How Drinks Affect Your Productivity

Most caffeinated beverages have certain effects on our bodies, minds, and energy levels. Let’s see how such drinks can affect your productivity and help you feel calm and energized. 

Boost brain function

How Drinks Affect Your Productivity

Coffee and tea with high caffeine doses will help you feel alert, focused, and awake. 

Tea, on the other hand, can lower your blood pressure. Hence, this drink can help you stay calm and focused by reducing your stress levels. Such an effect will boost your productivity, as you keep a better grip over your emotions and reduce changes in blood pressure. In fact, some types of tea, like ginger tea, can also enhance your memory. Likewise, Jasmine tea can improve your blood while also energizing you. Most such teas have one way or another to affect your brain activity and increase your productivity. 

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Physical detoxication 

Tea and coffee also have great physical benefits on your body. Thus, caffeinated drinks are packed with antioxidants that work wonders for your brain. For example, these substances help your body slow down the aging process. They protect your cells from damage, pollution, and other types of oxidative stress. So, a simple drink can help you rejuvenate the body and mind when taken regularly. In addition, coffee can increase metabolism and help us burn fats. Thus, it can help with digestion and diet.

Overall, the better our mind and body feel, the slower cell aging is going, and the better and more energetic we feel. However, such effects happen after a prolonged period of time.

Great hydration

We all know that the more water we drink, the better. Yet, most people struggle to drink as many cups of water as they should to hydrate their bodies fully. That’s a shame. Dehydration is a common reason for headaches, lack of energy, chronic tiredness, apathy, and others. Having enough drinks per day will quickly cure you, though. 

Tea, on this occasion, can greatly inspire and motivate you to drink more. Tea comes in a great variety. You can spend years choosing among its types, brewing methods, and tastes. Tea lovers drink lots in a day due to their passion for this single beverage. Most tea will count as a great hydration method, equal to just water. Hence, you help your body feel energetic and healthy while simply enjoying your favorite drinks. 

A form of mediation

Think about your morning routine. Most of us drink hot drinks in the morning right after getting up and leaving for work. We go to the kitchen, put on the kettle, prepare our favorite drink and pour it into our favorite mug. It’s a relaxing and comforting routine that helps us wake up and feel good about the upcoming day. 

In fact, most such beverages, especially coffee, often require some preparation and work. Thus, you have to grind beans, prepare the coffee makers, and carefully pour hot water onto the beans or else. It’s a meditative process that brings us back to our senses and helps us start the day on a positive note. In fact, we will feel most productive right after completing such a routine. 

In addition, it’s proven that caffeine can act as a form of a mild antidepressant. So, it has the capacity to make you feel happier, brighter, and overall better. Plus, most types of tea and all coffee can release dopamine in your blood. It’s the hormone of happiness that helps us get into a better mood. Thus, a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or during a tough time of the day will return us to a better state of mind and help us feel happier and more relaxed. Of course, such a mood boost will also work better once you’ve personally developed such a psychological connection to a beverage of your choice. 

How Drinks Affect Your Productivity

What drinks are best to have for energy purposes?

Of course, coffee is the first to come to mind when people think of energetic beverages. It’s one of the best choices to wake up and feel ready for the day ahead of you. Yet, you can grow high tolerance to coffee and feel less of its impact with time. It’s best to mix your caffeine beverage with some of the smaller dosages. Thus, to avoid high caffeine doses in your eve drink, yet to find the energy kick you want, try black, white, green, or oolong tea. 

Overall, it’s best to avoid any energy drinks, though. These beverages, although meant to boost your productivity, do so for a very limited time and at a high cost. Thus, after having such a drink, you may feel on high alert, which often comes with increased heart rate and energy level for about 30 minutes to an hour. Yet, as soon as the sugar levels drop (and such drinks contain a lot of sugar), one will start feeling anxious, drained, exhausted, and weak. Some people will also experience brief depressive states, restlessness, headaches, and dehydration.

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