4 Kitchen Items that Every Small Restaurant Needs

When starting a small restaurant, the startup cost can add up fast and exceed the budget, leaving you both overwhelmed and in a financial fix. One area where people often have to invest a huge percentage of their capital is kitchen equipment. That is alongside other important expenses like marketing, licensing permits, and the lease space.

You must ensure that your kitchen staff and servers are adequately equipped to carry out daily restaurant duties, even if you are starting. To make things more manageable, you need the right essential equipment. It is possible to stay within budget with a list to guide you. Once the business is up and running, you can add the extras.

Keep in mind that some equipment will be more important than others depending on the type of small restaurant you are running and the kind of food being served. If you are looking for the right equipment to get your restaurant running smoothly right away, keep reading.


4 Kitchen Items that Every Small Restaurant Needs

An oven is one of the first things you must get for your restaurant. Every kitchen requires at least one commercial oven as this is what you’ll use to prepare meals. This kind of oven is different from a regular oven since it has a greater capacity and is also fitted with greater fire output. A commercial cooker for your kitchen is as important as a fast gaming computer when playing your favorite pokies Arabian Spins on Ripper casino.

With a commercial model, you can efficiently cook meals throughout without breaking down. When getting ovens for your restaurant, always ensure they are customized to your needs. Also, consider the size and purpose. The brand is also important as it often lends to its quality.

Some brands make higher-quality commercial ovens than others, and this is one area that you don’t want to skimp on. Top oven types include conduction ovens, pizza ovens, conveyor ovens, and convection ovens.

Refrigerators and freezers

4 Kitchen Items that Every Small Restaurant Needs

Every restaurant kitchen needs a type of refrigeration system. Without one, it is impractical to prepare fresh ingredients in advance and keep foodstuff fresh. A freezer is a must-have, particularly for meat and seafood. It is more economically viable to buy 300 steaks to freeze than to purchase 15 steaks every day.

Industrial refrigerators are customized to suit the needs of establishments like restaurants in the food industry. For instance, it is possible to cool large volumes of soup to an appropriate temperature in an industrial-grade refrigerator quickly. Such factors make them absolutely necessary for efficient food management.

There are two main categories for industrial fridges and freezers: reach-in and walk-in units. A reach-in option is better for a small restaurant because walk-ins take up more floor space. Always make sure that experts fit your commercial refrigeration systems to avoid unnecessarily high repair and maintenance fees.


4 Kitchen Items that Every Small Restaurant Needs

If your small restaurant sells baked goods like bread, cakes, and pizzas, you might need a commercial-grade mixer. They are designed for frequent use and can handle greater amounts of ingredients.

Commercial mixers can be categorized into three groups. First, you have the hand mixers. They have an extended vertical handle and have sharp rotating blades at the bottom. They are hand-held and great for quickly blending sauces, chopping, and emulsifying ingredients. The second type is countertop mixers which are great if you only need to mix your ingredients occasionally. Most home cooks use some version of this mixer to make bread, cake, and cookie dough.

The last type of mixer is the floor mixer. This is the best type of mixer if you are running a pizzeria or bakery. Floor mixers are efficient since they mix high volumes of batter and dough every day. As the name suggests, they stand on the floor because of their huge size. It has enough power to churn large volumes of ingredients within a relatively short time.

Storage containers

4 Kitchen Items that Every Small Restaurant Needs

Whether a restaurant kitchen or a standard kitchen, every kitchen needs storage for the ingredients. This is where storage containers come in. Every kitchen employee appreciates a shipment of sizeable, high-quality storage containers. When shopping for your small establishment, you need to get hotel pans and plastic containers in different shapes and sizes for your storage.

Containers are a key element in the chef’s preparation and operation line. Plastic containers are preferred over glass because they are not as fragile. Since the kitchen is the busiest part of your restaurant, you want to avoid easily breakable storage containers. Plastic storage containers are used in all restaurant kitchens.

Additionally, your kitchen also needs good quality tape. Ensure that you purchase sticky ones that can hold up even when they get wet. They are for labeling the containers so that you don’t mix ingredients and make a mess, sometimes triggering allergic reactions among customers. You can also get sharpies to label containers whenever necessary.


Running a small eatery, restaurant, or bakery is exciting and a dream for most veterans in the food industry. These four pieces of kitchen equipment are a good place to start, especially if you are on a budget. Others include food processors and grills. Before buying anything, do adequate research, including comparing prices and brands days or weeks before the actual shopping.

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