost another shot. Works in portrait and landscape.

Add Auto Tracking to your Zoom conversations and live broadcasts with the free Pod apps. Compatible with Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. You may broadcast live to 30+ channels at once. Now you can dance for your admirers!

Take photos and videos by posing or just shouting “cheese”. Easy to use, no editing skills required. Improve your Facebook feed with mind-blowing designs!


  • AI tracking


  • Using time concern

Goldensky 360°Rotation Smart Tracking

Conference Camera Auto Tracking Webcam 1080P Full HD Web Camera with Microphone QuickCam Intelligent Motion Tracking Camera,360°Rotation Smart Tracking Streaming Webcam (Black AI Camera)
  • 360° Rotation Auto Face Tracking - 360° rotation auto face tracking stand. Wherever you go, it is can follows to capture every expression and move. Free your hands.It is amazoning choice for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok Video Vlogging, Live Video, live streaming, and more.Especially good in teaching video.
  • Plug and Play Webcam: Easy to use, The video camera is compatible with most software and operating systems such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, ZOOM, SKAPY,Wechat and so on, also works in USB Video Device Class(UVC) mode, supports MAC OS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Smart TV, etc.

360° Rotation Auto Face Tracking – stand. It accompanies you around to record every emotion and action. Let go. It supports Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok Video Vlogging, Live Video, and more. Good for teaching videos.

Webcam for PC: Useful, The video camera operates in USB Video Devices Class (UVC) mode, enables MAC OS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Smart TV, etc.

Our PC webcam rotates in 120°, allowing you to easily access any laptop, LCD display, desktop, or tripod. Also, the adjustable range keeps it steady when turned to the required angle.

Built-in Noise-Reduction Microphone Also, automatically eliminating background noise to improve video sound quality. Help you be heard. The 8m bidirectional sound absorbing and noise removal microphone automatically picks up your speech and filters out surrounding noise for better conversation.


  • AI video follow-up
  • Telemetry


  • Using time concern

What Is Kinect?

Kinect is a motion-detecting input device introduced by Microsoft in 2010 and is often referred to as Project Natal during creation. Included in the technology is a set of equipment established by PrimeSense, with RGB cameras, infra-red projectors, and detection systems that plotted depth using either structured light or time of flight estimations and a mic array, all of which is made possible through Microsoft’s software and artificial intelligence. Kinect is utilized to do hands-free intuitive user interface tasks with a computer system because of this. Kinect is a kind of accessory that resembles a camera but instead sits on top of the user’s display.

Kinect Alternative

Kinect was created in order to replace the Xbox controller as a way of reducing the video game hardware’s controller-based input, in competition with the Nintendo Wii’s motion-sensing capabilities, with the hopes of expanding the base of Xbox customers beyond conventional video game players. As of November 2010, over 10 million Kinect devices have been sold in only a few months, making it one of the quickest computer hardware items in history. Even though the Kinect has different capabilities than other video game platforms, video games had to be created especially to integrate these unique Kinect features, and most games with Kinect compatibility were family-friendly titles. 

Microsoft intended to make the second wave of Kinect hardware a component of the Xbox One so that developers that want to make use of the Kinect may do so. While requiring Kinect to be always connected to the Xbox One may have been necessary at the time, this practice was nonetheless met with significant concerns over privacy. Furthermore, other significant changes were made and the requirement for Kinect to be always linked to the Xbox One was ultimately omitted in November 2013 when the console was first released. Even after the Xbox One launched, Kinect-based games did not find a large market, and Microsoft finally removed Kinect from the Xbox One bundles, with subsequent hardware versions needing a special USB adaptor instead. Microsoft ceased Kinect development in 2018.

At the time, Kinect was more cost-effective and more durable compared to other thorough technologies. Microsoft has expanded its Kinect business to include non-gaming uses, such as automation, healthcare, and medical services. According to those who hacked the Kinect after its November 2010 debut, developers have utilized this hacked Kinect to create hardware drivers and software interfaces for usage on personal computers running Microsoft Windows and other operating systems. Initially, Microsoft expressed concerns about the security problems related to these hacks, but then eventually reversed direction and supported these initiatives. 

Kinect Alternative

They have also provided a non-commercial software development kit (SDK) for non-commercial apps. To make it more commercially viable, the firm renamed the Kinect hardware as Kinect for Windows in 2012. Following the introduction of the Xbox One Kinect in 2014, Microsoft developed a second-generation Kinect for Windows and launched it that year. However, it canceled this line a year later and encouraged customers to use the Xbox One Kinect, which was functional in all aspects. Microsoft has launched a non-gaming version of the Kinect sensor called the Azure Kinect. This edition of Microsoft Azure cloud computer apps complements the capabilities of the device. Although some of the Kinect techs had also been used in the Hololens project, Kinect also made an appearance in Microsoft’s Hololens project.

How To Choose The Best Kinect Alternative 

Interm of this post we will concern with the functions of Body Tracking of Kinect. Therefore these evaluated elements will be based on those concerns: 

Enhanced Computer Setup

To get the most out of the filled VR virtual reality (VRV) tracking systems, it is essential to have a higher-powered computer. For example, to have a high degree of immersion while utilizing the Vive trackers, the HTC Vive suggests a CPU with an Intel i5-4590 or higher. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or similar graphics card is also highly recommended.

Kinect Alternative

These devices are for casual users, and they are expensive. For casual users, the acquisition of all of the required equipment for full-body monitoring may be challenging.


Some people who are just getting into virtual reality don’t know that a full-body tracker calibration is required with basic PC needs to provide a usable experience. VR equipment, accessories, and games aren’t like consoles where you simply plug them in and start using them. Virtually indistinguishable from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, time is required for them to become fully functioning.


Although Oculus and HTC are the leaders in VR development, not everyone is aware of it. Many apps and games accept both of these technologies and brands. Those who want to make the most of VR should purchase one of each. The technology is unfortunately very costly. 

Here are some creative use of a Best Kinect Alternative Depth Sensor

Kinect Alternative

Use High-quality 3d Scanning Techniques

Using an off-the-shelf Kinect, a person may utilize the Kinect Fusion project to scan items of various sizes and use the scan data to create highly detailed 3D images. With smaller items, the user must move the sensor to the location where the object is to be scanned. With larger objects, the sensor must be moved to the scanning location.

Assist In Post-stroke Recovery

Exercises that increase the user’s motor function will be provided. To monitor their actions, Kinect’s scanning capabilities will be used together with software that tracks their development.

This system makes it possible for patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own homes or with the support of their families, rather than in hospitals. To test and monitor their recovery levels, the system was built with the assistance of researchers, who think the game-like environment would lead to quicker recovery.

Learn Sign Language

Kinect Alternative

This will facilitate communication among sign language users and non-sign language users. For those who speak various sign languages, it’s also quite useful so there are more than 300 distinct sign languages in use throughout the globe.

Kinect can scan these emotions, understand them, and then repeat the process to allow a virtual avatar sign to a recipient, doing more to break down language barriers than previously possible.

You May Use Gestures To Get Data

To be able to perform surgery, surgeons need knowledge about their patients and, for that, must work with surfaces that are not clean. This may affect the outcome of the operation. Hence, additional team members are required to get such information from them.

The Use Of Vr Interaction

The bodily movements recorded by the Holoflector are then reflected in the mirror. The system can also find out whether you are holding a phone in your hand, such, say, while you are standing at the front of the device.

Kinect Alternative

Use Your Avatar To Hack A System

Kininisploit enables a person to get access to a computer’s security system by mixing a Kinect, a few hacking tools, and a 3D world. It is similar to playing a video game, almost. In one demonstration, a hacker “shoots” at wireless access points to get access.

Convert Any Surface Into A Touchscreen-enabled Surface

A straightforward way to say the projective system may be projected on any flat surface (such as a wall) and used to convert it into a touchscreen. Waving, tapping, swiping, and panning on the surface are all activities that can be done using the Kinect sensor to pick up the input. No additional specific configuration is required.

Virtual-fitting Clothes

There, the Kinect is widely used to obtain a scan of a body, after which the user may choose an outfit and preview it on a screen. This makes internet shopping more enjoyable, especially when it comes to clothing.

Kinect Alternative

Anatomical Overlays Augmented

By positioning themselves in front of the Kinect, users may view in real-time the skeletal structure of their target (or region of focus) as if they had X-ray vision.

Use Of Body Movement To Control Robots

There have been other cases of plagiarism with regards to duplicating the work of other filmmakers, such as when numerous people hacked the Kinect in order to utilize the device to control robots through physical movement. There are many hacked Kinects videos on YouTube, some of which demonstrate uncanny mimicry of movements, particularly arms.

Check this video to get more ideas of how best Kinect alternatives work in real life.

Conclusion: Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Kinect Alternative

In industries all over the world, people are working on many Kinect projects.

Healthcare, Fitness, Retail, Advertising or Gaming

However, standalone apps (such as the Madame Tussauds New York museum) which are used on booths, exhibits, or other kinds of installations (like for example, a trade show) are not required to be updated. Customers will have access to them exactly as they have in the past.

Alternatively, applications and games need to embrace a new sensor to remain relevant. If your company depends on your customers purchasing a new gadget, then you absolutely must take steps to maintain current technology.

We’re thankful that the development community is always engaged. The arrival of new businesses has provided us with many Best Kinect Alternative. Here are my top picks today. A note of caution: It should be remembered that I’m just discussing the sensors we’ve used for commercial purposes. You’re more than welcome to provide another idea in the comments

Valve Index Full VR Kit (2020 Model) (Includes Headset, Base Stations, & Controllers)
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For VR Kit
Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For Premium Depth Sensor
ZED 2 Stereo 3D Camera Sensor for Depth Perception, Motion Tracking and Spatial AI
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative Quality
Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i, Silver (82635D435IDK5P)
Best for
Best Kinect Alternative For Affordable Product
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