How To Get Hair To Lay Flat: Effective Solutions To Give You A Satisfactory Hair

Nowadays, there are many people who face a problem every time they wake up, which is messy and untidy hair. This is terrible especially for those who are in a hurry, it can consume a lot of your time just letting your hair lie down. To solve this problem I will show you how to get hair to lay flat.

Here are a few ways to do it that you can refer to, there are ways to do it that require a few tools, there are ways that need a lot of preparation, but in general, the ways below are very simple and easy to do. Hope, this article really helps you.

Ways To Get Hair To Lay Flat Effectively

There are many ways to make your hair flat, but depending on the situation, there are simple and quick ways to do it, and there are complicated ways. Below I will cover some of the most popular and most useful ways.

Getting your hair to lay flat by using foaming pomade

You must be very upset and confused when every time you wake up, your hair is messy and untidy, your hair goes in different directions making you frustrated and looking disheveled. Right now I will show you the first way to make your hair flat.

First you need to prepare some necessary tools. Surely you must have a foaming pomade, a comb, and wrapping paper. Sit in front of the mirror and watch yourself closely to see what pattern you’re going to make your hair flat. Next, pick up the comb and comb the sides, all hair should be neatly combed down. Do it in turn from the left, then to the right and even behind.

Once you’ve combed your hair down, take some foaming gel and put it on the comb and comb your hair in the direction you combed your hair before. You have to remember that every single strand of hair must be left down. Do it slowly, carefully and gently, do not be hasty.

Then, wrap your bangs with wrapping paper and wrap it around the sides. The best way is to go from the back of the hair to the forehead and tie it up. You have to fasten everything using wrapping paper and do the same thing.

You can use a hairdryer or let it dry naturally. If you want your hair to dry naturally, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, the time will be determined depending on the length of your hair. But if you are in a rush, it is best to use a dryer.

Getting your hair to lay flat by using hairspray and hands

This method is said to be the simplest and easiest way to do it. However, its disadvantage is that it is not always applicable. If you want to style up or want your long hair to be a little shorter, this is the right measure.

All you need is a hairspray and a little dexterity. You can use a comb or not, use your hands to part your hair to the side as you like. Gently run through the hair on your head to see if there are any hairs that have not yet laid down.

Then use hairspray and spray on the hair that has just been stroked to fix them. You should not spray too much, just enough to cover the entire hair is fine. If you spray too much, it will make your hair greasy and look like your head is very unsightly.

Next, use your hands to smooth the hair up and down so that the hair will be flat. If in case your hair is short and you feel like this is not really effective, you can use wax or gel to make your hair loose.

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Getting your hair to lay flat by using a dryer

This method will be really useful for those of you with shoulder length hair or less. It’s usually a little annoying when the so-called ducktail pokes at the back of your neck making you itch.

For this method, you need to prepare a round comb along with a hair dryer. You should start with your hair on the sixth side first, holding the blow dryer on one side and a round brush on the other. Next, turn on the dryer and comb your hair while taking the dryer with you. After finishing the back part, do the same with the rest, from top to bottom, sure ducktails will be wiped out.

Getting your hair to lay flat by using water 

This will usually work right away, but it has a small negative effect that won’t matter if you don’t do it often, sometimes it’s fine. When you brush wet hair, the chances of breakage are higher than when you soak them in water.

When you first wake up, use a wet brush and comb your hair. You can leave the brush in the sink for a few seconds or spray it with water. I know many of you wonder why not spray water directly on your hair, but if you’re not careful you can get your hair wet.

Next, comb your hair in the style you like. Water will soak into each hair and make the weight of the hair increase, when the hair is heavy, it will automatically stick. Hopefully, once your hair is dry, you can still keep the style that you combed before.

This is a pretty effective way to do that without you needing any tools like glue or gel or any supporting equipment like a dryer. This saves both money and time.

Getting your hair to lay flat by using accessories

When you don’t like using gel, hairspray and even water on your head, you can make use of your existing accessories.

If you notice, now both women and men use hairpins to hold their hair before going out because this increases the aesthetics and appearance of themselves. But when you do this, many people think you are trying to increase your image in the eyes of others.

For men, the headband can be used to let the hair lie down. Some people with beautiful hair prefer to use hair pins because they often pin each section of hair and are not easily detected.

Using caps is also a solution. Although it can cover part of your hair, it is very effective to let your hair down. When your hair is quite bouncy, the hat is a great support to make your hair lie down.

Hairstyles For Getting Hair To Lay Flat

Although all of the above methods are effective with different hairstyles, depending on the length of the hair, each is the most effective way to work with different hairstyles. I know everyone wants their hair to be smoothed in the most efficient way. Many times it is because the method that you apply is not really the ideal way for the hairstyle you own. It can cause some small problems and can take up a lot of your time. So I will base on the three most typical short hairstyles that people usually have to apply each method one by one.

Short hair

If you own short hair, using foaming pomade is probably the most reasonable. This method can shed any excess hair on the back of your neck when it is extremely short.

Medium hair

For people with average hair length that is longer than the short hair I mentioned above, the second method using hairspray and hands is more effective. However, if you have a bit of trouble or feel it is not suitable, you can switch to the first method.

Longer hair with a pixie cut

If your hair is even longer, apply the third method of using a hair dryer and a round brush. Although this method only refers to the hair at the back of the head, it still works for this hairstyle.

How You Can Get Your Hair Lay Flat Before Going To Bed

Here are just a few things you should do if you want to keep your hair lying down as well as prevent tangles and different directions when you wake up. But if you do them, every morning when you wake up, you don’t need to struggle to make your hair lie flat anymore.

Choose a soft pillow

First you should review your pillow. If the pillow is too hard, it will put pressure on the hair, causing the hair to lose its shape. Use soft pillows or use a silk scarf wrapped around the pillow when going to bed. Changing one small thing can help you a lot in keeping your hair as flat as possible when you go to bed.

Comb your hair before sleeping

Before going to bed, comb your hair to help you keep your hair in an extremely effective way. Gently comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and gently massage hair.If your hair is laid flat before you go to bed, it will somewhat reduce the chance that your hair will be tangled and split in different directions when you wake up.

Brushing your hair not only helps keep your hair in place, but it also stimulates blood circulation, keeps your hair healthy, minimizes wrinkles on your face, and helps you relax and sleep better.

Avoid wet hair when going to bed

No matter how busy you are, you shouldn’t let your hair get wet when you go to sleep. This not only makes your hairstyle disorderly, not in any way, but it also puts you at high risk of scalp fungal diseases, hair loss, dandruff…

In Conclusion

Above are 5 simple ways and answers to the question how to get hair to lay flat. Each method has different advantages, there are ways that require a lot of support tools such as combs, hair dryers, etc. There are ways that only need a little water to be done. Each way is suitable for each individual hairstyle, exactly you need to be based on the length of your hair to choose the most suitable and effective way. I hope this article really benefits you and your problem solving helps you have a good start to the day.

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