CDJ-350 Reviews – Best Digital Multi Player For You To Consider

You’re looking for a digital multi-player, but you don’t know which one to buy. There are so many different models on the market that it’s hard to know where to start. The CDJ-350 is perfect for DJs who want a reliable and professional piece of equipment without breaking the bank.

This DJ controller has all of the features that professionals need at an affordable price point, including two USB ports with audio streaming capability, MIDI compatibility, and high-quality sound output. It also comes with Serato DJ Lite software preloaded in order to get started right out of the box!

Here are our reviews of CDJ-350. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying CDJ-350


Types Of Multi-Player

There are many types of DVJ digital multi-media players in the market. Some of them are DJ equipment and most of the others are host computers with a multimedia controller attached to them.

CD players, DVD players, and MP3 players can be easily connected to a PC through USB. You should consider buying the best digital multi-media player if you want to be a DJ.

When you are purchasing a multi-player for the first time then there is no need of spending too much money on it. You can find many cheap players in the market that will give you a decent look and performance. If you are a professional DJ then it is always better to buy DJ equipment like CDJ or DVJ instead of buying cheap players.

There are many types of multi-players available in the market, with unique features. Some players include DVJ 350, DVJ 500E, DVJ 1000, and DVJ 2000X. This equipment can be found at any DJ shop or music store nearby your place.

Digital Multi-media has grown up with multimedia technology which includes CDs, DVD MP3 players DJ equipment is not easy to carry so it might be a little difficult if you are planning to go for outdoor shows or gigs.

But there are many DVD players available in the market which includes an external hard drive and its size is similar to CDJ-350. This means that you can enjoy DJing at your home at an affordable price.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the player is important if you are buying it for professional usage. If you are playing music at home then there is no need of spending more money on it, but the sound quality should be clear and crisp with an LED display system. It should be portable and you should also look for the mobility of the player.

You can either connect to your home stereo system or take it along with you. This will ensure that you are reducing the bulk of carrying around CDs during parties, hiking, etc. You can just carry this small device or CD player in its case.

Memory Capacity

The memory capacity of the player is very important if you are buying it for professional usage. It means that how many songs can be stored in the player and how much memory it can actually take.

For example, a 1GB memory card will allow playing only 1 hour 30 minutes mix video. If you want to play a longer mix then you will need a larger or more memory card. The multi-media player should be able to take up all the songs that you want to dance so it is better to spend a little more money on it.


Number Of Discs

If you want to play several discs in a row then you should consider buying a player that supports more than 2 discs. If you want to play several gigs in a row and if your set includes different songs and videos, then it is better to buy a multimedia player which can hold 5 or 6 discs at once without changing them.

Ease Of Use

The ease of use is a very important feature of a multi-media player which you should consider when purchasing it. You can always go for the wired or wireless system so it is better to buy a player that has more features and a less complicated device. There are some players in the market that has a touchscreen LCD display so users do not need to use a keyboard while using DJ software on a PC.


Multiplayer for a laptop should be compatible with any DJ software that is being used in the market. There is a different type of DJ software available in the market so you should choose the device which is quite easy while using it. Always try to buy well-known brand name equipment if you want good performance and support from the manufacturer company.



Another factor to consider when buying a multimedia player is the weight. If you’re taking it on a plane trip or carrying it from place to place, you’ll be thankful for the lighter units.

The new Pioneer CDJ-350 weighs under 8 pounds. For comparison, the Denon DN-S5000 weighs about 13 pounds while the Technics SL-P1200 is 15 pounds without the power cord.

One of the best things about this smaller CD player is its increased portability. The lightweight makes it easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The CDJ-350 weighs just under 10 pounds, which is about half the weight of the Denon DN-S5000.

Portable Design

All the players in the market are not designed to be portable. If you want a player for on-the-go gigs and outdoor parties then buy equipment that has a light and portable design. Make sure that all the accessories of your player like a turntable, memory card, etc., are lightweight and easy to carry.

Controller Design

The ease of use is an important factor that you should consider while purchasing a multi-media controller. There are so many players in the market with different controller designs so choose the best one.


Price should be considered while buying any device for DJing. There are so many mid-range players available in the market so if you want to save money then choose a player with all the needed features and qualities.

CDJ-350 Review

Pioneer CDJ-350 CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player
  • Pioneer CDJ-350 CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player

CDJ-350 is the first direct-drive CDJ player by Pioneer DJ. It’s marketed as an all-rounder but has rapidly found its way into the hands of hard-core vinyl DJs due to its sound quality and reliability.

Compared to other Pioneer players it doesn’t offer that many features or control options so this might seem like overkill for the “normal” CDJ user. CDJ-350 has replaced the older, popular CDJ-200 and CDJ-400.

CDJ-350  is a lightweight and compact player with the amazing build quality. Handling it feels very familiar for anyone coming from vinyl decks – just load your CDs and you’re ready to go.

The platter has a slip-proof rubber surface and it’s very responsive due to the direct-drive motor, resulting in very good tracking ability – even on warped discs!

At first glance, the player looks like it has no search or loop options but this is simply Pioneer DJ trickery: if you touch the top left corner of the platter, it instantly displays a time bar that allows you to quickly scan through your tracks.

If you then touch any point on that bar, it will cue to that position. You can then use the “Loop Out/In” buttons for manual beat jump control or just pick up from where you left off using the touch strip to quickly scan backward or forwards.

Touch Strip allows for quick scanning through your tracks and the touch-sensitive nature of it means that you don’t have to slide your finger up and down, which takes some getting used to.

The display is a full-color LCD – something not available on Pioneer’s standard players (only on their more expensive ones). It shows track titles, time remaining (if it’s an MP3), BPM, and ID3 tags. Unfortunately, the screen is not touch-sensitive which means you cannot navigate through folders on your CDJ discs.

Who Is CDJ-350 For?

CDJ-350 is a professional DJ audio player that has been designed to enable DJs and music enthusiasts to control their digital media from across the room. The CDJ-350’s Design is laid out specifically for use with Pioneer’s PRO DJ software, Rekordbox 3. In addition, the CDJ-350 offers playback of various audio formats such as AAC, MP3, WAV, and AIFF.

Pros Of CDJ-350

-The top pros of CDJ-350 are that it is portable, it is versatile, it has a lot of features, and the sound quality is good.

-It is suitable for any DJ. The weight of the device is very light, perfect for DJs who are mobile.

-This device is perfect for DJs who are transitioning from vinyl to digital. It lacks some of the features more advanced DJs would like but it has enough to start out with and be successful.

– It offers compatibility with various file formats, including MP3 and AAC.

-Offers good sound quality at all volume levels.

-The product includes software for DJs.

-It can be used with other audio formats to create music mixes.

-The user can also mix two audio formats to create a whole new song. The device has intuitive controls and easy-to-use features. It can be connected to any device by wired or wireless connections. It comes with DVS you can use to mix other audio formats.

-It’s portable, it’s versatile, it has many features and the sound quality is good.

Cons Of CDJ-350

-It does not have any CD/DVD drive which can be a problem if you want to play CDs.

-It does not have RCA output connections.

-The product has a short warranty.

Features & Benefits



CDJ-350 comes with an excellent design. Although it has no Jog Dial, The CDJ-350 still shows the finest craftsmanship with its LCD panel, which is user-friendly in various light conditions.

CDJ-350’s front panel is made up of glass instead of plastic. It looks pretty much the same as when you see it in the Pioneer DJM series. Especially when you put both CDJ-350 and DJM-350 in the same place, the exquisite design of the mixer is more noticeable.

Control Button

The control buttons on the player are slightly smaller than those on other products, but this hasn’t affected the player’s operability. The rectangular shape of the button makes it easier to recognize and press as well as prevents misoperation even during the performance.

File Format Compatibility

The CDJ-350 supports music files from CD, USB drive, iOS devices and Rekordbox software via Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, it supports playback from external sources including turntables and other CD players.

Wireless Functions

It’s a nice idea to allow your music files wirelessly, isn’t it? Pioneer DJM-2000NXS2 has such function, and now the CDJ-350 also has that. If you connect both devices via LAN cable, you can share the music data from the CDJ-350 to the DJM-2000NXS2 and vice versa. It’s a great idea for those, who want advanced features with cost-effective solutions.

But this function is only available in certain conditions: connecting devices via LAN cable between CDJ-350 and DJM-2000NXS2; both devices are connected to the same network; using Rekordbox software; USB Export option is on.

Also, this function works only with the CDJ-350 and certain players (e.g. XDJ-1000MK2). The CDJ-350 will be recognized by the player automatically, but you can’t control it wirelessly. The good news is: the CDJ-350 has an Ethernet port! So, we think it will be easy to make them work together without a LAN cable connection.


USB Playback

You can expect the best quality of sound from the Pioneer DJM series and USB drive playback at CDJ-350 too. It’s very useful if you bring Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” to your party. You also can play another track from the same USB drive immediately without importing it again.

The difference between other DJM mixers and CDJ-350 is that CDJ-350 doesn’t have an option to control the player wirelessly if both devices are connected via LAN cable. It’s not a big problem for most users, but we want to tell you for the sake of completeness.


Before talking about the battery life, we have to say that CDJ-350 is a portable device. You can carry it in a bag or a passenger seat of your car with ease.

There are two ways to power the CDJ-350: use USB bus power (5V/1A) or an external AC adapter (included). We recommend you use the external AC adapter because it allows you to power up both CDJ-350 and DJM-350 with one adapter.

As you know, Pioneer DJ equipment has very good sound quality. So do CDJ-350. You can even expect better sounds from it over most of the other portable players due to the built-in 24bit/48kHz sound card and high-quality DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).

Sound Quality

Even though you just scratch or do other advanced movements with the platter, the sound quality doesn’t get worse. You’ll be able to enjoy very high-quality music from a USB drive no matter what kind of actions you take on the device. The sound card installed in the CDJ-350 is not quite different from the DJM series.

Navigation on LCD Display

The display looks awesome! We are sure you’ll like it while using it to browse music files, navigate among features, or switch between USB drive and memory devices. When you use both players beside each other, the difference in quality is quite noticeable.


Pioneer DJ DJ XDJ1000MK2

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 - Digital DJ Deck with Wi-Fi Playback, Advanced Playback Options, Pro DJ Link Interconnectivity, and Full Support for rekordbox dj Software
  • CDJ-Style design. Playable media-iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android phone, etc; USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc); PC / Mac
  • High-Resolution audio

Pioneer DJ DJ XDJ1000MK2 is an advanced version of DJ XDJ1000. This newly developed model features the most advanced performance functions. It comes with a full-color LCD screen and contains all standard connection terminals such as Line, Phono/Line MIC input, USB port, Power Socket, and LAN Port for network connection.

The CDJ-2000NXS2 inherits the beautiful design and operability of the CDJ-2000NXS, developed based on feedback from users. It has a large, full-color LCD screen displaying information about song titles, playlists, artist names, BPM values, and beat grids.

The unit features 8 Hot Cues per deck. Its Wave Display shows detailed waveforms in high resolution to show the music structure at a glance. The CDJ-2000NXS2 comes with a range of new features which help DJs monitor and master their tracks even more precisely.

Pioneer CDJ900NXS

Pioneer CDJ900NXS Nexus Professional Multi Player
  • Full color LCD screen with improved browsing and track information
  • Compatible with rekordbox™ music management software

Pioneer CDJ900NXS is a next-generation CD player which is the first to have an embedded LCD screen on each jog wheel. Its predecessor, Pioneer CDJ-900 had color screens but they were on separate panels. The jog wheels are touch-sensitive so you can scratch with them or load a new track by touching buttons below or above the wheel.

The unit can read UPC/EAN codes so if you put the compact disc in the tray it will load the CD information automatically. Pioneer CDJ900nxs also has a built-in sound card and Ethernet port for file transfer between two units or with a computer. You can play music from USB drives, memory cards, and CD discs both audio and MP3 CDs.

The audio outputs and inputs and power supply are located on the backside of the device. There is a 1/4″ headphone jack for each channel which you can use as an output or input. There’s also an input for control vinyl that allows you to scratch like with regular turntables.

You can use CDJ900NXS with a rekordbox music management system which will analyze your music library and show a detailed description of each track including BPM, waveform, cue points, etc.

Pioneer DJ XDJ700

Pioneer DJ Digital Multi Media Player, Black, 8.10 x 12.80 x 16.30 (XDJ700)
  • Large full-color LCD touch screen and fast track selection with QWERTY keyboard search
  • Pro-DJ features inherited from flagship players. Frequency Range- 4 - 20000 Hz. Main Unit Power Consumption-14. 4 W (DC 12 V, 1200mA)

Pioneer DJ XDJ700 is a brand new portable digital player that allows you to play music files stored on USB sticks. With a 7-inch touch screen display, DJ software features, and beat effects control Pioneer XDJ700 represents the next generation in all-in-one systems.

The front panel of the player has a USB port, which is used to connect external drives. A receiver for wireless remote control operates on 2.4 GHz Bluetooth.

Pioneer XDJ700 also provides two microphone inputs (XLR & 1/4 inch) and two line inputs (RCA). It can be used as an additional source of music, with the help of XDJ700 to mix your favorite songs.

XDJ700 can be connected to a computer and easily integrated into existing DJ sets. The player has full MIDI functionality, which means that with plug-and-play technology is extremely simple to configure it for use in almost any DJ software.

At the same time player provides a complicated control of beat, creating loops and changing the speed of playback. The additional features include fade in / out and reverse play.

The most interesting thing is that with a single device it is possible to mix music, which can be streamed from any digital sources without buying additional hardware or using CDJs for mixing desks.

In addition, Pioneer DJ XDJ700 has a set of sound effects and allows you to play with the equalizer. The player can be attached to a PA system, thanks to a pair of external outputs.

Pioneer XDJ700 is designed for mobile DJs, who have long been considered an essential element of their equipment CDJ players, which are used in conjunction with a laptop and mixer. Now they can abandon the discs because all music will be stored on USB sticks, allowing you to quickly search for songs using tags.


What is the CDJ-350?

A CDJ-350 is a multimedia player from Pioneer. It combines the best DJ controller, audio player, and visualizer. It has five jog wheels, is touch screen enabled, and comes with a set of DJ software.

How does it work?

The device has a hard drive of 30GB with a touch screen that is used to control the playback and provide visual feedback. The functions are activated by touching the screen with fingers or using the included stylus.

The device has many improved features over its predecessor such as more on deck digital effects, an internal fan that prevents overheating, and a new jog wheel design.

Do I need a computer to use this player?

The CDJ-350 doesn’t require that the user have their own laptop or desktop computer in order to work properly. It comes with an internal hard drive of 30GB which stores all of your music, sound effects, and visuals.

There are DJs who still prefer to play off of laptops for faster access since they can send their control signals without waiting for feedback from the device’s screen but the CDJ-350 does not require this same measure.


CDJ-350 is a CD player with MP3 and WMA playback from Sony. It offers various features such as pitch control, search function, repeat play mode, headphone jack output for private listening pleasure. We hope you will know more about CDJ-350 after reading our reviews in 2021.

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