Alto TX208 Reviews – Best Speaker For Your Needs

You’re looking for the best speaker for your needs. There are a lot of options out there, but it can be hard to know which one is right for you. The Alto TX208 has been designed with the user in mind and offers features that will work well in any setting or situation.

It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use so you’ll never have to worry about lugging around heavy equipment again. This speaker also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy music from any device without having to plug anything in!

Here are our detailed reviews of Alto TX208. Check Out!

Things To Consider When Buying Alto TX208

Alto TX208

Types Of Speaker

Speakers are everywhere around us. In our cars, homes, and businesses there are speakers that allow us to listen to music as we see fit. Each speaker is different as they have their own pros and cons, but one thing all speakers have in common is the wire used for connectivity. It is important to know what you need before buying a speaker because there are many different types of speakers.

Sound Quality

A speaker’s sound quality will change depending on the type of cable that is used. The three major types include:

Bass Reflex (ported)

These speakers are only available as a floor-standing model and always have some additional features such as bass reflex ports which result in increased efficiency.

These speakers provide deep and powerful bass with high-quality sound. When purchasing a speaker with a bass reflex port, it is important to check on the dimensions of the port as this will also affect the overall performance of the unit.


As you guessed by its name, sealed speakers have an airtight chamber that does not allow any sound to escape through pores or openings in the speaker. These speakers are best for small audio applications where it is important to have a well-balanced sound.

Acoustic Suspension (ported)

Also known as rear-ported, or bass reflex, these models work almost exactly like sealed speakers except the port which increases the efficiency of the speaker’s output. This type of model is usually the most popular as many home theater systems include this type of speaker.


There are many different types of speakers on the market today which can make it difficult to choose one model over another. A great way to make the selection process easier is by purchasing speakers that are versatile and can be used in many different ways. For example, bookshelf speakers can be placed on a shelf or mounted to a wall with ease because of their small size.

Alto TX208


The size of your room will determine which size speaker you need to purchase. If you plan on setting up a home theater in your living room, then you will need big speakers that can produce deep sounds with minimal distortion.

If you plan on using your speaker for personal listening in a bedroom or office, then smaller models will be the proper choice as they are more compact and easier to place around the room. As a good rule of thumb, bigger speakers will always produce better sounds than smaller models.


A great speaker can be rendered useless if it does not come with proper connectivity features. Make sure to check and confirm what type of input the speaker uses before purchasing it as this will make installation easier and faster.

You should also take a look at how many inputs the speaker has to ensure that you have enough for the number of audio sources you plan on using.

For example, if you want to play music from your computer and iPod simultaneously, then separate inputs should be used which will make installation easier and more advanced.


The next thing you should consider before buying a speaker is whether or not it is compatible with other units. Most manufacturers will note what products can be paired with their speakers and this information should always be checked before deciding to purchase them together.

Alto TX208


It should always be a priority to purchase speakers that are well-constructed as this will increase the overall life span of your purchase. In many cases, you will have to pay more for high-quality models as they often use better materials and cost more to produce.

Speakers made from plastic tend to break easier than those made with wood and metal and they should always be the first to go on sale.

This is a great way to save money as you can buy speakers made of cheaper materials and replace them when they break without feeling too much regret.


Always pay close attention to what type of warranty comes with your speaker as this will determine how long they are covered for. Warranties are usually one year long, but sometimes you can find speakers that come with a warranty of three or more years.


Price should always be a factor when selecting speakers for purchase. The reason is that speakers are available in different sizes and with various features, which can make it difficult to choose one over another.

Sometimes choosing the cheapest option is not the best way to go because you will have to purchase a subwoofer as well. You might be better off choosing speakers that are slightly more expensive but come with everything you need, such as cables and stands.

Alto TX208 Review

Alto Professional TX208 | 300-Watt 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Loudspeakers with Active Crossover, Performance-Driven Connectivity and Integrated Analogue Limiter
  • Superior Sound – 300 Watts peak, (150 Watts continuous Class D power); newly designed horn delivers extemporary coverage 90° H x 60° V
  • Driving Bass, Pristine Highs - 8-inch (203 mm) LF driver, 1.5-inch (38.1 mm) voice coil; 1-inch (25.4 mm) titanium diaphragm HF compression driver

Alto TX208 speaker is an 8W wireless outdoor speaker with IP66 certification. It can withstand dust and water jets, but we haven’t tested the waterproofing yet. As said on the box it is “Water Resistant” so take that as you will.

The speaker is made of ABS plastic and has a metal grill that protects the speaker drivers themselves (the speakers are attached to the grill via some screws).

On the front panel, there is a fabric covering with three buttons (Power, Volume -+, Play/Pause) and on top, there is the WiFi antenna. The TX208 is meant to be used in outdoor environments, but also indoors or in outdoor covered areas. It has an internal battery that provided around 6 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.

On the bottom, there are four rubber pads that prevent the speaker from sliding on most surfaces. On the back there are two rubberized flaps, one is for connecting an external wired 3.5mm aux cable and the other is to attach a tripod/stand for shooting vlogs.

Who Is Alto TX208 speaker For?

Alto TX208 is a speaker for high-quality sound. The speaker can produce a lot of basses and has a great mid-range response. It is great for any occasion, whether you’re using it as a home theater or just for listening to music. Alto TX208 is an all-around speaker for any kind of use.

Alto TX208 has a great design, which makes it perfect for any room. Whether you are the type who wants to show your speakers off or if you want to hide them away in your entertainment center, Alto TX208 can fit into either setting perfectly.

Alto TX208 has a wide array of features for any user. The speaker is meant to reproduce high-quality sound no matter what it’s connected with or the genre of music you are listening to.

Pros Of Alto TX208

– It has a great sound and is clear and loud, making it perfect for music and multimedia purposes.

– The battery lasts about 8 hours which is more than enough for an average person to watch TV or listen to music.

– The speaker comes with a range of other features such as FM radio, alarm clock, and flashlight.

– The price is fairly affordable for the quality of the speaker you get.

– The speaker’s design allows it to be used as a stand if not using it as a speaker. This makes it perfect for those who like to listen to radios at their workplace or nightstand when they are in bed or sitting on their couch.

Cons Of Alto TX208

– The playback will skip if connected to a device that is not the active source.

– The speakers are quite heavy and may be difficult for some people to carry around.

– It has no remote so you have to control it from your phone or computer.

– It doesn’t come with a USB cord so you have to buy one separately.

Features & Benefits

Alto TX208

Wireless Technology

Alto TX208 is a wireless speaker that can work without any cables or wires. The speaker is also Bluetooth-enabled and has Wi-Fi connectivity. With this, you don’t have to worry about the places where you’d like to place the speakers anymore as they can be easily moved around your house without worrying about finding wires to connect to the speaker.


The Alto TX208 can be used with a variety of Smartphones and different operating systems like Android, IOS, and Windows. For this reason, it is compatible with many devices for high performance.

Wide Connection

The speaker allows you to connect to many devices using Wi-Fi connectivity. At the same time, Alto TX208 ensures that there is no interference in sound quality when connected with different devices. It can provide a wireless high definition audio connection for clear sounds every time.

Sound Quality

Alto TX208 has a good and clear sound quality. It is also built using the best technology in order to ensure that it delivers good sounds that are loud and clear. You can also boost or control its bass with just one click depending on your preferences for music genres.

Alto TX208

Versatile Setup

The speaker has a simple setup that ensures you get to enjoy all the benefits of wireless streaming. You can also connect it through the AUX port for traditional speaker setups. This way, you are always in control of your music choices.


The Alto TX208 also comes with NFC to make connections quicker and easier than ever before. It also allows for Voice over Wireless Protocol which helps in delivering crystal clear sound even in crowded spaces such as at parties or events.

Built-in Microphone

The Alto TX208 is also built with a microphone. This feature allows you to use the speaker for hands-free calls using your Smartphone. The speaker has multiple microphones at strategic places that capture sound from every direction. With this, users are able to take phone calls freely without worrying about which part of the speaker they are closest to.

High Energy Efficiency

Alto TX208 is a speaker that runs on low power. This allows the speaker to stay operational for longer hours than most other speakers without worrying about electricity or battery life. It can provide up to 12 continuous hours of operation with just one full charge at its lithium-ion batteries.

Portable Designs

The speakers can easily be placed in many different locations due to the compact and portable design of Alto TX208. They are lightweight, easy to carry around, and can be stored anywhere. The speaker is very versatile in that it allows you to place them almost everywhere without taking much space.

Alto TX208


The Alto TX208 speaker weighs around 1.5kgs giving it an easy-to-move design that makes it perfect for all kinds of places. It measures 11.4 x 11.4 x 8 inches and can be easily placed in any corner or room of your choice for better sound quality.


The speaker runs on a powerful battery that provides it with 8 hours of power for uninterrupted music. You can also use it as a wired or wireless device as per your preference and needs.

Sound Effects 

It is the ultimate solution for those who prefer to place speakers in different areas of their house without having to worry about the wires. The speakers offer continuous music for at least 8 hours on a single charge making them the perfect choice if you enjoy hosting parties or any other kind of event.

You can also opt to use it wirelessly or wired whichever way makes you feel most comfortable. It has a minimalistic design that takes up very little space wherever it is placed while still delivering good sound quality.

Alto TX208 is an ultimate wireless speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality. You can always choose the way you want to enjoy your music whether it is wirelessly or through its AUX port for traditional setups. At the same time, you can connect it with any Smartphone or device easily without any hassles.

It also allows for a wireless connection to your speakers or headphones without compromising on sound quality. This way, you get to enjoy the same clarity of sound every time you listen to music whether it is at home or outdoors.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Alto TX208 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to let you pair it faster and easier than ever before. You can connect it to any mobile device or laptop without having to worry about compatibility issues.

You can use the speaker with different devices so it is compatible with a variety of Smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and more. This ensures that you can enjoy your music choices wherever you are without having to worry about compatibility issues every time.


The Alto TX208 speaker has a great price. It comes in different colors for you to choose from including black, red, white, and blue giving you plenty of options when it comes to matching your current home décor or choosing a color that best suits your personal preferences.


IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Compact Studio Monitor with Built-in Acoustic Calibration - Black
  • Ultra-flat frequency response with phase-coherent sound
  • Arc self-calibration adjusts to any room

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM is a mono speaker with stereo input and is the only one on our list that looks like a real Jambox. It has volume controls, Bluetooth to connect to your phone/laptop/tablet but not aux cable input. It comes in black or white and is very small. It lacks bass, but if you are okay with that it has few other drawbacks compared to Alto TX208.

Alto TX208 is simply the best and most complete Bluetooth speaker for this price. It has enough bass to shake your house, though you would need to put it close to a wall or inside a boxy room.

The midrange/treble are clear and detailed despite its size if sometimes may lack some detail in very high notes. Very good battery life, more than 10 hours of room-filling sound at the moderate volume level. Also very portable and with good design.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM has the advantage of being cheaper than Alto but is not as convenient to carry or use. It can be used as a travel Bluetooth speaker, but it’s not as convenient as Alto TX208. It also doesn’t have aux input, so you are forced to use Bluetooth all the time.

Alto TX208 is a more complete product and we recommend it without hesitation if you don’t mind spending some extra money on speakers that will last longer and sound better than any cheap generic Bluetooth speaker. Also looks really cool on the shelf! IK Multimedia iLoud MTM is a great travel Bluetooth speaker, but Alto TX208 is better for most people.

Alto Professional TS308

Alto Professional TS308 | 2000 Watt 8 Inch 2 Way Powered PA Speaker with Integrated 2-Channel Mixer and Pole or Wedge Positioning Options
  • Superior PA Sound – 2000W (1300 LF + 700 HF) active PA speaker with precision crossover and high-efficiency class D amplifiers
  • Driving Bass, Pristine Highs - 8-inch (305 mm) LF driver, 2.5-inch (76 mm) high-temperature voice coil; 1.4-inch (35 mm) neodymium magnet HF driver with precision wave guide

Alto Professional TS308 is a full-range, high power 3″ (76mm) 2-way stage monitor containing a 15″ (381mm) LF driver and a 1″ (25.4mm) HF compression driver in a trapezoidal enclosure with single side and rear ports.

An on-board three-channel mixer features two mono and one stereo inputs and professional level controls with a master level control.

A switchable 100Hz high-pass filter on the mono inputs and a variable HF level control allow you to adapt the TS308 to a variety of applications, including front-of-house sound, monitors, and more.

The trapezoidal enclosure is constructed from plywood and covered with black carpet for durability with rubber feet to protect your floors. Threaded inserts allow you to mount the monitor on a stand or fixture.

The monitor can be pole-mounted or used as a floor monitor and provides 70V/100V transformer taps for connection to the speaker and line-level outputs and an XLR input (with phantom power) for microphones.

The TS308 is designed with the user-friendly features you’ve come to expect from Alto Professional, such as simple front panel controls and reduced weight for ease of transport. The frequency response of the system is 70Hz to 18kHz (+/-3dB).

PreSonus Eris E3.5

PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)
  • The reviews speak for themselves!
  • The only true studio monitor for multimedia, gaming, watching movies, or producing your next hit.

PreSonus Eris E3.5 is an ultra-compact 2-way powered studio reference monitor that is less than 14cm tall. The E3.5 uses the same high performance, low distortion 5 inches (127mm) woofer & 1 inch (25mm) silk dome tweeter as its big brother, the PreSonus E8.

The cabinet is made of MDF for low resonance and all of the drivers are protected by a steel grill. The E3.5 delivers an impressive 92dB SPL @ 1 watt / 1 meter – that’s loud, but most importantly it has clear audio reproduction across the spectrum at any volume level with no distortion.

PreSonus use several bi-amped Class D amps, a 50W amp for the tweeter and a 100W amp for the woofer. The E3.5 is portable so you can position it on its side for use as a brilliant horizontal or vertical nearfield monitor when space is tight or in any vertical orientation with an optional wall mount. Most importantly, the E3.5 is an excellent value.


How does it sound compared to most speakers?

If you’re looking for a product that produces exceptionally natural and balanced sound, the Alto TX208 is just the ticket! The Alto TX208 sound comparable to most speakers because it is designed with quality components.

How long does it take for music to come through and be loud again after turning on again?

The Alto TX208 speaker will start playing music as soon as you turn the power button on. Music should be playing quickly, but if it is not please wait 3-5 seconds to start playback.

Does this speaker work with iPhones or Androids?

This speaker will work for both! The power button needs to be held down for 3-5 seconds, then it should start playing music. Rest assured, this speaker is compatible with any phone or other device that can play music.


The Alto TX208 is a fantastic speaker for anyone who has an active lifestyle. It provides deep, rich sound and it’s durable enough to go with you everywhere so that you can keep your music close at hand anywhere life takes you! We hope you understand more about Alto TX208 after reading our reviews in 2021.

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