How To Make Peppermint Oil Is A Popular Question For Beginners Making It

In life, we know that having many types of oil which are made from both plants and animals. However, not all oils have many uses and few side effects for the user. One of the best and most popular oils you can consider using is peppermint essential oil. With its multifunctional features, many people will want to know how to make peppermint oil.

Menthol has many benefits for users. You can use it to support cooking better, beauty like skin care. Besides, it also can take part in as an ingredient for medicines to cure some diseases such as: relieves muscle pain, relieves allergies, improves irritable bowel syndrome, etc. And it is used much in long-standing folk remedies.

Nowadays, you can come to the grocery store, supermarket or somewhere to buy peppermint oil easily. But for some people, they don’t like to use the things which were bought from outside. And others who like DIY a lot, they always want to do everything by themselves. In their mind, of course there is the appearance of the question “how to make the peppermint oil”.

Because for them, when they can create something and use it in their life, it will be happier and more special than that thing but you get from the store. If you are one of them, who like to make peppermint oil by yourselves, this article is for you. We will let you know the way to create peppermint oil which many people follow.

Having a thing that we have to tell you is each person has their own ways to make something. And this issue does too. Hence, here, we will give you the simplest and best way to make it. This is the best and simplest way in our thoughts and reviews so that is the reason why it is not surely right for everyone.

But no matter what, this is a good recipe you should try. And now, there are all the main contents that we will introduce you in this article. When you know all about these contents, you will know how to make essential peppermint oil following the most easily and simply:

  • Some good recommendations for carrier oil.
  • Necessary things you need to prepare before starting to work.
  • Start making oil step by step.
  • Way to use peppermint most effectively.
  • Introduce you to some of its benefits.
  • Q and A about peppermint essential oil.
  • Conclusion.
  • Writer’s opinion about this topic.

In each of the sections below, we will try our best to give you the most detailed information of every content. So don’t need to care about whether you have enough ability to make peppermint oil. Follow us to the end of this article, we make sure that you can know how to make the peppermint essential oil in the best way without any problems. And now don’t hesitate anymore, let’s start researching each part together.

Some good recommendations for carrier oil.

To answer the question “how to make peppermint oil”, this is the first and one of the most important things. Carrier oil is an essential part in both this recipe and all other recipes if you want to make essential peppermint oil. To understand easily, you only watch it like another oil that it will mingle the ingredients in peppermint leaves with oil and make that mixer become the peppermint oil. And not all oils are usable, here we have four most popular oils that many people usually choose to use.

This is the most popular carrier oil that you can access easily in your kitchen. Olive oil is used much for not only in cooking but also beauty. That is the reason why you can use it in the recipe of how to make essential peppermint oil to create peppermint oil which will have unique characteristics of this oil: the antimicrobial properties and antioxidants. And the worst thing about olive oil is its smell, it is quite terrible. However, it is completely suitable to use in making peppermint oil.

Coconut oil:

Another one is a most popular and common oil for almost all people, it is coconut oil. To use for many nurturing purposes, this oil may be the first choice that many makers think about. Because of the hydrating and nourishing properties, coconut oil is chosen to be a famous beauty product. Not only that, in some recipes, it can take part in cooking too. And another important thing is it can be found out easily in grocery stores. So, don’t have any reasons that make you refuse to use it.

Grapeseed oil:

JoJoba Oil:

And here is the last one we think that you can select to use in making the peppermint oil. Jojoba oil has many benefits in beauty as it has good features such as: antibacterial properties, natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, etc. Come with good points, this oil is more expensive than others. Moreover, you are not able to get it easily. Usually, this oil is only sold at beauty specialty stores. Even so, it’s really good, good enough for you to give it a try.

Necessary things you need to prepare before starting to work

Carrier oil is only a small part to create peppermint oil in our recipe. In addition, according to this way, you need to prepare some materials and tools to make it most easy and simple. Here is the list of all things for you to collect:

  • Fresh peppermint plant leaves: This is the most necessary material, without it, you can make peppermint oil. If you don’t have peppermint leaves, you can use spearmint instead of.
  • Water.
  • Paper towels.
  • Spoon, knife, pestle: These are the tools that will be used to crush the leaves.
  • A small bowl or mortar.
  • A type of carrier oil: Carrier oil is also important. You can choose one of the options we gave you above or some others which still have similar features. 
  • Medium size strainer, cheesecloth, fine mesh strainer:
  • Glass jar (or container) with its lid: You will use the jar or container to store peppermint you make.

The materials of this recipe are very close and easy to find. Therefore, prepare full everything before starting, the step-by-step process becomes extremely simple.

Are you ready? Now, let’s get started together to research how to make peppermint oil.

Start making oil step by step.

Step 1: Collect a necessary amount of peppermint leaves.

First, you have to prepare a sufficient amount of peppermint leaves. If you grew it in the garden, take it from there. Remember to choose the freshest, greenest and most beautiful leaves.

Unless you have the peppermint garden, don’t worry. You can easily buy it at the grocery store. Come to the store, and find these leaves from the herbs section. In the case you are not able to see the peppermint leaves, you still can substitute spearmint. Even though it is not as good as the peppermint, it will still be fine.

Step 2: Washing and drying them.

After having enough leaves, take them to rinse with clear water. We advise that you should wash them under running water to let dust or anything wash off.

Until the time you think that they are really clear, let dry them. We don’t think that you ought to dry by wiping with towels or drying. These things can make your leaves dry and wilt faster.

Thus, the best way in our opinion is spreading out all peppermint (or spearmint) leaves on the paper towels. Then wait for them to dry themselves. If you have time, you can turn the face over so that the sides are evenly dried.

Step 3: Crush the leaves.

The leaves after washing and drying will be taken to crush. You can put them in a small bowl (or mortar) and start crushing them by using the pestle, spoon, knife or something you have.

From here, the appearance of leaves is not important. But at first, we tell you to choose fresh and green leaves because they have more good stuff. So don’t quickly think that step is meaningless.

Step 4: Making oil officially.

Now, we come to the next step. This is the main part – making oil. This step will let you know how to make essential peppermint oil most clearly and detaily.

Presently, take a glass jar or a container which has the lid comes with. Then, put all crushed leaves (peppermint or spearmint) inside it.

And pouring the carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil) until it covers all leaves. You ought not to fill up the jar because the oil from the leaves will be diluted by carrier oil and the result will be very bad.

Finally, seal the jar/container which holds that mixer carefully and tightly with its lid.

Step 5: Waiting.

And now, place it at a safe position and wait for 24 hours. You can wait longer – about 3 days. But we think 24 hours is enough because we still do this process again some times to have a perfect peppermint oil mixer, you don’t need to wait for a long time each stage. After that short time waiting, you will see the answer to how to make peppermint oil.

Step 6: Straining the mixer.

After 24 hours of waiting, let’s get it out to take the next steps. At this time, the oil and great stuff from the peppermint leaves exited and mingled with the carrier oil. Hence, you need to strain the leaves that are not necessary.

You can strain it twice to ensure the mixer is completely smooth. At first, you will strain out bigger pieces of leaves by the medium size or fine mesh strainer. And the next time, using the cheesecloth to remove all remaining debris.

After that, pour it into the jar again. Now you have a jar of peppermint oil.

Step 7: Repeat this process.

However, it is still a diluted mixer of peppermint oil. It doesn’t have enough good stuff and features to use for many purposes. So to have a better one, you only use that result to be the carrier oil and repeat this process about three times. Finally, you will have a more concentrated mixer. And finish the question of how to make peppermint essential oil too.

Way to use peppermint most effectively

After knowing how to make essential peppermint oil, you also need to know the right way to use it without any problems or bad effects.

Whether during making peppermint oil, you usually like to make it concentrated. However, you cannot use it when it is extremely concentrated like that. Even though the concentrated oil has many good ingredients, it will not create better functions for you. Contrary, it is more harmful for your skin because that essential peppermint oil can burn or make you irritating.

Therefore, the best way to use it in all cases, for all purposes is dilucating the pure peppermint oil with the carrier oil before each time using it. According to this usage, you can not only use a jar of peppermint oil for a long time but also avoid many side effects.

The best rate of high carrier oil-to-essential oil for dilution is “diluted it down to maybe 2%, which means that you are going to put about 15 drops on a one ounce bottle”. Follow this ratio, you can have a mixer which will not cause any problem for users and still have enough good stuff and features.

Introduce you to some of its benefits

Everyone knows that peppermint oil has many wonderful functions in both cooking and beauty. So they want to find out how to make essential peppermint oil to own a jar too. But, do you know detaily and clearly about each function? Here, we will give you some popular and common abilities that almost all users use it for.

Create natural disinfectant solution:

Thanks to the antimicrobial properties, antioxidants, antibacterial properties, antifungal and natural anti-inflammatory that the peppermint oil inherited from carrier oil. You can dilute it and put it into the aerosol. And then spray all over your room, your house to disinfect is really great.

Create the refreshing aroma:

Not only that, the smell from the peppermint and spearmint leaves is extremely fresh. Spray that solution everywhere not only helps you disinfect but also gives you a perfect and pretty mood because of its refreshing aroma.

Headache reduce:

Using it for this purpose is also simple. After diluting, you will apply a sufficient amount to the temples. Then, massage around that area with your hand a little. Quickly, your headache will be reduced a lot.

Ease discomfortable feeling from sunburn or sore muscles:

If you are sunburned or have some sore muscles, the way you use peppermint oil is like that. Apply some to the affected area and massage lightly. The result that it creates is really more amazing than what you can think about. 

Foot wash:

In life, you of course have some days that you feel very tired. And in those days, one of the best ways to solve that problem is to spend a long time washing foots. In addition to the soaps specifically designed for relaxing feet, peppermint essential oil can also help relieve stress after a long day thanks to its signature cooling. Believe us, try once, maybe you will like it.

Skin care:

For women, skin care is an important part in their life. But don’t think that only cosmetics, masks, etc. which are expensive have a really good effect. Peppermint oil can do it too. Because it rejuvenates skin, fights mild cases of acne, cleanse and so on, you can use it for your skin care project. It will let you see a wonderful result. A clear demonstration of the beauty of peppermint oil is that it has been used by many brands as an ingredient. Therefore, do not waste things that are both intimate and wonderful.

Besides, peppermint oil still has many wonderful functions. And it is also used much in cooking too. That is the reason for which you should have a jar of it in your house. You don’t know when you need to use it so having is always better.

Q and A about peppermint oil

Q: Can I buy peppermint oil from the store instead of making it?

A: Of course, it is ok. But if you make it yourselves, you know the exact source so you will use more peace of mind.

Q: Why can I use the spearmint leaves in the case I don’t have peppermint in this recipe?

A: Because they are all similar peppermint leaves, so they have many similar properties.

Q: Why should I make concentrated peppermint oil although I still need to dilute each time using it?

A: Due to the concentrated oil looks it is little but in reality, it is very much. You can use a small jar of concentrated one for a long time as each time, you only take a little and dilute with carrier oil to ensure safety.

Q: What is the best way to preserve menthol?

A: Essential peppermint oil should be preserved in a dark glass jar (or container) with a tight lid to avoid being directly sunny and placed at a cool place to be used longer.


In general, menthol is one of the most popular oils which has many functions thanks to its good features. Though now you can get it from the grocery easily but making it is not difficult. Why don’t you try? In free days, you can try to make it once, the recipe is simple and the actions are easy too. We can summarize the answer for the question “how to make peppermint essential oil” in only seven row:

  • Step 1: Collect a necessary amount of peppermint leaves.
  • Step 2: Washing and drying them.
  • Step 3: Crush the leaves.
  • Step 4: Making oil officially.
  • Step 5: Waiting.
  • Step 6 Straining mixer.
  • Step 7: Repeat this process.

If you like DIY, this will be an interesting experience. If not, maybe you will prefer DIY to buying available products after trying it.

Writer’s opinion about this topic.

After we research a lot about this issue, not only we but also you can see that to make peppermint oil don’t have any difficulty. And because it is very useful in many fields, storing a jar of it at home will not be redundant.

In addition, the way to create essential peppermint oil is not hard and doesn’t waste much time. Not only that, it will help you save a little money and give you the peace of mind about its origin. Now you know how to make peppermint essential oil. Let’s spend one day making it with the purpose that it not only creates a popular oil for yourselves but also helps you have time to relax by DIY.

If you have another way to make peppermint which is better, let it stay in the comment?

In the case of having something you don’t like or any feedback, tell us in the comment too.

Do you like this article? And if you like, don’t forget to like, share it to your friends.

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Thanks for reading to the end of this article. See you on other occasions.

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