VALLEYWIND Kids Arm Cast Cover – Keep Safe And Dry For Swimming, Bathing, And Showering

A child’s life is made difficult by the cast. As parents, it’s heartbreaking to watch your little one has gone through such discomfort because of their injury. Thankfully there are waterproof casts available now! These “waterproof” covers will make bathing easier for you both while protecting against outside elements like water exposure which could harm any other parts that come into contact with them during swimming time. VALLEYWIND Kids Arm Cast Cover is a fantastic product for your baby to keep doing the things that matter most.

Why Does Your Child Need a Cast Cover?

Kids arm cast cover

The homemade version of cast covers may suffice for a shower or two, but they’re not water-tight and can’t handle pools. The more sophisticated versions you need if your child needs to take baths in the future. A small amount of water can be detrimental to your child’s cast, which will slow down the healing process. A more sophisticated cover will also protect against chlorine and bacteria that are common at swimming pools.

In order for your child to safely shower, it is best if you put a cover over the cast. This will allow them clean and keep their casts nice dry while they are in there taking baths or doing other things that might make bath time extra long! A waterproof pediatric cast covers help little ones, who can’t take showers because of size limitations but love getting dipped below water level just as much as any older sibling would enjoy bathing with mommy every day at home instead. 

The worst time for a child’s arm to break is right when they’re looking forward in anticipation of summer fun. That excitement and anticipation quickly turn into frustration, anger, or sadness.

Waterproof cast cover keeps your child active in the water while keeping dry. It’s a great accessory for pool days, boating adventures, or just everyday playtime with friends and family! The covers can be worn over an existing splint to ensure that their casts stay tightly fastened at all times – it won’t get wet even if you take off on some wacky adventure of yours :). The best part about these covers? They’re entirely reusable; just put them up after use, then hang again tomorrow morning without any worries at all perfect timing before summer starts!!. 

Why Should You Choose VALLEYWIND Kids Arm Cast Cover? 

Kids Arm Cast Cover for Shower Bath, Waterproof Kid Cast and Bandage Protector for Child, Hand Surgery Wound Burns Arm Cast Reuable Size L for Kids Height More Than 4.26FT
  • Ideal for the WATERTIGHT PROTECTION of arm casts, bandages, rashes, abrasions, burns, cuts, wounds, IV & PICC Lines. Great to keep bandages and wounds dry while showering or bathing
  • Waterproof Kid Cast Cover for Shower Arm- VALLEYWIND kids arm cast cover can keep kid arm dry while showering, bathing or doing other water activities. Protect bandages, wounds, injury parts away from moisture and water. It’s odorless, friendly to latex-sensitive kids

Waterproof kids Bandage Protector Bag for shower, playing

The VELLEYWIND kid arm cast protector is made from a lightweight, durable and reusable quality material that not only blocks water but also dirt sand grime. The design has an elastic seal to keep your child’s skin irritation-free while they heal! 

It can be used over again each time without any risk of damage because its patented leakproof Tear Resistant Design makes sure you always get optimal protection for those precious parts under wraps – even after prolonged use as well as following surgery such as casts. 

VELLEYWIND kids arm cast cover is made of a lightweight, durable and reusable quality material that ensures to be leakproof. It has Latex-free qualities which makes it comfortable for your little one’s skin! The cover fits most kid arms measuring 20 inches in length so you can rest assured knowing he or she will feel safe while wearing this protective gear.

Effective Waterproof kid arm shower bag

Waterproof hand cast cover for finger, arm and wrist. This 100% waterproof kid arm cast can effectively protect kids from getting moist when showering or bathing in water- Activities that involve contact with fluids like swimming are also possible without worrying about ruining your new accessory!

This 20-inch long version has a diameter up 1/2″ – 5 inches which will fit most people out there, including latex-sensitive individuals looking for an alternative way to protect themselves during showers or baths without worrying about irritation. 

How To Measure For A Waterproof Cast Cover

Kids arm cast cover

The best way to find the right cast cover for your child is by measuring their arm or leg. You should take a few measurements before ordering so that you know which size will fit them well and be comfortable! Measurements are taken from just about halfway up one side of an object all the way down towards its base, then add two inches if necessary at either end this allows room for swelling during healing time but provides plenty when it isn’t needed because adults usually have quite large feet too (depending on how long they’re wearing). For foot casts there may also need additional space added due in part to increased widths involved with certain types. There are 2 sizes for your option, for a chubby kid, we advise taking 20inch, for slim arm kid, we advise choosing 17.5inch  .20inch it is also fit for most teens and women, Please notice! 

You can rest assured when choosing VALLEYWIND Kids Arm Cast Cover. Worries about the wrong size will be eliminated with our products, which have very clear specifications for size and space to move freely in them. It fits most kids/youths’ arms comfortably- both female or male proportions are accommodated by this cast cover. 

Bottom Lines 

There is nothing worse than a broken limb. But, finding the perfect pediatric waterproof cast cover can be an exciting bright spot in your child’s life! With many options available on today’s market it isn’t easy to pick out just one of those “best” ones. Valleyswind Kids Arm Cast Cover is one of the best options for keeping their cast looking pristine even if they take baths or swim! Not only does this product work great by itself; you also get plenty versatility with its design allowing water accessibility while still protecting what needs protection – like sensitive skin from infections caused by fungus-causing bacteria.

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