The Best Infinity Mirror Case On The Market

PC case infinity mirrors might be difficult to find, especially if you have a specific purpose in mind. With hundreds of options might be distracting to the user’s mind. Finding out what’s excellent and what’s terrible might be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you to find the best infinity mirror case in this post.

Shopping for the finest computer case infinity mirror causes you stress? If so, then you’re not alone. Is your brain spinning with doubts? Having gone through the whole process of researching computer case infinity mirrors, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the finest computer case infinity mirrors on the market. A few questions that you may have in mind have been jotted down for your consideration.

PC component picker does show an infinity mirror that a guy constructed and attached to the front of his PC. Had a better airflow, and it looked great! I’d advise you to avoid this. There’s a separate cage for a power supply within the bottom piece gates, which makes it easy to run cables from there. There is a dust filter that is easily accessible under the power supply and on the lid window side panel foot.AIO Finally, we’ve found the Best Infinity Mirror Case after hours of study and comparison. Check out our ranking in the table below!

Best Infinity Mirror Case Comparison 2022

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Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
MagniumGear (MG-NE620QI_DWT02) NEO Qube 2 IM, Dual Chamber ATX Mid-Tower, Digital-RGB Infinity Mirror Front Panel, Front I/O USB Type C, Tempered Glass Panels, White
  • Dual chamber mid-tower chassis makes building and cable management easy while showcasing system components.
  • High airflow mesh design on all sides and low restrictive slide able dust filter on the bottom.
Bestseller No. 3
Zalman IF120 Infinity Mirror ARGB 120mm Case Fans, Silent 3-Pin Addressable RGB Fans for Computer Case & Liquid Radiator, 1200RPM Smooth and Silent Fans, 55.2 CFM, Motherboard RGB SYNC (Single)
  • Addressable RGB: 120mm fan with addressable sync for vivid and colorful RGB LED effects.
  • Infinity Mirror: The center of the fan is an infinity mirror that creates a series of visually striking reflections that recede infinitely into the distance. The color is vibrant in every direction.
Bestseller No. 4
AZZA Regis PC Case - ATX Cube Enclosure with ARGB Infinity Mirror, Detachable Tempered Glass & Brushed Aluminum Panels, Gold Trim Frame, Versatile Layout, Angled Stand, 140mm Fan & PWM/ARGB Hub
  • MORE THAN JUST A PC CASE: The REGIS is a luxury ATX cube enclosure that elevates chassis aesthetics to sculptural levels with its pure form & illusory infinity mirror lighting; includes 17 ARGB controller effects & 3-pin motherboard synchronization
  • SUPERB CRAFTSMANSHIP: Tempered-glass & brushed-aluminum panels are tool-free detachable, while the flawless smoke-grey surfaces are framed with gold-trim edges; a premium aluminum stand bolts the cube in place at an optimal viewing angle
Bestseller No. 5
CUK Micro Continuum mATX Gaming Desktop Case with Tempered Glass Door (6 Addressable RGB Lotus Fans Pre-Installed, Remote Controller, Motherboard Sync)
  • Control the look of your desktop to fit your mood with 6 different Lotus RGB fan color options
  • Exceptional airflow for advanced cooling and unhindered performance
Bestseller No. 6
IN WIN 309GE (IW-CS-309GE-BLK) EATX/EEB Mid Tower with 4 ARGB Fan, Black
  • Vivid Display Through 144 ARGB LEDs and provides creation mode via InWin exclusive Glow X Software
  • Three Built-in Classically Themed Games and Comes with an Exclusive Gamepad Which Is Specially Designed for the 309’s Integrated Games
Bestseller No. 7
Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)
  • Sparkling LED Lighting: The case has a addressable RGB LED Strip in the front panel to get a vivid lighting effect .It can be easily controlled by 5V 3 pin rgb header on motherboard (5V 3 Pin addressable LED headers and VDG headers ONLY).
  • Graphics Card Vertical Mounting: It allows users to securely mount the graphics card, or any PCI Express card vertically inside your case. Different from Graphics Card horizontal installation, It’s no need to worry about deformation.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Cartoon Network: Infinity Train: Book One (DVD)
  • Ashley Johnson (Actor)
  • Keith Mack (Producer)
Bestseller No. 10
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill (Actors)

Top 15 Infinity Mirror Case Reviews 2022

NZXT H710 – CA-H710B-BR – ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case

NZXT H710 - CA-H710B-BR - ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case - Front I/O USB Type-C Port - Quick-Release Tempered Glass Side Panel - Cable Management System - Water-Cooling Ready - Black/Red
  • NEW FEATURES: Front I/O USB Type-C Port and Tempered glass side panel with single screw installation
  • ENHANCED CABLE MANAGEMENT: Our patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps makes wiring easy and intuitive

Honestly, I wanted to enjoy this case more than I did. As a lover of minimalist design, I wanted a case where I could mount fans for maximum cooling. Because I only had two fans on the radiator for intake, I would have negative air pressure since I was intending to put three fans on top. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to put a third fan under the radiator due to the radiator itself. Either you have a 360 mm radiator or you have 3 fans on your computer. There is no option to have a radiator with two fans and a single fan at the front of the car.

As a result, I chose to place the radiator as an exhaust on top of the case. My motherboard, on the other hand, has a little plastic piece at the top that got in the way of one of my fans. Adding an extra row of slots to the top mounting rack would have allowed you to move the radiator closer to where it meets the glass side of the enclosure. Ultimately, I opted to return the case and go with something more flexible instead of returning it.

There’s plenty of room for 7 fans, 2 radiators, a fan controller, and cable management, but I have to fit in a water pump. It was a challenge because of the design, but I managed it. If you arrange the cables appropriately, you’ll be happy with the case’s appearance.

My case was close to flawless in every way. During my whole installation, I only encountered an issue with one of the screws keeping the hard drive casing in place. The other three screws were OK, so I just used a zip-tie in the last position to secure it in. This case is wonderful for me.


  • Soil construction with a large footprint.
  • The top fan bracket may be removed.
  • Straps for cable management and channels for cable management
  • The device controller is integrated inside the device.
  • Managing and controlling RGB is a breeze.
  • Easy to use, CAM programs provide relevant information (CPU/GPU temperatures, processor use, memory consumption, etc.) on the screen.
  • Side panels may be quickly removed.
  • Anesthetic based on simplicity (subjective).
  • It’s chilly everywhere.
  • Still as a tomb.
  • Filter for the intake.


  • Nothing for cons

Phanteks (P-GO360MP_DBK01) Glacier One 360MP

Phanteks (P-GO360MP_DBK01) Glacier One 360MP D-RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Infinity Mirror Pump Cap Design, 3x Silent 120mm MP PWM Fans, Black
  • High performance water cooling for Sockets LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1200 and AM4, sTRX4*, TR4*(*Threadripper bracket included with CPU).
  • Pre-filled for plug-and-play installation reliable operation with reinforced braided tube sleeving, 100% pure copper cold plate and PWM controlled pump and fans.

The 360mph in white is what I purchased. Perfect match for my Phanteks P400a, which is also available in white! As expected, it keeps my Ryzen 5900x quite cool. Idle temperatures range from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius and only reach 70 to 75 degrees Celsius when under load. On my I7 6700k for over 5 years, the Corsair AiO 240mm worked perfectly, however, I detest the issue program. With this cooler, you can set it and forget it. For the RGB, I just daisy linked the case fans to the cooler and used the case controls. Case controls can also be connected via RGB headers on compatible motherboards. Though a little noisier than I thought, it does a good job of cooling down my processor.

The DRGB Cover includes a detachable harness that may be used with it. You have the option to employ the RGB Function or not, depending on your needs. If you opt not to plug it in, it still looks great and won’t have any hanging cords.

This device is very low-profile without the cover on the pump. In terms of hoses, it’s virtually identical to what’s on the ASUS Rog Ryujin road. As a result, they are extremely thin as well as flexible. All I can say about the hoses is that they are a bit lengthy for my taste. I realize it’s for compatibility, but I hope they produce a version with shorter hoses for the SFF community. Aside from that, this stuff is incredible. The customer care department also answers the phone in a timely way, without using any automated menus, which is refreshing. This is a great company.

Great design and includes all necessary connections (easy to hide cables). There’s not much I can say about them because I replaced them with RGB fans. A six-year warranty is included. I’ll let you know if there are any difficulties. With my purchase, I am satisfied.


  • 5800x cool and quiet
  • Unique looking
  • Cool RGB effects


  • Not fit if you’re using all 8 DIMM slots

Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming

Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)
  • Sparkling LED Lighting: The case has a addressable RGB LED Strip in the front panel to get a vivid lighting effect .It can be easily controlled by 5V 3 pin rgb header on motherboard (5V 3 Pin addressable LED headers and VDG headers ONLY).
  • Graphics Card Vertical Mounting: It allows users to securely mount the graphics card, or any PCI Express card vertically inside your case. Different from Graphics Card horizontal installation, It’s no need to worry about deformation.

In addition to having a highly distinctive casing owing to its mounting method, the thermals are surprisingly decent once I installed my components. To make wire management easier, I really like the unique IO approach that they came up with. I think the loop would be better with more RAD/Fan mounting places. Would this be worth considering for future revisions? As far as the case goes, I’m really satisfied and the pricing is fair. 

The effects of the RGB lights are also really impressive. The case’s overall construction quality is excellent. Even while cable management isn’t the best in the world, it’s still quite doable. A unique system that is likely to please anybody who seeks it. There’s nothing else like this case. The side-mounted motherboard does more than simply give a novel appearance to computer casings. Due to the fact that this is a mid-tower, there is a ton of space in this scenario.

On the steel panel side, there are handy SSD mounts. To replace the steel or tempered glass side panels, the semi-hinged side panels may be easily removed. If desired, the pre-installed RGB fans may be linked to the onboard fan controller or to your motherboard if desired. For simple cleaning, the front dust screen is magnetized. There’s a lot of potential in the air department. For CPU cooling, we’ll be installing a twin 120mm fan radiator.

This is a pretty nice feature. I also love that I can quickly access all the regular peripherals directly on a detachable panel, which is a huge plus. and the cables come out of the rear of the device. In any case, don’t take the bad reviews too seriously. This case is both useful and novel to me. Despite the fact that it’s not a high-end case, it’s not cheap either. It’s a mid-priced, well-designed device that’s tidy and functional. I think it would make a great basis for a bespoke build.


  • Ryzen 2600 build
  • Capability is very good
  • Unique PC case


  • RGB wiring is not good

NZXT Kraken X53 240mm – RL-KRX53-01

NZXT Kraken X53 240mm - RL-KRX53-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - Rotating Infinity Mirror Design - Improved Pump-Powered By CAM V4-RGB Connector-Aer P 120mm Radiator Fans (2 Included), Black, X Gen 3
  • Design: With a re-designed cap and larger infinity mirror ring LED, the new Kraken X allows for adjusting the orientation of the pump head to fit without affecting the direction of the logo
  • Bigger And Brighter: 10% bigger infinitty mirror cap allows for more vivid RGB and a rotating cap accommodates re-orienting the logo no matter the direction the cooler is installed

As far as the installation was concerned, everything went well. The installation went according to plan, and the device powered on. There is no communication between the unit and the CAM software on the device itself. NZXT Tech advised me that there was a problem with the ASUS X570.

As it turns out, NZXT’s cure was to install a USB hub to your PC and plug it into it. As a result, this was installed, and the device is now operating smoothly. NZXTR, on the other hand, provided the hub for free.

I would have given this device a better rating if it weren’t for the Motherboard and NZXT software problems. The installation of this AIO Cooler was a breeze. As this was my first PC build, it was important to me that I go all out in terms of the RGB. A custom GIF image capability on this cooler was a huge plus for me. When it comes to cooling my Ryzen 3900x, it does a fantastic job, and it looks nice in my glass front case as well. As a result of this, I replaced the two fans that came with the radiator with two corsair RGB fans. It was great for the NZXT H710i case that I bought, with the 2 fan radiator version.

To attach the radiator and fans, I utilized the mounting bracket that came with my case. As soon as the mounting bracket was in position, I screwed in the screws to secure the radiator and fans in place. The fans can also be screwed directly into the radiator if desired. It’s then only a matter of putting your fans in your case. Daisy chaining the in and out wires at this point is my recommendation. As a result, I had to remove everything to connect the wires.


  • There was no interference with my X570 Aorus Ultra mobo’s DDR4 slot.
  • Included are AM4 brackets.
  • Brackets and screws are easy to install and remove.


  • On the other hand, the paper version of the handbook is rather rudimentary. 
  • I had hoped for a more detailed handbook but was disappointed.
  • Incomplete instructions can be found in manuals.

Antec Addressable RGB Fans

Antec RGB Fans 120mm, RGB Case Fans, PC Fans, 3-pin 5V Addressable RGB Fans, Infinity Series 3 Packs
  • Infinity design: The 8K mirror in the center of the fan is combined with the black hole, and the infinity mirror effect with a single RGB LED ring creates a charming visual effect.
  • 120mm low-noise fan: PWM intelligent speed-regulating fan, balanced fan blade heat dissipation is more sharp, can introduce more airflow during rotation, increase the output air pressure to improve heat dissipation efficiency, and both performance and quietness can be calmly faced .

However, the infinite mirror effect they have going on makes the fans wobble a lot more obvious. However, these fans do not wobble more than my previous ones did. Instead, I believe the clean lines inside mirrors make it stand out. If you look at the fan’s edge or the blades at the back of the center cylinder, you won’t notice it. 

At the very least, on two occasions. Compared to my previous two fans, my third one is a little slower and a little more wobbly. Certainly more slowly, but we don’t say it where he can hear us say it! This specific mirror had a fingerprint coating that wouldn’t come off, and the pull tab was pulled completely off of it!

Compared to my prior supporters, they’re louder, but that was expected. They appear to be pushing more air than my prior Cryorig fans, which I didn’t expect to observe. Fortunately, they are equipped with vibration dampeners. Good thing they came with enough screws. A controller was included, although I’m not sure whether it was marketed as such. So that’s good, and it connects through SATA. It can control up to four fans using PWM and RGB. However, there are no mounting alternatives, as it is a very little device.

Great fan, but if you’re using Synapse as I am, I have some advice for you. Use just the evens or the odds while betting. Incorporating them both creates a light combination that may provide surprising outcomes Perhaps that might work for you, but you’d have to play around with it. It’s stunning. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s quite enough.


  • Easy install
  • Controllers for the RGB lights.


  • Seem off-balance at low RPM
  • It is a bit loud

 Lian Li Mid-Tower Chassis Micro ATX Computer Case

Lian Li Mid-Tower Chassis Micro ATX Computer Case PC Gaming Case w/Tempered Glass Side Panel, Magnetic Dust Filter, Water-Cooling Ready, Side Ventilation, 2x120mm PWM Fan Pre-Installed (205M, Black)
  • Computer case with clean aesthetic. Dimensions: 8.2 x 16.3 x 15.7inch. Steel front panel/main structure with plenty of room for all components, make it durable and roomy for your first mATX build, 1st PC, theater and gaming PC
  • Gaming PC Case with tempered glass side panel allows for a great view of your RGB components. Motherboard size supporting: micro ATX (mATX) and Mini-ITX

It’s a great idea. Construction is excellent, and adding fans is a snap. Due to its user-friendliness, it’s fun and easy to customize this case. When installing a radiator or fans, the top panel may be simply removed and replaced with one screw and slide-ins. The front of the case may also be removed.

As soon as I received my case, I proceeded to remove the glass panel and accidentally dropped it on my desk, shattering it. The fact that I had waited to assemble this computer until I had received all of my components made me quite upset, and I didn’t feel like sending the case back to Amazon and Lian Li’s customer service was contacted through the company’s website and a picture of my shattered glass panel was sent to them.

The metal brackets attaching the side glass panel to the casing keep falling off. There is no way I can fix it without totally disassembling the side panel. In an otherwise good scenario, this is a huge bother

Many years ago, when individuals first began modifying cases, Lian Li produced gorgeous cases. Because I was a penniless college student, I was unable to purchase expensive cases.

As it turned out, my wait was not. Despite my expectations, the case is just what I wanted Ample space for everything I wanted to put in it. Filters that can be taken out are easily accessible. Fortunately, I was able to hide all of my cords behind my computer’s back


  • Aesthetics.
  • To a certain extent, the construction is over-engineered.
  • Like other modern cases, this one does not have any troublesome screws
  • Tempered glass


  • No front USB-C

Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case

Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case, Pre-Installed 200mm RGB Fan, High Airflow Round Computer Case, Water Cooler Ready, Black
  • Unique Design: The unique round design with tempered glass and mesh front panel make your case different from others, and it can also improve the airflow performance of the case. (Note: Only the front panel is glass, the top is acrylic cover plate)
  • Pre-install RGB Fan: The case pre-install a 200mm RGB fan on the side, and you can control RGB lightings with the LED switch button, it makes your case more beautiful at night.

As soon as you take a look at it, it’s clear that this instance is a branding of an older preexist As a result, although the front mesh panel includes mounting points for two optical drives, the optical drive bays have been covered by However, this isn’t the first time the case has been marketed under this brand.

Look closely and you’ll see that it’s the same as the dark flash Phantom case but with different fans with a mesh front, metal right side panel, and glass left panel instead of all three panels. Consider this an increase in terms of the overall quality.

There is a 3 pin fan connector and an optional Molex power connector on the provided fans. The included fans use the standard 3 pin RGB connector and feature an Even the hanging Molex connector would have been preferable to me since they just get in the way. 

Because each fan’s ARGB and 3-pin power connection are hooked into the hub, and because the hub has no fan speed control, it’s somewhat of a waste of, As a result, the fans rotating at maximum speed aren’t very silent. Despite the fact that they’re not loud enough to be a significant concern, they’re nonetheless noticeable.

When it comes to cable management on the motherboard tray’s rear, there isn’t much to say. However, the cables on the pre-installed fans are just barely long enough to connect to the hub, and cannot be controlled with standard cable management techniques. The case includes a number of zip-tie hooks, but the wires on Cable management are going to be a mess if you’re utilizing the supplied fans and RGB hub. Yes, you can make it better, but there is a limit.


  • Pretty tall
  • Mounting points


  • Lack of fan speed control
  • Background noise


MUSETEX MESH Micro-ATX Tower 3 PCS 120MM ARGB Fans + 1x 200MM ARGB Fan Pre-Installed 2 PCS × USB 3.0 Ports Opening Tempered Glass Panel & Mesh Front Panel Airflow Gaming PC Case (MK7-GN4)
  • 【Outstanding Airflow】Large front panel metal mesh and 1pcs 200mm & 3pcs 120mm MUSETEX ARGB fans are pre-installed for the case.Powerful 200mm fan enhance cooling.When you play computer case ,it not only delivers massive airflpw to your system for maximum cooling ,but also controls your Argb lighting making for brilliant lighting effects, which makes your conputers case with a striking look.
  • 【Multiple ARGB Modes】 Button control has 19 lighting modes ;Motherboard control: it connected to the 5V 3PIN header on motherboard, the motherboard control can be unlimited ARGB fans modes (Note: 12V 4PIN motherboard is not suitable for motherboard control mode, it is recommended to use button control only)

Other than that, the casing is wonderful and simple to work in, RGB isn’t the best and lags if you know what I mean. In terms of ventilation, this is a fantastic choice for those seeking a micro-ATX cubit case The second time I’ve worked with Musetex, I’ve gained a great deal of respect for For the second time, I was able to get a high-quality case at a fantastic price, and it’s really I’m still not tired of gazing at this case since it’s so beautiful! My favorite part of the glass panel is the design. Everything about it is attractive and easy to work with.

When not in use, just slide it off the back hinges and it will be out of the Even though I’ll probably never use it, I’m impressed that this mATX case offers the option to put the GPU vertically. In fact, I’ve never seen it on a full-sized case.

In spite of the fact that this case is remarkably quiet, well-built, and Plan your wire routing ahead of time during installation since some areas are tough to reach, but the layout makes it ideal for cable routing. Definitely check the measurements before ordering since this case is broader than I thought.

While holding the RGB button, the motherboard software may control the fan colors and sync them with all of your other RGB things if you have the controller linked up to your motherboard.

I was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of this case. There are five aRGB fans pre-installed in the case, and it features a beautiful appearance with a complete tempered glass door. Once hooked in, a button on the case or a computer may be used to operate all five fans.


  • Fantastic Case
  • Micro ATX build
  • RGB fans


  • Nothing

KEDIERS Computer Case ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming

KEDIERS Computer Case ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case Open Tower Case - USB3.0 - Remote Control - 2 Tempered Glass - Cooling System - Airflow - Cable Management C-570
  • [Powerful cooling system]-- KEDIERS gaming computer case is pre-installed with 7 RGB dual light ring LED fans: 3 x front, 2 x top,2 x side; The open design can keep the GPU continuously low,making your computer run more smoothly.
  • [2 tempered glass panels]-- KEDIERS 570 gaming case is equipped with 2 * 4mm thick translucent tempered glass, which can clearly see the RGB lighting, which can protect and display all the components in the building, and bring better to players Game experience.

Heat dissipation performance is outstanding, keeping your computer equipment cool and increasing the running speed. There are PCI-advanced screws in each expansion slot to secure the CPU. There is a water cooling system In order to make your gaming computer seem cooler and stronger, the gaming case may be equipped with two 240 water coolers. As far as lighting goes, the RGB Case Fans have the most beautiful and Less than a thousandth of a product fails. 

The computer casing is better protected with a thick, high-quality package

Brand series items have all been thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, so you can buy with confidence! There are a number of mounting choices and methods to route the wire without ruining the appearance and feel of the case, which makes Due to the open casing, there are no exhaust fans. As a result, the airflow cycles and dissipates If you want to blast hot air out of the room, you can turn the fans around, but you’ll be tampering with the air.


  • Very flexible setup
  • Look cool


  • 240mm rad does not fit

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Tempered Glass Mid

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Smart Case, White
  • Improve your system's cooling with a high airflow layout, complete with a steel grill front panel for Optimal air intake.
  • Light up your PC with three included Corsair SP120 RGB Pro fans, each lined with eight individually addressable LEDs around the hub (24 total).

As a result of just having one back fan, my previous case had terrible airflow. Since most cases had glass fronts, I wanted a beautiful glass RGB case like the big boys, but every case I looked at had the same concerns about bad airflow, which completely negates the purpose of buying a new case in the first place. Not only did I not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a case, but I also did not want to spend 80 dollars for a nicer oven.

I got this bad boy after reading the reviews and hearing about the fantastic airflow with the RGB front fans. There were a lot more holes and slots in this case than in my previous one, which made wiring a lot easier. However, I believe this instance would be straightforward to work with for someone who understands what they’re doing.

With that stated, I think the cable management area might have been a quarter-inch larger to accommodate all wires. My cords had to be reorganized several times before I was pleased with it. The three supplied fans are also a bit noisy and do not come with a splitter, which is another thing.

Intake fans had to be moved to the outside of the case for the trio of cases, but other than that, it was a smooth process To make room for the NH-D15, I removed one of my fans and installed a 140-millimeter Industrial 2000 Noctua fan in the second slot, which reminded me why I got RGB RAM in the first place. The biggest drawback was that my GPU went up 15 degrees and my CPU went up 10 under full load.


  • Tall profile RAM
  • Size was perfect


  • Not for 2080 ti

Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower

Corsair 4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case - Black
  • Combining innovative cable management, concentrated airflow, and proven CORSAIR build quality, the 4000D is a fitting choice for an immaculate high-performance PC.
  • The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and fast to route your major cables through a single channel, with a roomy 25mm of space behind the motherboard for all of your cables.

I love the white hue, the glass is crystal clear, and the RGB is stunning. Airflow/cooling is adequate, however, nothing in my setup gets too hot. In my opinion, this is one of the most gorgeous cases I’ve ever seen in person.

It appears to be well-made and reliable. There were already standoffs in place for my motherboard, and there were Numerous apertures for airflow (pretty much the whole thing is openings, except the two big square sides). For some reason, one of the power supply screw holes was a bit difficult to get into. My recommendation is that you use a round-section file to make sure that the holes line up perfectly before installing your components.

However, unless you’re aiming for simple construction, this case is completely worthless. Unpacking the case, you’ll find out that two vital accessories must be purchased individually (and they haven’t even been released yet!. As well as the PSU Shroud Plate that sits near the fans, you’ll also need to acquire.

Even though the Motherboard Accessory is not included in the description, I’ve asked them about it numerous times, and it’s even shown on their website as a product, but there’s no way to buy it?


  • Case Corsair
  • Really quiet.


  • Go off the photos!

Montech X3 Glass 6pcs, 3 x 140mm

Montech X3 Glass 6pcs, 3 x 140mm& 3 x 120mm Fixed RGB Lighting Fans ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, USB3.0, Door Open Tempered Glass Side Panel, High Airflow, Black
  • Unmatched Price per Performance - The Montech X3 is not just any PC Gaming case, it's an upgrade in every aspect compared to past X series cases. The X3 delivers the best Price per Performance ratio Montech has to offer!
  • High Airflow - The Montech X3's triple front 140mm fans provides massive air intake, and with pre-mounted top and rear ventilation, optimizing the airflow system.

In terms of value for money, this case is unbeatable. In spite of the fact that the metal isn’t as thick as some others, it’ll perform the For a car in this price category, the side window is a large piece of softly tinted tempered glass. After a lengthy period of time, this was my first construction. The last build, I believe. The fact that this case came with four fans, even though they were 4 pin Molex connections, was a nice bonus for me. Fans may be readily updated as budgets allow.

This company’s customer service is far superior to its competition. It turned out to be a bad power switch. Despite my request for a new switch, they shipped me a completely new casing instead.

In the past, I’ve been A number of times as a computer technician, however, I’ve moved away from the hardware side It has always been a passion of mine to construct my own unique systems, even as an Other than software, I’ve also worked on hardware for a couple of my However, despite all of that, this is the finest inexpensive case I’ve ever worked.


  • For a budget build or a more expensive one where you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the case and fans, this is a fantastic option
  • No worries about chopping off my fingers, shifting cords around because the edges are neatly polished.
  • Pre-installed with four fans
  • With lots of air movement, the case is thoroughly circulated.
  • Enough amount of room to manage the cables A modular or semi-modular power supply would make it even better.
  • Multiple slots to hide wires.


  • Fans are controlled via Molex wires connected in a daisy chain.

MUSEATEX Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower Case

MUSETEX ATX PC Case Pre-Installed 6Pcs 120mm ARGB Fans, Mid-Tower Computer Gaming Case, USB 3.0 Tempered Glass Phantom Black Computer Case, MN6-B
  • Amazing Remote Control - MUSETEX MN6 comes with its own ARGB fan remote control. You can easily control the fan speed, ARGB color mode and brightness. And the coolest features that other brands can't let you experience - let the light sync with your music by turning on the music mode. The color of the ARGB fan changes with the sound of your music or game, and enjoy the fusion of visual and auditory pleasure!
  • 6 ARGB Fans - The MN6 case comes pre-installed with 6 ARGB fans, providing superior cooling performance. The more powerful ARGB comes in 16.8M colours and is motherboard SYNC with the MUSETEX dedicated ARGB control board pre-installed in the case. More color and fun can be to play with than normal RGB!

From the outset, I thought the case was excellent for the price. Because it’s so big, it’s made of glass, it has superb cable management, and it Why some folks have trouble popping out the metal holes in the rear is a mystery to me. The integrated fan control is also a welcome feature since it eliminates the need for me to daisy link anything. There are many extra wires that are concealed from inquisitive eyes since the power source is covered. Many thanks for your support No problems with the fans or the buttons.

Here are some of the drawbacks. In addition to the fact that this is a less expensive system, it comes with SIX RGB F. They won’t blow you away. Despite this, they are remarkably quiet and well- They’re on the You can count on them. What I can tell you is that there is no way to alter them, and they run at a rather low. However, when we play games, the CPU soon reaches 76C and has even reached 77C. Technically, this is not a big deal, but it makes me a little. This is crucial to me because my prior system operated around 35-40C under load.


  • Glass panels on the front and sides.
  • Power supply shroud integrated (also a con not removable).
  • Standoffs for the motherboard are preinstalled.
  • Most common installations may be completed with the help of the included screws
  • A USB 3 and a type c connector are located on the front


  • Insufficiently strong, thin side panels.

ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case

ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case, Steel and plastic computer case with 1x 120mm front fan and 1x 80mm rear fan, Front I/O and 2x USB 2.0 (FBM-01)
  • ROSEWILL FBM-01 aims to provide the best office desktop system for our users. With steel and plastic, it gives an affordable and repliable choice for computer systems.
  • Convenient I/O Port excellent office computer case with 2 x USB 2.0, Audio In/Out ports to offer the easy access for this computer case at the front

My tiny ITX construction required a compact, ideally inexpensive chassis, but none of the cubes or HTPC cases appealed to me. So, no blingy lights or glass sides for me. An integrated Blu-ray drive, one fan radiator, and two graphics card slots would be required. In the end, here’s what we got, and I’m very satisfied.

The build is decent. Because of the thin metal, it is easy to overtighten the screw holding the expansion card locking bracket, which can strip the case threads if you overtighten it. It’s also worth noting that the supplied hex/Phillip.

A Micro ATX motherboard can be installed in the top-mounted PSU space. As for ventilation, the case has enough of it, but due to its positioning, some GPUs that produce a lot of heat may struggle to get enough air. In the casing, there are only a handful of rivets for cable management, and the motherboard has a space of less than 1cm behind In the future, I’d like to see more rivets and perhaps a deeper gap below the

The mounting mechanism for HDDs and SSDs, on the other hand, is a bit strange. You may also put an HDD on the bottom of the two mounting places nearest to the graphics card.

Since the GPUs I used in this case are just 17cm long, they all fit. It’s important to be cautious when purchasing a GPU and make sure it will fit in the, In theory, longer GPUs can be accommodated, but only if their height is short enough to fit under the HDD door when You may see an example of Every time I’ve built in this case, it’s always seemed like I was packing everything in, yet everything was securely attached and neatly organized at the conclusion of the build.


  • Clean Aesthetic.
  • Small Form Factor.
  • Super Budget Price.


  • Must check compatibility for GPU height and length.
  • Bendy Plastic in some areas.
  • Airflow is limited to larger GPUs.
  • Strange and sometimes awkward HDD bracket.

Corsair iCUE 465X RGB Mid

For example, the new front panel and glass are far enough from the fans to allow enough air to flow in while yet maintaining a classy appearance. A tiny mid-tower case at best. Just a bit tight. For all of your cords, you’ll need to remove the hard drive cage, like I did. Some of their other cases include a detachable power supply shroud that would have made installation considerably easier. However, it would have been better if the side panel glass was hinged. Fingerprints are inevitable when it comes to removing and replacing the device Grommets are made of rubber.

The pre-installed fans and RGB controller are the focal point of this case. When it comes to fans, it’s a no-brainer that you won’ Despite its low cost, the enclosure is highly functional. As a result of the huge air gap between the fans and the glass, there is a good amount of airflow, and the fans are of excellent quality

Except for the supplied fans and RGB controller, there is nothing special about the case, but I think that’s precisely what a lot of people are looking for because I didn’t find anything wrong with it. They were able to fit everything in, and it wasn’t difficult to run the cables or install anything.


  • RGB fans
  • Panel glass


  • Except for specific circumstances, it is not available.

Buying Guide The Best Infinity Mirror Case

Does buying an excellent Infinity Mirror Case particularly make you anxious, definitely contrary to popular belief. Doubts generally keep sneaking into your thoughts, or for all intents and purposes are you confident, fairly contrary to popular belief. As a result of our extensive research on Infinity Mirror Case, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the really the best Infinity Mirror Case currently available in a definitely big way. And we’ve definitely got some questions that you’re probably asking yourself, demonstrating that buying an excellent Infinity Mirror Case essentially makes you anxious, which definitely is quite significant.

Even though we’ve done our best to provide you with our opinions and suggestions, it’s still important that you conduct your own research before purchasing any Infinity Mirror Case.

Infinity Mirror Case

It specifically is our firm belief that you specifically have definitely many pretty much more questions about the Infinity Mirror Case, and the only way to actually satisfy definitely your curiosity definitely is to essentially find out as particularly much information as kind of possible from reliable internet sources, which kind of is quite significant.

Infinity Mirror Case purchasing guides, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, internet forums, and product reviews for the most part are all particularly possible sources, or so they actually thought. The finest Infinity Mirror Case can only definitely be literally found via careful and thorough study, which kind of is quite significant. Be cautious to only use reputable and trustworthy websites and sources, demonstrating that actually be cautious to only use reputable and trustworthy websites and sources, particularly contrary to popular belief.

Skulls-and-Bones Infinity Box:

Conclusion Best Infinity Mirror Case

Please let us know as soon as possible if you believe that anything we have shown here about the Infinity Mirror Case is irrelevant, inaccurate, misleading, or erroneous. We’re always here to help. Here’s how to get in touch with us. You may also read more about us to get a better idea of what we’re all about.

It’s important to us that the product information on our website is always up-to-date. Find out more about us by visiting internet sources. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that the material presented here is misleading, inaccurate, or unrelated to real facts. We’ll always be there for you.

The Infinity mirror pc case is just one of the many options we have available to you. That’s why we recommend that you study all of the details and user reviews before making a decision on which one to buy. Comment on this page if you have any experience with pc case infinity mirrors. Thank you for your kind words!

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