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How to Cut Slices of Beef Befitting a Monarch

Slicing Beef on a Wooden Table

Hear ye, hear ye, culinary squires and noble chefs of our grand kingdom! The task of slicing the majestic beast, known to all as beef, is not a mere chore, but a rite of honor. It demands precision, respect, and an artistry befitting our royal standards. Attend closely, for King King shall now impart the regal method to achieve slices fit for a monarch’s feast.

The King’s Commands for Slicing Beef with Majesty:

  1. The Royal Rest:
    • Let the beef, once cooked or if raw, rest upon the royal board. If cooked, it must rest for a time span equivalent to a short knight’s tale, allowing its juices to retreat inward, ensuring a succulent result.
  2. The Blade’s Blessing:
    • Ensure your blade, preferably a long, slender carving knife, is sharpened to perfection. It should gleam under the torchlight, sharp enough to cut through the thickest battle armor.
  3. The Grain’s Guidance:
    • Observe the beef’s grain, the lines that run through its majestic form, much like the lines of destiny. One must always slice against this grain, not with it. This command is of utmost importance, for slicing against the grain promises tenderness in every bite.
  4. The Noble Approach:
    • Position the beef before thee, steadying it with a carving fork, the trusted squire to your knife. Commence the slice with a confident yet gentle motion, applying even pressure.
  5. Thickness of Royalty:
    • The slices must not be too thin, lest they lose their kingly presence, nor too thick, for they must be elegant and refined. Aim for a thickness that reminds one of a single petal from the royal rose garden.
  6. The Final Touch:
    • Once sliced, lay these royal beef slices on a platter adorned with gold and silver, befitting their noble origin.

By adhering to this sacred decree, thou shalt produce slices of beef that not only honor the beast but also uphold the culinary traditions of our grand kingdom. May your feasts forever echo with the joy of perfect beef slices and the applause of satisfied nobles!

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