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How to Clean Turkey Wings Royally Well

Medieval Woman Washing Turkey Wings

Hear ye, hear ye, noble citizens of the realm! As your gracious sovereign, I shall impart unto thee the royal procedure for purifying the wings of the noble turkey before subjecting them to the fires of the kitchen hearth. Follow these regal instructions, and thou shalt have wings worthy of a royal feast!

The Royal Decree on Purifying Turkey Wings:

  1. Gathering of Materials: Ensure thou hast at thy disposal a basin of grandeur, filled to the brim with the clearest and freshest water from the kingdom’s springs. The turkey wings, of course, should be procured from a trusted purveyor, and thou shalt also need a cloth as soft as the robes of the court.
  2. The Initial Inspection: Before immersing the turkey wings in the water, thou must inspect them closely. Any feathers or remnants from the bird’s previous existence must be plucked away with the precision of a royal scribe.
  3. The Grand Immersion: With great ceremony, lower the turkey wings into the basin. Swirl them gently with thy royal hands, ensuring that every inch of the wing is bathed in the pristine water.
  4. The Gentle Rubbing: Using the soft cloth, or better yet, thine own hands, rub the wings with gentle motions. This shall rid them of any dirt or unworthy particles that dare cling to such royal provisions.
  5. The Final Rinse: Once thou art satisfied with the cleanliness of the wings, hold them under a stream of fresh water. This act shall wash away any residual dirt or impurities.
  6. The Drying Ceremony: Lay the turkey wings upon a cloth as white as the snows of winter. Gently pat them dry, ensuring no moisture remains. A turkey wing of the highest caliber should be both clean and dry before being subjected to the fires of the kitchen.
  7. A Royal Blessing: Before they are cooked, it is only fitting to bestow a blessing upon the wings. Speak thus: “May these wings, purified by the royal decree, provide sustenance and joy to all who partake of them.”

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