How To Make Light Bulb Pipe- Step By Step Instructions To Make A Light Bulb Pipe

The water pipes from the past were known for transporting water for your family’s activities. Still, today, these lamps are modified by talented designers to create decorative lights from unique plastic pipes. And now, this type of lamp is popular with many homeowners today and is used for decorative purposes, so how to make light bulb pipe, please read our article to update user information. 

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Ideas For Making Lamps From Available Materials

Make a cute night light from a plastic bottle

Make your own lights from plastic bottles to decorate a cute bedroom. First, you need to prepare large plastic bottles with a capacity of usually 1 liter and rolls of colored tape, twisted wire with colors depending on your preferences. Friend. The required items are scissors, hand saw, led bulb, light string.

First, to make a decorative lamp with a plastic bottle, you need to use a saw to remove the cap of the bottle located on the neck of the pearl and use adhesive tape to stick it on the part where the hood bulges to create a roughness for the lamp. You use a rubber band to tie the mouth of the bottleneck so that the string does not slip off, then carefully fry it, then use the string to wrap the mussel shell until the end of the shell body, then stop.

You put your hand on the bottle’s neck and rotate it gently so that the paper can peel off the bottle’s surface, and then gently pull the wrapped paper sample out of the outer part of the bottle. Next, you need to attach the led lights through the end of the bottle to the top to complete the single lights and put them together to make decorative lights with plastic bottles. It can be used as a dining table lamp or decorate the living room, and the bedroom is imposing.

Night light changes color from water bottles

Make your own decorative lights that change color from water bottles, and you just need to prepare an empty water bottle and several colorful led lights. When drinking all the water, you need to clean the water bottle to clean and put the led lights inside the water bottle, then fix them with sticky tape or a glue gun and then connect them to the power source, just like that. Know how to make a night light from a glass jar.

Chandeliers from water bottles and plastic spoons

That’s how to make your own chandelier for 0 dongs from discarded water bottles and plastic spoons. You just need to cut off the ends of the plastic spoons and glue them in layers with a glue gun and strip them like fish scales on plastic bottles like that. You will have a unique chandelier with led bulbs dropped from inside the lamp body.

Chandeliers from the bottom of a plastic bottle

Make the first ceiling light you need to prepare: plastic bottle, 500ml plastic bottle or similar bottle, led light, glue gun, stapler, scissors.

You cut the bottoms of unused plastic bottles and then thread them into strings of different lengths. When cutting, you need to be very careful to avoid injury. These wires are then attached to the frame, forming the lampshade. You can use multiple butt bottles of different sizes. As for the bulb, white or light yellow light types are suitable for this model.

Night light from paper box

To make a handmade night light, the materials you need to prepare are: Light bulb, light bulb string, cardboard or kraft recycled paper box (a little hard), glue, scissors, ruler, paper cutter, paint, spray paint.

Use a pencil, a ruler to draw a large hexagon on the cardboard. The bigger, the better. Next, you continue to draw a carton inside, about 6mm from the outside, keep drawing a few more lines. Again!

You can use a paint sprayer to decorate the cartons into different colors for variety, or you can leave the recycled paper box intact. Next, you stack the hexagons, small figures arranged on top, use a glue gun to glue the edges to be sure in turn with the remaining 10 cards.

Join the finished products into a circle, continue to use a glue gun, glue the edges of each picture, remember to be meticulous at this stage so that the night light box pattern looks better!

 The base design of the night lightbox can be round or hexagonal. Remember to attach the tail and the light bulb for lighting. So you know how to make a homemade night light from a simple paper box that is easy to make.

Night light from paper cupcakes

To make handmade night lights from paper cups, you can completely make bedroom decorations by pinning paper cups together and forming a circle. Next, you thread the led bulb inside the lamp and then connect it to the power source. Just like that, you already have a unique chandelier for the bedroom.

How To Make A Light Bulb Pipe

Decorative lights with plastic tubes are made from plastic pipes available in families. Depending on the designer’s creativity, they will bring their own ideas to have a satisfactory lighting device without any problems immediately. The cost of making this lamp is not too high. With various designs, models, and different numbers of bulbs to satisfy the needs of many customers with different artistic installation intentions and light intensities, ensuring you do not have to shop. Too much furniture at the same time.

A homemade lamp and a vintage ceiling fan will make your home so luxurious

Preparation materials:

  • Water pipes and some connectors.
  • Wood glue.
  • Wires, lamp holders, and light bulbs.
  • Plywood.
  • Ruler, pliers, screwdriver, paint, and paintbrush.
  • A round piece of tin and some screws.

Step 1

 Use a ruler and cut some pipes according to the original idea outlined. When performing cutting, you should be careful to avoid cracking the water pipe.

Step 2

After the cut is complete, connect the pipes and corner connectors in a certain shape and use paint to decorate it beautifully.

Step 3

Use a piece of plywood and proceed to smooth the sides.

Step 4

Insert the cylindrical ring and make a mark. Then proceed to drill the holes as marked.

Step 5

On the other side of the board, use a drill to make a hole to connect the wires for the lights.

Step 6

Create a slot to drain the wire to help it level with the floor below.

Step 7

Next is grinding paint to smooth the surface.

Step 8

 At this stage, you need to connect the power cord to the product.

Step 9

 Next, you should use a soft cloth or sheet to stick it under the lampstand to cover the exposed wire.

Step 10

You need to test the electricity to check whether the light is on or not, so you have completed the unique plastic tube decorative lamp pattern. This light can be easy use when the super end. Just need an inverter generator, you can connect to make this light on

Some Of The Best Lights On The Market

SYLVANIA 40821 LED A19 60W

SYLVANIA LED Light Bulb Value Line, 60W A19 Soft White, Frosted - 8 Pack (40821)
  • These LED lamps make an energy-efficient replacement and substitute for standard 60 watt incandescent lamps. At 8.5 watts, each bulb emits brighter light output of 750 Lumens
  • These bulbs are a great energy-saving replacement for old incandescent bulbs because each lamp has a total lifespan of up to 7,700 hours

SYLVANIA 40821 LED is used with modern LED technology to help protect the eyes. The lamp uses an Epistar chip with high luminous intensity, true color, continuous light, and no flicker like compact lamps. LED tube lamp life is up to 50,000 hours and is warranted for 24 months.

With SYLVANIA 40821, LED consumes only 50% of energy compared to fluorescent lamps and 10% conventional incandescent lamps. Help your family save on monthly electricity bills.

Using modern light technology, materials are supplied from reputable manufacturers, and the product is a product that does not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, … The light does not emit harmful light rays such as UV rays. – cause color fading of illuminated objects, IR rays – generate heat. SYLVANIA 40821 LED can serve the needs of ordinary lighting, replacing lamps using old lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, compact lamps … It will meet the maximum lighting needs in life. Active as well as work.

Regal LED A19 Light Bulb

Regal LED A19 Light Bulb 5000K Daylight 800-Lumen, 9-Watt (60-Watt Equivalent), E26 Base, 5000 Kelvin, Day Light, 5-Pack, Non-Dimmable
  • ENERGY SAVING: 9-Watt Regal 4-Pack LED lights use less electricity saving you money long term providing true value. Regal bulbs can save you up to $84 per bulb in lifetime energy savings. (Check your energy company for potential discounts!) ** Based on 3-hours/day the estimated annual energy cost is $1.08, keep in mind cost depends on rates and use.
  • LONG LIFESPAN: These LED lights can last up to 13 years saving you time and money. These bulbs have a 15,000 hour lifespan.

This light bulb is most suitable for home installation and Smarthome orientation. With just one light bulb, your home has “started” to become smarter. However, you can also customize the installation to suit many other areas and locations.

Students who stay at home for a long time will generate boredom, so changing the wind by control changing the room’s color is not a bad idea.

House architects often tinker with looking for new ideas. Then with smart color-changing light bulbs, you are free to customize to enliven your home space. Especially compact, easy to install, save electricity, the timer is all over.

The aquarium decorated with colored lights will be stunning. You can install one for your aquarium, control the color change remotely via your phone, and automatically turn on and off timer for good health.

The same goes for the garden. Install colored lights to make the garden change the wind. Sometimes at the weekend, do Party and Mix with some Pop songs, the family has fun.

In addition, there are many other applications. In general, light is needed almost everywhere. At an affordable price, you can buy one and do whatever you like! As I mentioned initially, it is a good device and brings a lot of new things. In addition to changing color, you absolutely can turn on and off the white light for reading, excellent lighting.

WEIPIN A19 LED Light Bulbs

WEIPIN A19 LED Light Bulbs, E26 LED Bulbs,13W(100 Watt Equivalent), 1200 Lumen 5000K Cool White, Energy Saving LED Bulbs, 20000 Hour Lifetime, Standard Replacement Bulbs, Non-Dimmable, 6 Pack
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Energy efficient led light bulbs for every room: bedroom, living room, kitchen,garage, bathroom, etc; Used generally for ceiling fan, ceiling light, chandelier, table lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp, can lights, track lights,etc.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The base diameter is 26mm, you can easily install it on the e26 screw appliance. The standard light bulbs get full bright and stable lights for your space without waiting after turning the switch on.

WEIPIN A19 is beautifully designed according to the popular rotating A60 E27 socket size line in the USA. In particular, WEIPIN A19’s Bulb A60 series currently has two versions.

WEIPIN A19 9W A60 Smart Bulb: Yellow-White tone lamp with a color temperature range of 2700-6500K.

WEIPIN A19 White and Color 9W A60: 16 million color light with 2200-6500K color temperature range.

In addition, the application also has many built-in features that do not require advanced knowledge to create automation yourself. Suitable for the objects that WEIPIN A19 targets are residential lighting solutions. Does not require many operations but still meets the needs of smart lighting.

Users can create a schedule of activities for each room one by one with the time in this. Or can control with different conditions.

The box design of Philips Hue is completely different from the 16 million color version (WCA) and White-yellow. Meanwhile, the design of the two versions of the WEIPIN A19 box does not have much difference and is quite simple.

In terms of responsiveness, WEIPIN A19 is rated as fast, responsive and stable. However, this speed will depend on the speed and processing capacity of the wifi system in the house. Meanwhile, Philips Hue always has a fast signal reception speed. And can also control locally (Local) even if the internet is lost.

Watching this video for more detail


Above are our shares about decorative lights made of plastic tubes, I hope that readers will have more experience in arranging living space lighting with these unique lamps as well as know that how to make light bulb pipe. A light bulb pipe decorated near the range hood makes your kitchen special, right?

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